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    28 April 2012, Volume 0 Issue 2
    Management and Administration
    Situations and Countermeasures about the Management of the State-level Non-commercial Forests
    JIANG Aijun, RAO Riguang, YAN Hongwei, KE Shanxin
    2012, 0(2):  1-4. 
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    This paper introduced the situations of the zonation and ecological compensation of the state-level non-commercial forests,analyzed the achievements and problems in the management of the state-level non-commercial forests,and proposed suggestions to solve the problems.
    Study on the Positioning of the Forest Land Easement in China's Property Law
    ZHOU Bohuang, WANG Zhimin
    2012, 0(2):  5-10. 
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    The clear provisions of easements in China's Property Law lays a legal basis for the status of the establishment of forest land easements in the property system.However,due to the special nature of forest in the process of its existence,use,transfer,forest easement is different from the general characteristics of an easement and power.Therefore,in the building of the property law system,the easement should be based on the basic theory,taking into account the special nature of forest land easements other than an ordinary right of land easement.By giving the easement related powers and functions of development,protection,improvement and management,the dual economic and ecological value in the process of its implementation will be balanced.
    Study on Rights of Use of Forest Land
    WEI Hua, ZENG Lihong
    2012, 0(2):  11-17. 
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    Rights of use of forest land contain two parts:the initial use rights derived from the ownership of forest land,and the rights transferred from the former holder of use rights.The right generating from leased forest land is the right of leasehold,not use right.The contracted management of forest land is one part of the use right.The holder of forest land use right could use the lands in different ways,such as planting trees,collecting or cultivating forest resources,or developing the forest landscape.
    Impact Analysis of Collective Forest Tenure Reform on Southern Fast-growing and High-yielding Timber Forest Management
    HU Rui, SONG Weiming
    2012, 0(2):  18-21. 
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    The southern collective forest region is a key fast-growing and high-yielding timber forest region.Based on the questionnaire diagnoses of fast-growing and high-yielding timber forest management practices in four provinces,the paper discussed collective forest tenure reform impact on southern fast-growing and high-yielding management.Fast-growing and high-yielding timber forest management scale must be enlarged in southern collective forest region.Cooperative management should be applied for overcoming various influencing factors to achieve collective forest tenure reform goals.
    Problems and Countermeasures of Poplar Industry Development in Henan Province
    ZHAO Mufeng, HUANG Zhimin, LI Hongli, CHEN Xinyu
    2012, 0(2):  22-25. 
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    This paper describes poplar resources,industry and development trend in Henan province,analyses the poplar industry development issues and puts forward the corresponding solutions.
    Discussion about Relationship between Biological Characters and Farming Development of Musk Deer
    LI Linhai, HE Lan, LIU Gang, LIU Shuqiang, LIU Wenghua, MENG Meng, HU Defu
    2012, 0(2):  26-29. 
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    Musk deer farming in China has developed for more than 50 years,but the captive population has been stagnant due to disease and death.Studies about the behavior,physiology and diseases of rearing musk deer have been carried out,but no study contained the biology and industrial development of musk deer.So we analyzed the hot point of musk deer farming industry in China from the relationship between the morphological characteristics,physiological characteristics genetic characteristics of musk deer and breeding industry,and we put forward some points of view for better development of musk deer farming.
    Analysis on the Effectiveness and Countermeasures of Coastal Protection Forest Project Construction in Guangxi
    WEI Qizhong
    2012, 0(2):  30-35. 
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    Evaluation and analysis on coastal protection forest in Guangxi has been done comprehensively and scientifically including project prephase management,project implementation,benefits and sustainability,aiming at summarizing the successful experience,achievement and effects of the project. The existing problems of project construction have been analysed and countermeasures for project construction and development put forward so as to provide reference and guidance to improve the level of project construction.
    Thinking on Wetlands Conservation in China
    WANG Futian
    2012, 0(2):  36-40. 
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    This paper discusses the important roles of wetlands,achievements of Chinese wetland conservation,effective measures for wetland conservation for next step.
    Science and Technology
    Surface Fuel Loads in the Low Mountain Coniferous Forest of Ming Tombs Forest Farm and Relevant Affecting Factors
    JIN Lin, LIU Xiaodong, REN Bencai, ZHANG Yongfu, SHANG Xuyang, WU Xuan, HE Zhonghua, CHEN Huanghuan, CAO Meng
    2012, 0(2):  41-46. 
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    Based on the stand factors,topography factors and surface fuel loads in 21 plots of the artificial Platycladus orientalis forest and Pinus tablaeformis forest of Beijing Ming Tombs Forest Farm,the correlation analysis between fuel load and influential factors was conducted. The results showed that,to the whole coniferous forest,the shrub fuel load had positive correlation with the height to branch and negative correlation with the density,the herb fuel load had positive correlation with the average DBH and the average height of trees,the 1h and 10h dead branch load had positive correlation with crown coverage,to the Pinus tablaeformis forest,the shrub fuel load had negative correlation with the average DBH,the 1h and 10h surface dead fuel load had positive correlation with the altitude and the average height of trees,to the Platycladus orientalis forest,the shrub fuel load had positive correlation with the average height of trees,the herb fuel load had positive correlation with the average DBH and the average height of trees,the 10h surface dead branch load had positive relation with crown coverage.These results provide scientific basis for the fuel management in the study area.
    Research on Community Structure and Patterns of Population Distribution of Natural Juniper Forest in the Huanghua Mountains of Xianghuang Banner
    KANG Xia, YAO Yunfeng, LI Gangtie, REN Lijuan
    2012, 0(2):  47-53. 
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    Four typical standard sample plots were set in natural juniper forest in the Huanghua Mountains in Xianghuang Banner of Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in order to obtain field survey data with the adjacent grid method.The main objective was to study community structure and tree layer and shrub layer dominant population spatial distribution patterns.The results showed that:(1)The ground diameter of juniper was smaller and the individual peak distribution was more concentrated in natural juniper forest,so there was significant structural change in diameter class.Because there were obvious defects in diameter class,the community was unstable.(2)Height class of tree communities was in lower level,while height class of shrub communities was better in natural juniper forest.(3)The distribution patterns of juniper populations was mainly aggregated distribution with uniform distribution pattern,while glaucescent elm population was aggregated distribution pattern in natural juniper forest.The dominant rhamnus parvifolia bunge population and dominant pubescent spiraea population are aggregated distribution pattern in shrub layer.The community was in an unstable stage of recovery development.Human and natural disturbances and the biological characteristics of populations contributed to the contagious distribution.
    A Study of Ecological Carrying Capacity Based on the Ecological Footprint Model:a Case Study of Kangping County
    YIN Yan, LIANG Chenghua, ZHOU Yiqun, WANG Lingjun
    2012, 0(2):  54-58. 
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    Kangping county is situated at the most important ecological boundary in China,which is an extremely ecological sensitive zone.In this paper,based on the model of ecological footprint,ecological footprint demand of Kangping county,ecological carrying capacity and ecological deficit or surplus were calculated.The comparative analysis of ecological footprint and ecological carrying capacity was made by ecological footprint method in order to overall understand the ecological environmental situation,assess the sustainable development status of Kangping County in 2008 and analyze the main reasons of ecological pressure.The results showed that the per capita ecological footprint,per capita ecological carrying capacity and per capita ecological deficit were 3.227 9 hm2,1.458 5 hm2 and 1.769 4 hm2,respectively in 2008.Based on the analysis according to the computation,it has been indicated that the humanity factors surpass the ecology capacity seriously,the ecological carrying capacity cannot satisfy the ecological footprint of the demand,and the social and economic development is in an unsustainable state.The development ability of Kangping County is in the trend of rising at present. However,the ecological carrying capacity has not already been able to satisfy the need of economic development,while economic growth now is based on the depletion of natural resources.Consequently,the relevant measures must be taken to decrease the ecological footprint and to enhance the capacity of sustainable development.To reduce per capita ecological footprint and enhance per capita ecological carrying capacity,it is recommended that resources utility be increased,styles of production and life improved,productivity increased and ecosystem conserved.For promoting regional development,resources exploitation should be combined with environment conservation,ecological industries developed and regional ecological economic assessment system reconstructed.
    Vertical Distribution of the Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon in Rubber Plantations with Different Ages
    WANG Chunyan, CHEN Qiubo, LI Guangming, AN Feng, YANG Lifu, WANG Zhenhui
    2012, 0(2):  59-64. 
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    The rubber plantations with the chronosequences of 4 a,12 a,19 a,24 a and 29 a were selected to investigate the vertical variations of the soil microbial biomass carbon(SMBC)and their relationships with the ratio of soil organic carbon(SOC)and soil nutrients.The results showed that SMBC in all the 5 different aged rubber plantations increased with soil depth and varied from 28.87 to 138.71(mg/kg).The ratios of SMBC :SOC in the rubber plantations were between 0.66%~2.10%,therefore the soil carbon was in accumulating state.In addition,markedly positive correlation was identified between SMBC and SOC,soil total nitrogen and soil total phosphorus,correlation coefficient R>72%.
    Application of the Simulating Calculation Method to the Annual Forest Allowable Cut Quota Estimation
    ZHAO Chen, CHU Juxiang, WEN Xuexiang, TENG Yiyan, LI Haibo
    2012, 0(2):  65-68. 
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    The Simulating Calculation Method is a new way applied to the annual forest allowable cut quota estimation.It has improved the traditional method for calculating the annual cut quota with the character of strong adaptability and can be applied to various forest structures.The paper introduces the theory of this method so as to provide reference for forest management.
    Compatible Tree Volume and Above-ground Biomass Equations for Larch(Larix spp.)in Northeastern China
    WANG Weibin, DANG Yongfeng, ZENG Weisheng
    2012, 0(2):  69-73. 
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    Based on the tree volume and above-ground biomass data of larch(Larix spp.)in northeastern China,the compatible tree volume and above-ground biomass equations and biomass conversion functions were constructed by using the improved models and error-in-variable simultaneous equations in this paper.The results show that:(i)comparing with the commonly-used nonlinear equation without intercept,the volume and biomass nonlinear equations with intercept improve significantly the goodness-of-fit of the regressions;(ii)through the one variable-based compatible equations,the mean prediction errors(MPEs)of tree volume and above-ground biomass estimates are both less than 5%; and through the two variables-based compatible equations,the MPE of tree biomass estimates is about 4%,and the MPE of tree volume estimates is less than 3%.
    Distribution Characteristics of Bird and Avian Diversity of Jigongshan Mountains,Henan Province
    LIN Yinghua, DU Zhiyong, TAN Fei, XU Yanpeng, SU Hualong
    2012, 0(2):  74-80. 
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    We conducted bird surveys in the Jigongshan Mountains in Winter of 2010 and Spring and Summer of 2011,and used the historical data.206 species were recorded in Jigongshan Mountains,which belonged to 17 orders,48 families,of which 23 species has been listed in Chinese National Key Protected Wild Animal Species and 3 species are endemic to China.Of 129 species bred(including residents and summer residents)in this regions,68 species are either winter or transient migrants.Of the total species,88 species owedistributed in the Oriental realm,49 species in the Palaearitic realm and 69 species occur in both.The result showed that the region possess both characteristics of the Oriental realm and the Palaearitic realm,while the Oriental realm species have the advantage and the distribution type is mainly northern bird.The G index (28.96)and F index(4.56)of bird fauna in Jigongshan Mountains was lower than that of Qinling Mountains(30.31,4.70)and Funiu Mountains (32.34,4.87),and the G-F index of both Qinling Mountains and Jigongshan Mountains is 0.85,that is higher that of Funiu Mountains,and it means the Avian diversity is the same as the Qinling Mountains' and had comparatively higher Avian diversity .
    The Research and Implementation of Forest Ownership Management Information System Based on Smart Client
    LIU Pengju, HUANG Ying, XU Dengping, TANG Xiaoming
    2012, 0(2):  81-89. 
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    This research focused on the technology about data downloading,offline/online editing,data synchronization and system on-line updating,and designed and implemented a forest ownership management information system based on smart client technology.The system can meet the demands of the real-time processing in county-level divisions and statistic analysis in province level divisions,and improve the ability of forest ownership information management and the social services to the public.Linxiang District,Lincang city of Yunnan province was chosen as test area,and the system was developed and tested.The result shows that this system is scalable and reconfigurable,the system can adapt to the network operating environment in our country and can provide long-term,efficient,reliable service for the forest ownership management.
    Investigation and Analysis of Wild Plant Resources in Natural Wetland of Binhai New District,Tianjin
    REN Jianwu, TIAN Cuijie, HU Qing, BIN Yubo, BAI Weilan
    2012, 0(2):  90-95. 
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    Based on investigating natural wetland plant community of Binhai New District in Tianjin,and calculating the important values of the dominant species pertinent to every community,the study on wetland plant communities and their distribution was carried out.Moreover,the relation between wetland plant communities and the main environment factors was analyzed by means of Canonical Correspondence Analysis.The results showed that:(1)Together with distance to water,the salt content and pH value in soil were the major environment elements which controlled the distribution of wetland plant communities in Binhai New District;(2)There was correlation between the three main environment factors,and the distance to water redistributed the soil physicochemical factors in terms of quantities,which resulted in the existing situation of wetland plants;(3)The distribution of the dominant species was resemble to the one of plots,and the distribution of the dominant species decided the structure of different types of communities to some extend.
    Altitudinal Pattern of Plant Species Diversity on Southern Slope of Zixi Mountains in Chuxiong City
    WEI Yu, LI Bin, TONG Shaoyu, LI Xiuzhai
    2012, 0(2):  96-101. 
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    With the method of sample plot investigation,plant species diversity of southern slope on Zixi Mountains was studied.Four indicators including Margalef index,Shannon index,Simpson diversity index and Pielou index were chosen for analyzing the diversity of plant,woody plant and shrub plant one by one.The results showed that (1)as altitude increasing,Margalef index,Shannon and Simpson diversity index of plant species diversity all increased first and then decreased,presenting a single-peak distribution pattern,while Pielou index increased all the time with altitude increasing,appearing a positive correlation pattern;(2)the four indexes of woody plant species diversity were all increasing at first and then decreasing,showing a single-peak distribution pattern,the four indexes of tree species diversity all appeared a single-peak distribution pattern as well;(3)the four indexes of shrub and herb species diversity all increased first and then decreased,and then increased and decreased again,appearing a pattern of bimodal distribution.
    Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of Different Forest Types in Jigongshan Nature Reserve
    LIU Guoshun, WANG Xiaoyun, YUAN Yuxia, FENG Wanfu, HA Denglong
    2012, 0(2):  102-105. 
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    Four sample plots with similar site conditions were set in Jigongshan National Nature Reserve for collecting soil samples for determining the soil physical and chemical properties.The study results are as follows:needle mixed forest soil compaction degree is higher,which is beneficial to the resistance of the scour,the resistance of the runoff bare scour capability is relatively small and four kinds of forest types of deciduous broadleaved forest soil fertility relatively better. The influence of human factors on the forest soil is a long-term one.
    Fertilization Techniques for Near-mature Masson Pine Plantation
    CHEN Honghui, DING Guijie, WEN Henghui, An Ning, Meng Minjun
    2012, 0(2):  106-110. 
    Asbtract ( 175 )   PDF (933KB) ( 64 )  
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    4 years'test data study on 17-year-old near-mature Masson Pine fertilization showed that applying N fertilizer was disadvantageous to the growth of plantation in short time in south red soil area,while fertilizing properly P and K improved the growth of near-mature plantation significantly and applying much was disadvantageous.It would cover up site affections on growth of tree when affecting is significant after fertilizing.Accord to the analysis of effects of different treatments,it showed that optimal application amounts of P,K were P2O5 90g,K2O 90g per tree,compared with the control,which increased the periodic increments of volume by 13.4% after 4 years.Fertilization could promote smaller diameter grade tree growing.Regression analysis showed that fertilization presented significant correlation to growth of near-mature forest.
    Health Evaluation Index and Criterion of Larix gmelini Forest in the Great Xing'an Mountains
    LI Bing
    2012, 0(2):  111-115. 
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    Tahe Forestry Bureau lies on the North of the Great Xing'an Mountains,which is the typical area of forestry management in that region.Based on investigation and observation,this paper proposes health evaluation index and criterion of Larix gmelini Forest for Tahe Forestry Bureau referring to the criteria of the State and Department.The criteria might be used in similar regions for evaluating the health status of forests.
    The Indicators for Evaluating Wetlands Degradation in China
    CHEN Ying, ZHANG Mingxiang
    2012, 0(2):  116-120. 
    Asbtract ( 158 )   PDF (928KB) ( 166 )  
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    The paper collects the evaluating indicators that could cover the typical characteristics of degraded wetlands in different types,such as loss of wetland area,the status of water supply,the quality of surface water,rate of vegetation coverage,number of endangered species and the variation rate of their population.By utilising the proposed assessment criteria wetlands can be classified into four categories: minor,mild,severe and extreme degradation.By applying the evaluation indictors,the degradation status of 10 coastal and 22 inland international important wetlands was evaluated.The results showed that 2 wetland sites were under severe degradation,one with mild degradation and the other with minor degradation.