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    28 June 2013, Volume 0 Issue 3
    Integrated Management and Administration
    Discussions about the Performance Evaluation of the State-level Non-commercial Forest Management
    JIANG Aijun, RAO Riguang, YAN Hongwei, LAN Chengyun, KE Shanxin
    2013, 0(3):  1-4. 
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    The performance evaluation is very important to measure the implementation effects of the protection and management of state-level non-commercial forests.This paper presents the necessity and principle about the performance evaluation of the state-level non-commercial forest management,and takes the pilot in Hunan province as an example. This paper puts forward the indexes and methods,and provides a reference for carrying out the performance evaluation in the country.
    Study on the Application of the Law of Collective Forest Land Circulation Disputes
    XU Yangyang, ZHOU Bohuang, ZHOU Xiaoye
    2013, 0(3):  5-8. 
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    The forest land circulation disputes appear in different forms and there are many outstanding issues in the legal process of law application.Forestry right system reform requires the application of the law of the forest land circulation disputes should be based on the principles that administrative disputes,civil damages and criminal liability are taken as a priority. Underlying causes of various problems in application of the law such as the ownership,validity of contract and the main issues in forest land circulation should be identified. Through the analysis of two aspects of the substantive law and procedural law,right solutions shall be worked out for dealing with transfer dispute of collective forest land.
    Study on the Application of Ecological Land in the Ecological Master Plan
    MENG Qinghua
    2013, 0(3):  9-11. 
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    as an important land use type for water conservation,sand fixation,soil conservation and biodiversity maintenance,ecological land has attracted more and more attention from scholars and government planning departments. This paper analyzes the concept,connotation and research progress of ecological land,proposes the principles of confirming ecological land,and uses the concept,connotation and principles of confirming ecological land protection in the ecological master plan for Gannan key ecological function areas.
    Sustainable Development Strategies of Bamboo Industry in China
    YANG Kailiang
    2013, 0(3):  12-16. 
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    This paper analyzes the current progress,status and the prospects for development of the bamboo industry in China.The main problems in the contemporary development of the bamboo industry are pointed out.The paper also proposes rational measures and suggestions to promote the development of bamboo industry in five aspects including strengthening the scientific and technological support system,improving the personnel training,optimizing trading market,improving product standards as well as quality inspection system and establishing information system.
    Advances in Forestry Carbon Estimation Based on Greenhouse Gas Inventory
    WANG Xiuyun, ZHU Tangjun, ZHAO Caifang, YE Hualin, LU Chao
    2013, 0(3):  17-22. 
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    According to greenhouse gas inventory,carbon emission sources,as well as carbon pools and carbon accounting methods were analyzed in this paper.Data from national greenhouse gas inventory submitted by Annex I parties and non-Annex I parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) were collected,based on the net carbon removals by sinks or emissions by sources and their percentage in national greenhouse gas emissions by sources for land use change and forestry.Carbon estimating for land use change and forestry applied in China has a large gap compared to major developed countries.China should strengthen studies and improve its own forest inventory system in order to enhance China’s capacity in its compliance with international climate change agreements.
    Wetland Hydrological Functions and Their Conservation and Management
    DENG Kan
    2013, 0(3):  23-27. 
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    Wetland ecosystems are the most important element of water resources and water cycle of river basins.The unique wetland hydrological functions make great contributions to maintenance of the health of river basin ecosystems and regional eco-environment.The paper analyses the wetland hydrological functions and their mechanisms,such as flood alleviation,runoff regulation,ground water recharge,water quality improvement and regional climate amelioration.On the basis of the above analysis,this paper puts forward a new thought and method of integrating wetland conservation and wise use into river basin management,and provides the detailed measures and suggestions for wetland conservation and management.
    Analysis of the “Three Total”Inspection Based on Remote Sensing Technology
    ZHENG Dongmei
    2013, 0(3):  28-30. 
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    On the basis of the review of the methods for the “Three Total”inspection by using remote sensing technalagy,this paper analyzes the main factors which affect recognition rate and the advantages and disadvantages of remote sensing inspection,and puts forward a proposal for improving remote sensing inspection.
    Study on Increasing Forest Area in Plain Region under the New Situation—Taking Zhejiang Province as an Example
    XU Jun, LIU Anxing, ZHENG Yunfeng, TAN Ying
    2013, 0(3):  31-34. 
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    In this paper,we take Zhejiang province as an example to describe the importance and problems of developing the forest in plain region under the new situation.Also we explore the new ideas of expanding the farmland shelterbelts from line to polygon,greening plain roads and energetically developing woody agriculture.Based on this,we provide several suggestions on increasing forest area in plain region.
    The SWOT Analysis and Countermeasure Research on the Development of Wanluoshan Forest Park
    PENG Housheng
    2013, 0(3):  35-39. 
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    This article analyzed advantages and disadvantages of Wanluoshan Forest Park development,explored the opportunities and threats to its developments by means of the SWOT model and put forward some corresponding countermeasures.
    Causes of Tomicus Piniperda L.Disaster in Yuxi of Yunnan Province and Countermeasures of Prevention and Control
    LI Yan
    2013, 0(3):  40-42. 
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    Tamicus piniperda L.is one of the pest-insects causing serious damages to the pine trees in the world or even destroying the Yunnan pine trees. This papar presents an analysis on the distribution of Tomicus Piniperda L.in Yuxi of Yunnan province and the factors causing the pest-insect disaster. which includes types of forest stand, site conditions, climate and human activities. It also puts forward some relevant countermeasures for prevention and control.
    Scientific Research
    Research on Carbon Storage of Larix gamelinii Forests in Great Xing’an Mountains of Inner Mongolia
    TIAN Jiase, TIE Niu, LI Tieniu, SU Xingquan, HAN Yongqing
    2013, 0(3):  43-47. 
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    By using the report of the sixth forest resource investigation of Great Xing’an Mountains in Inner Mongolia in 2008,the biomass and carbon storage of the main forest types were estimated with the method of regression e-quation between biomass and volume.We obtained the following results:the total carbon storage of arbor is 348.89TgC in Great Xing’an Mountains,the carbon density is 43.43t/hm2,the carbon storage of undergrowth is 68.03 TgC,the soil carbon storage is 434.02 TgC and carbon storage of the larix gelini and the betula platyphylla accounts for 86.10% of the total carbon storage.The basic regularity on carbon density of different age structure is in such a high-to-low order:over ripeness forest,mature forest,near-mature forest,half-mature forest and young forest.Young forest,half-mature forest occupied 39.66% of the total carbon storage.The amount of CO2 sequestration is 1279.26 Tg,the oxygen release totals 930.37 Tg,the total value of carbon is 418.668 billion yuan,the total value of release oxygen is 930.37 billion yuan.
    Carbon Sequestration Potential of Stands under the Grain-for-Green Program in Tibet
    ZHOU Yongfeng, CHEN Xiangang, HUANG Zishan
    2013, 0(3):  48-53. 
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    Based on the tree species and their areas afforested under the Grain-for-Green Program(GGP) in Tibet from 2002 to 2010,the carbon sequestration potential of stands under the GGP was estimated for fifty years in the future by making use of the growth curves for different tree species simulated from the data about plantation growth of the National Forest Inventory and the tree biomass expansion factors(BEF),wood density(WD) and carbon fraction(CF) obtained by research literatures.The results showed that the carbon sinks in the GGP stands in Tibet will reach 0.214,0.205,0.159,0.087,and 0.054 TgC/a by the year of 2020,2030,2040,2050 and 2060 in no cutting scene,but it will reach 0.214,(-0.205),0.171,0.243,and(-0.352) TgC/a in cutting scene.
    Study on the Carbon Sinks after Stumping and the Patterns of productivity of Salix psammophila
    YU Haichun, LI Yan, GAO Runhong
    2013, 0(3):  54-57. 
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    Based on the survey and sample for Salix psammophila stumping in different time periods in Mu Us sandy land,calculation and analysis have been conducted on carbon sinks capacity and productivity allocation pattern.The results showed that:stumping can promote carbon reserves and the increase of productivity.In the different levels of stubble,the best carbon sequestration is 6.37t/(hm2·a) in 2nd year,the second is stumping in 3rd year.And the optimal productivity is 29.21t/(hm2·a) in stumping in 3rd year,the second is stumping in 2nd year.In general,the best carbon sinks capacity of Salix psammophila is stumping in 2nd year,the best productivity allocation pattern of Salix psammophila is stumping in 3rd year.
    Spatial Distribution and Spatial Associations of the Dominant Species of Picea schrenkiana.var tianschanica Forest in Xingjiang
    BAIKETUERHAN YE erjiang, ZHANG Chunyu, ZHAO Xiuhai
    2013, 0(3):  58-62. 
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    Research plot was established in the Picea schrenkiana.var tianschanica forest in Xingjiang,northwest China.The spatial distribution patterns of dominant species of trees,shrub layers and spatial associations between Picea schrenkiana.var tianschanica and understory Lonicera caerulea were analyzed and explored.The results showed that the distribution of DBH of Picea schrenkiana.var tianschanica showed reverse “J” pattern.There were large differences involving spatial distribution among DBH classes.The Lonicera caerulea was almost randomly distributed across all studied scales except for the small scale(1-36 m).There was a positive correlation between Picea schrenkiana.var tianschanica and Lonicera caerulea at scales of 1-28 m.There was no obvious competition between overstorey and understorey and these two layers presented symbiosis or associated.There were no clear spatial associations among tree growth stages of Picea schrenkiana.var tianschanica except for the sapling and small trees.The changes of forest microclimate induced by tourists and grazing can possibly contribute to the increase of wind disturbance.
    Recreation Value Evaluation Based on CVM for Changqing National Nature Reserve
    LIU Jie, MENG Quanxing
    2013, 0(3):  63-68. 
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    Changqing National Nature Reserve in Shaanxi Province is taken as the research area in this paper.The value of its recreational resources was researched quantitatively by adopting the Contingent Valuation Method(CVM).The investigation concluded that the value of the tourists’ willingness to pay(WTP) is 80 yuan per year and the value of its recreational resources is 35.6 million yuan per year.Meanwhile,the relationship between population features and WTP shows that the age,occupation,educational level,monthly income,environmental awareness and landscape satisfaction are positively correlated with WTP,and the age,educational level,monthly income,travel propensity,tourist understanding of the reserve area and landscape satisfaction are positively correlated with WTP.
    The Relationship between Plant Species Richness and Forest Canopy Hygroscopic Volume in Different Plant Communities in Jianshan River Watershed
    YANG Guiying, WANG Keqin, CHEN Qibo, ZHOU Fang
    2013, 0(3):  69-73. 
    Asbtract ( 84 )   PDF (1162KB) ( 109 )  
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    In this paper,the species richness and hygroscopic volume of plant leaves in different secondary succession stages of communities were determined and analyzed.The results indicated that the species richness ranged in average from 4.33 to 49.33 and the diminishing sequence was ACQO(49.33),AKLG(38.33),APME/APHC(28.67),ADI/ACV(17.00) and AEE(4.33).The hydrological function of the leaves of the plant communities was strongest in ACQO(12.93t/hm2),poorest in ADI/ACV(3.81t/hm2),and intermediate in the AKLG,APME/APHC and AEE communities.The hydrological function of the leaves was enhanced as the plant species richness increased.There was significantly positive correlation(r2=0.593,n=15,p<0.01)between the species richness and the hygroscopic volume.In woody layer,with species richness increasing,hygroscopic volume of leaves in corresponding communities decreased and then increased,and this layer gradually became the main contributor of rainfall interception. However,the hygroscopic volume and plant species richness in herbaceous layer did not reveal such a clear trend.
    Early Warning of Forest Ecosystem Health Based on BP Neural Network in East Dongting Lake Area
    MENG Wei, CHEN Caihong, CHEN Wangxiong, LU Yu, WU Jiang
    2013, 0(3):  74-77. 
    Asbtract ( 73 )   PDF (1089KB) ( 72 )  
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    Based on the combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis,early warning of forest health indicator system was established,then the early health warning model of forest ecosystem was established by sample training and new sample simulation.The results showed that:(1)It was feasible to do early warning study on forest ecosystem health by using BP neural network model because of its high precision of simulation result;(2)The forest ecosystem of East Dongting Lake Area,which was on the whole in the range of the yellow and blue alert, was in medium health and needed the necessary health management methods.
    The Difference between the Stomatal Conductance and the Leaf Chlorophyll Concentration of Lilium regale in Different Habitats
    YANG Zisong, QUAN Qiumei, TANG Gong
    2013, 0(3):  78-82. 
    Asbtract ( 82 )   PDF (1004KB) ( 57 )  
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    The stomatal conductance and leaf chlorophyll concentration of Lilium regale were measured by using a chlorophyll meter(SPAD-502 Plus) and a stomatal conductance system (Li-6400); and then the nonparametric test of the SPSS19.0 was carried out. The results were obtained as follows:(1) Differences in the stomatal conductance and the leaf chlorophyll concentration in Tonghuagou were not remarkable.Leaf chlorophyll concentration of Lilium regale in Mianchaogou and Longxigou were striking,but dissimilarities in the stomatal conductance were inconspicuous.(2) The differences in the stomatal conductance and leaf chlorophyll concentration in such three habitats as Tonghuagou,Longxigou and Mianchaogou were extremely obvious.
    Research on Community Structure and Species Diversity of Larix gmelinii Community in Inner Mongolia Daxing’anling Mountains
    REN Lijuan, LI Gangtie, SUN Xinjie, YU Shiping, ZHENG Xianwu, YUE Yongjie
    2013, 0(3):  83-87. 
    Asbtract ( 69 )   PDF (1077KB) ( 85 )  
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    Based on the field investigation of 3 sample plots of Larix gmelinii in Chaoer of Inner Mongolia,this paper analyzed the tree species composition structure,diameter and height structure,distribution patterns and species diversity.The results showed that:(1) SampleⅠand sample Ⅲ were all pure forest of Larix gmelinii. The density is 740 No./hm2 and 380 No./hm2.sampleⅡwas mixed forest of Larix gmelinii,Betula platyphylla,Betula dahurica Pall and Davidiana dode.The density is 1080 No./hm2.(2)The pure forest of Larix gmelinii (sampleⅠand sample Ⅲ) was in regular distribution,the mixed forest(sampleⅡ) was aggregated distribution.(3)The species richness and species diversity index in the community vertical structure are:herb layer >shrub layer >arbor layer.
    Characteristics of Recovery Population of Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes at Burned Area in Dadongshan of Nanling Mountains
    MIAO Shenyu, CHEN Zhiming, LI Xiaojie, LIU Jiajun, WANG Houlin, HUANG Jinling, WU Guoyi, LI Weijian, HUANG Chenghui
    2013, 0(3):  88-93. 
    Asbtract ( 80 )   PDF (1298KB) ( 134 )  
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    The vegetation quardat method is used to compare the ecological characteristics of recovery community and Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes population at burned area to those at the non-fired area growing nearby at the same altitude in Dadongshan,Nanling Mountains.The results showed that the Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes population recovered rapidly at the burned area,but the Quercus acutissima and Q.serrata have more important values,while the dominant species are Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes,Pinus massoniana,and P.taiwanensis in non-fired area community.The similarity of Jaccard is 0.194,and Cody index is 29.00 showing the relplace rate of species is relatively high.The vegetation coverage,richness,the species diversity index of Simpson and Shannon-Wiener,and evenness of JD and JH at burned area are all lower than that of non-fired area vegetation,indicating that during the three years of early stage after fire,the community structure is flexible than that of non-fired community.Based on the diameter size structures,both the populations of Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes at burned area and non-burned area have the same increasing trend,but the burned area has a lower population size.The height structure for population at burned area is much different from that at the non-fired area population.The results suggest that the population of Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes at burned area naturally recoved rapidly,and some measures should be taken to ensure the survival and enlargement of Disanthus cercidifolius var.longipes population.
    Research and Development of the SOA-based National Forest Resources Information Service Platform
    XU Dengping, LUO Peng, DANG Yongfeng, REN Yi, HUANG Guosheng, HAN Aihui, TANG Xiaoming
    2013, 0(3):  94-100. 
    Asbtract ( 81 )   PDF (1688KB) ( 71 )  
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    Research and development work has been conducted for building a national forest resource information service platform based on SOA and Web-GIS and other technology for integrated management,seamless browsing and information inquiries of the data and outcome of the national forest land “one map” and national forest inventory.The framework,data integration of key technologies,the integration of 2D and 3D,mass data query retrieval technology have accumulated valuable practical experience and technical support for building a more complete,stable and efficient national forest resources integrated monitoring and service platform.
    Study on Forest Landscape Structural Characteristics in North Mountains of Hebei Province
    RONG Yu, ZHANG Rongfeng, LIU Yang, YANG Xinbing
    2013, 0(3):  101-105. 
    Asbtract ( 73 )   PDF (1009KB) ( 31 )  
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    This paper,taking as a study object the forest landscape in Beigou Forest farms of Mulan Forest Administration of Northern mountains of Hebei and based on forest landscape classification,calculated the area of the forest landscape patches,patch perimeter,fractal dimension,such as landscape diversity characteristic parameters.Results showed that the forest of landscape has 8 types in the study area with a total of 235 plaques,spot block total area is 1634.12hm2,landscape spot block min shaped dimension number of artificial North larch forest is maximal (1.9903),artificial conifer mixed forest minimal (1.1159), landscape diversity index of artificial conifer mixed forest maximal (8.6628),natural conifer mixed forest minimal (2.1432), landscape advantage degrees index natural of Pinus tabulaeformis forest landscape type maximal (0.6467),artificial North larch forest landscape minimal(0.1083), landscape uniform degree index artificial conifer mixed forest landscape type maximal (0.9617),natural conifer mixed forest minimal (0.5312); spot block density of natural mixed broad-leaf forest landscape maximal (0.3125) and natural oaktrees minimal (0.1183).Research results can provide management support data for the near-natural landscape-scale forest health.
    Effects of Cascade Hydropower Development on the Landscape Pattern in the Tongtian River
    JIANG Liwei, MENG Pei
    2013, 0(3):  106-111. 
    Asbtract ( 88 )   PDF (1067KB) ( 89 )  
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    On the basis of geography,ecology and spatial analysis in conjunction with data collected from field observations and TM/ETM images acquired in 2008,the database for the study site was constructed.Then landscape indexes,like patch size/density,patch shape,aggregation/dispersion and diversity were calculated and analyzed by means of Fragstats3.3.Results indicate that grassland,bare areas and forestland are the dominant landscape types in 2008,and Scheme 4 had less effect on the landscape pattern.
    Impact of Freezing Rain and Snow Disaster on the Main Hydrological Effect of Forest in Dagang Mountains of Jiangxi Province
    WANG Dongdong, WANG Bing, LIU Yuanqiu, LIU Zugen, ZHAO Guangdong, DENG Zongfu
    2013, 0(3):  112-118. 
    Asbtract ( 106 )   PDF (1098KB) ( 65 )  
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    The dynamic of the main hydrological effect of three forest types(evergreen broad-leaved forest,Cunninghamia Lanceolata forest and Phyllostachys pubescens forest) was studied before(2006 year) and after(2010 year) freezing rain and snow disaster in Dagang Mountains of Jiangxi Province.The result showed the rainfall rate increased after the freezing rain and snow disaster within three forest types.Comparing the pre-disaster,the through-fall rate and the stem flow rate increased while the interception rate was reduced for the forest crown of three forest types in the post-disaster.The percentage change of the stem flow rate,the through-fall rate and the rejection rate of evergreen broad-leaved forest was the biggest,and Phyllostachys pubescens forest type was the smallest among three forest types.The thickness and the stock volume of ground litter increased,and the capacity of water-holding and interception of ground litter increased correspondingly after freezing rain and snow disaster in three forest types.The water physical characteristics and the hydrological effect of soil changed little after freezing rain and snow disaster,and it might be related with the cause that freezing rain and snow disaster did not directly destroy the ground litter lay in three forest types.
    An Analysis on Natural Forest Status and Changes in China
    PU Ying
    2013, 0(3):  119-121. 
    Asbtract ( 153 )   PDF (1209KB) ( 110 )  
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    Based on the data of the general surveys of forest resources from 1973 to 2008 and 7 assessments of nationwide forest resouces,the paper analyzes the current situation of nationawide natural forests,their structural changes and potential areas that need tending.It is found that between 1973 and 1988 there had been obvious decrease of both area and stock volume of natural forests,10% in area and 11% in stock uolume respectively.Between 1989 and 2008,however,there had been steady increase in both area and stock uolume of natural forests,25% in area and 34% in stock uolume in these 20 years compared to those of 1973.In addition,the structural changes of forest category are prominent,and the proportion of mature and overmature forests decreased sharply while the proportion of sapling and half-mature forests increased strikingly in terms of area and stock uolume,which shows that the areas that need tending are tremendously large,amounting to 37.8 million hm2.
    Effects of Seed Coverage and Density on Elaeocarpus sylvestris Seedling Growth
    HUANG Sumei
    2013, 0(3):  122-124. 
    Asbtract ( 93 )   PDF (999KB) ( 57 )  
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    The field all-optical sowing and seedling way was used for elaeocarpus seedbed seeding. Different densities were compared. The results showed that,after sowing,seedbed coverage way with husk and plastic small shed can yield a highest germination rate,at 83.3%,seedling density spacing 8cm×8cm is most suitable,which can producea highest number of qualified seedlings,reaching 894 800/hm2.
    Technical Application
    Inspiration from Forest Inventory and Monitoring in Brazil
    XU Jide, ZHANG Chengcheng, AO Chunguang, BAI Weiguo
    2013, 0(3):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 83 )   PDF (1085KB) ( 168 )  
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    This article focused on forest monitoring in Brazil.Forest resource in Brazil is introduced briefly,more details about forest inventory and use of remote sensing monitoring in Brazil are given,and some advices are presented for improving the forest resource monitoring in China.
    Estimation of Forest Harvesting Area and Harvest Volume on Scale Extrapolating Approach
    DANG Yongfeng
    2013, 0(3):  129-133. 
    Asbtract ( 83 )   PDF (1455KB) ( 64 )  
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    It is very important for forest management that estimating forest harvesting area and the amount of logging by using remote sensing image data of different scales.In this paper,a correlation comparative analysis between 30-meter-resolution remote sensing images,2.5-5.0-meter-resolution remote sensing images and field survey data was carried out.A corresponding mathematical model was set up for estimating the forest harvesting area and harvest volume.The approach will improve the use efficiency of different resolution remote sensing image data and provide a theoretical basis and technical methods for the promotion of sustainable forest management.
    Remote Sensing Monitoring of Vegetation Changes in Hulunbeier Sandy Land
    BAI Yan, AN Huijun, ZHANG Honglei, JIN Yu, XI Qinghu, WANG Lijun
    2013, 0(3):  134-137. 
    Asbtract ( 95 )   PDF (1000KB) ( 67 )  
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    Based on TM images to establish coverage regression model of Hulunbeie sandy vegetation,this article used the normalized difference vegetation index(NDVI) and the ground truth coverage to analyze the trend of area vegetation coverage in Hulunbeier Sandy Land in 2002,2005 and 2011.The results show that the trend of border expansion can be curbed,vegetation changed from low vegetation cover to moderate vegetation cover.
    Evaluation Analysis of Fusion Algorithms for TH Mapping Satellite-I Data Which is oriented to the Application of Forest Resource Investigation
    WANG Xiaojing, WANG Rong, ZHENG Tuanjie, LI Shengli, XU Yuanjun
    2013, 0(3):  138-142. 
    Asbtract ( 90 )   PDF (2806KB) ( 80 )  
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    Facing the need of forest resource investigation,we fused the high spatial panchromatic of 2 m and the multispectral data of 10 m by using four methods:IHS transform,principal component transform,multiplicative transform and pansharpening.The fusion images were compared and analysed by using both visual judgments and statistical method.The result indicated that pansharpening fusion image has more clear texture and the best ability of spectral preservation.Therefore,the pansharpening fusion is suitable for the forest resource investigation.
    Study and Development of the County-level Afforestation Project Management Information System
    GAO Fei, LIU Bo, WU Baoguo, FENG Wei
    2013, 0(3):  143-150. 
    Asbtract ( 94 )   PDF (1779KB) ( 60 )  
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    The paper designed and developed an afforestation project management information system suitable for county forestry bureaux.The system realized the aim of afforestation working area selection ,afforestation mode design and project management informationalization in the process of afforestation and management.
    Research Progress of Poplar Stump Grafting Technique in China
    WU Lijuan
    2013, 0(3):  151-155. 
    Asbtract ( 162 )   PDF (1007KB) ( 114 )  
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    Poplar stump grafting is a practical and feasible techinique in improvment and regeneration of forest stands in poplar shelterbelts,intensively-managed plantation and forest damaged by insect pests. Based on relevant literatures and research,this paper presents a summary and description on poplar stump grafting technique with an aim to provide a basis for relevant future resrarch efforts and production in China.
    Investigation on the Distribution of Pistacia weinmannifolia in Dry-hot Valley of Yunnan Province
    WANG Yan, ZHANG Chao, LI Kun
    2013, 0(3):  156-160. 
    Asbtract ( 183 )   PDF (1053KB) ( 175 )  
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    Pistacia weinmannifolia,a kind of evergreen shrub of Pistacia in Anacardiaceae,which could bear or endure shade,drought resistance in micro barren,alkaline,neutral and acidic soil,is an ideal species in the dry-hot valleys.Based on former research,the spatial distribution and types of Pistacia in dry-hot valley were discussed.The results show that Pistacia is mainly distributed in dry-hot valley and stone desertification region in Yunnan province,concentrated in the open forest and shrubs of the hillside or canyon,at altitudes between 1200-2000m in east/south-east and central parts of Yunnan province.In dry-hot valley,the shrubs are usually distributed as accompanying specie,occasionally as dominant specie,commonly are found in 10 communities,such as Vitex negundo var.Laxipaniclata,Terminalia franchetii Comm,Opuntia monacantha,Euphorbia royleana Comm,etc..