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    28 April 2013, Volume 0 Issue 2
    Integrated Management and Administration
    Some Thoughts on China National Forest Inventory and ITs Annual Statistic Data
    ZHOU Changxiang
    2013, 0(2):  1-5. 
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    The existing weak points in China NFI are analyzed and discussed and some key points and approaches for improving the annual NFI statistic data are put forward. Some comparative analysis is also made between the existent and new approaches so as to improve the NFI system in China.
    Considerations on the National Integrated Forest Monitoring and Its Implementation in Guangdong Province
    HUANG Ping
    2013, 0(2):  6-9. 
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    In this paper,the Guangdong Forest Resources Monitoring System was simply introduced at first,and main problems existing in the monitoring system were analyzed.Secondly,based on summarizing the main thought and technical routine of the National integrated forest resources monitoring,large plot monitoring which was practiced in the 8th national forest inventory in Guangdong Province was briefly expounded from scheme presentation,implementation thoughts,main technology,properties,and evaluations.Finally,several remarks on the practice affecting forest resource management in Guangdong were made in the paper.
    Study on the Theory and Strategy of Multifunctional Forest Management in China
    ZENG Xiangwei, FAN Baomin, ZHANG Huaiqing, LEI Xiangdong
    2013, 0(2):  10-16. 
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    Multifunctional forestry is the mainstream in the world.Implementation of multi-functional forest management is an important way to improve the quality and functions of forests in China.The paper presented the definition and technical framework of multi-functional forest management.Strategy of multi-functional forest management in China was also discussed.We concluded that it is necessary to deeply understand the idea of multi-functional forest management,to strengthen the supporting system from the view of management techniques and policy,and gradually to widen multi-functional forest management in China.
    Problems and Countermeasures of Forest Right Reform and Forest Resources Appraisal
    ZHANG Ni, ZENG Siqi, XIAO Huashun, LIU Falin
    2013, 0(2):  17-22. 
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    This paper analyzes the forest right reform and the forest resources appraisal and existing problems,and provides corresponding policy suggestions.The research result shows that forest right reform is the basis of the forest resources asset appraisal,clear forest right is necessary conditions of forest resources asset appraisal,forest resources assets appraisal is driving force of deepening collective forest right reform.Whether or not the forest tenure right can be transferred of disposed in cash is a decisive factor for measuring whether or not the success of the forest tenure right reform and industrialization of forestry can be achieved.Such conditions shall be created as speeding up the development of the asset evaluation rules,cultivating the forest resources asset assessment professionals,straightening the relevant finance management system so as to realize the rapid development of forestry and increase the income of the forest peasants.
    Research Progress and Trend of the Development Performance of Specialized Forestry Cooperative Organizations
    ZHANG Liangang, ZHI Ling, TAN Zefei
    2013, 0(2):  23-28. 
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    Developing the specialized forestry cooperative organizations is an important part of the overall promotion of collective forest tenure reform. Forestry cooperatives are a new organizational form of gathering educational resources and making good use of the cooperative economic strength.The development performance of specialized forestry cooperative organizations directly relates to the consolidation of the achievement of collective forest tenure reform,and it impacts on the fundamental interest of forest farmers.This paper attempts to review literature focusing on the realistic presentation of cooperative organization development performance,evaluation index,evaluation method and influential factors.Future research directions are forecast in this paper on the basis of literature review.
    Probing into Artificial Afforestation Quality Control of China
    LIN Ruilan
    2013, 0(2):  29-32. 
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    According to the existing problems in investment criteria,seedling engineering,follow-up afforestation management etc.in afforestation area expanding process,the paper puts forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions as how to strengthen forest land and tree protection,enhance sci-tech support,improve seedling cultivation,increase investment,promote forest plantation quality control and forest disaster prevention etc.with an aim to provide references for artificial afforestation quality control.
    Study on the Development Countermeasures of Beijing Gardening and Afforestation in Developing A Healthy City
    YAN Xueqiang, WANG Xia, LI Jing
    2013, 0(2):  33-36. 
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    The gardening and afforestation undertakes the arduous task of optimization of the ecological environment and promoting sustainable development.It is also the important support of the Healthy City construction.Based on the related concepts of a health city and characteristics of the gardening and afforestation,this article expounds the important role in building the health city,and compares the domestic and international development of gardening and afforestation.In view of the existing problems,it puts forward the countermeasure of the gardening and afforestation in developing the Healthy City.
    An Analysis of the Development of the Forest Tourism Products
    WANG Ai
    2013, 0(2):  37-41. 
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    On the basis of the connotation of the forest tourism products,full considerations are given to the factors such as forest tourism products and development trends and the forest tourism product development modes are put forward with sustainable development as the principle,product development as the core,leisure experience as a key point and local characteristics as derelopment featares in order to provide advice and reference for forest tourism product development and management.
    Discussion on Forestry Tourism Development in the View of Low-Carbon Economy
    LAI Xiaohua, NIE Hua, TENG Hanshu
    2013, 0(2):  42-45. 
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    At present,the development of low carbon economy has got extensive concern from the governments and all sectors of the society.It is an inevitable trend to develop low carbon economy in economy.Tourism is not only an important part of the third industry but also is a portion of low carbon economy.It is worth discussing on forestry tourism low carbon development from some aspects such as demand and willingness,driving mechanism,development model and evaluation index system.
    The Impact of Development of Modern Electronic Weighing Technology on Forest Yield Measurement
    XUE Xiukang
    2013, 0(2):  46-50. 
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    This paper reviews the history of the development of measurement technology in forest harvesting and yield,analyzes the prospects for the development and application of modern electronic weighing technology,and points out the limitations of pricing wood and wood products in terms of volume and the advantages of pricing them by weight.It reveals that the denominated phenomenon of pricing wood and wood products by weight rather than volume on the current market has its historical inevitability.Unlike its traditional way,the modern way of measuring and pricing of timber by weight is more objective,more accurate,faster and more efficient,thus significantly reduces costs.As a result,it has won the favor of the parties in the trade of timber,especially those who engage in the management of industrial plantations for paper & pulp or other raw materials,carbon sink trade.A wide range of potential application of marketing and trading timber and related products by weight is forecasted.
    Scientific Research
    Sandstorm Weather in North China in Spring Season from 2001 to 2012
    WU Jianwei, SUN Tao
    2013, 0(2):  51-55. 
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    Based on the sandstorm weather observation and statistical data in spring from 2001 to 2012 in northern China,this article summarized the basic characteristics of sandstorm weather in this period,and analyzed the change rule of desetification and sandy land,vegetation cover,soil moisture of underlying surface factors.According to the trend of climate background and surface conditions the paper made a forecast of sandstorm weather in the future for a period of time.
    Environmental Correlation of Species Distribution of Epiphytic Lichens in Forest Ecosystem in Altay Two River Source Nature Reserve,Xinjiang,China
    Anwar Tumur, ZHANG Ting, Abdulla Abbas
    2013, 0(2):  56-63. 
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    In order to find out epiphytic lichens species composition and discuss the relationship between environmental factors and epiphytic lichens community distribution pattern,we use the Detrended Correspondence Analysis(DCA) for grouping the sampling points according to the lichens coverage;Canonical Correspondence Analysis(CCA) is used to analyze environmental correlation of species distribution of epiphytic lichens.The result showed that there were 49 epiphytic lichens belonging to15 families,30 genus .Based on the numerical analysis result the 20 sampling points could be identified as three groups.Group 1 includes 22 lichen species and total coverage of 2.639%,species diversity index is 1.603;Group 2 has 27 species and total coverage of 3.717%,the species diversity index is 1.972;Group 3 has 12 species and the smallest total coverage of 1.036%.The result of CCA analysis showed that altitude,air humidity,forest canopy coverage,light intensity are the four major environmental factors influencing the distribution patterns of the epiphytic lichens in the study area.
    Effects of the Structure Readjustment of Mixed Stands of Ash and Larch on Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil in Ash Stand
    XU Qingxiang, WEI Xing
    2013, 0(2):  64-70. 
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    Our study objects were 23-year-old stands of ash and larch in Jianlagou silviculture experimental station,Maoer Mountain Test Forestry Farm,Northeast Forestry University,Heilongjiang Province.The changes of soil physical and chemical properties in ash stand were measured,after the structure readjustment in larch stand in different ways.The result showed that the effects on soil physical properties in ash stand were not significant,and the effects on some soil chemical properties significant,after the structure readjustment in larch stand in different ways.Under adjustment of thinning the border row,soil hydrolysable nitrogen of upper layer and middle layer was larger than the same layer under other adjustments and no adjustment(P<0.05),and soil organic matter of upper layer was largest too(P<0.05). Compared with adjustment of cutting one and reserving another one in a row,and adjustment of cutting half trees evenly in an area,the effects on soil in ash stand under adjustment of thinning the border row,were better.
    The Relationship of Soil Organic Carbon and Soil Nutrient Content of Artemisia halodendron Community in Daqinggou of Horqin
    LI Kaifeng, WANG Shusen, LUO Yuyang, ZHANG Hailong, LIU Yuxi, SONG Jingwei
    2013, 0(2):  71-76. 
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    Through the research of the soil profile,the study on distribution and relationships of soil organic carbon and soil nutrient(Nitrogen,Phosphorus,Potassium)under different depth in the Artemisia halodendron community in Daqinggou of Horqin was conducted.The results were as follows:1) in 0~60 cm depth soil,the soil organic content decreases with depth,which changes in scope of 18.31~5.18g/kg,the maximum of them is 18.31g/kg in 0~5cm depth soil;2) Through soil nutrient analysis,average content of available potassium,available phosphorus and available nitrogen were 101.29g/kg,2.89g/kg,and 18.77g/kgrespectively.Total content of potassium,phosphorus and nitrogen were 33.60g/kg,0.09g/kg and 0.69g/kg; 3) The correlation analysis shows that soil organic carbon and available potassium content have a significant correlation but no correlation with soil organic and the total potassium.
    Growth Characteristics of Eucalyptus Plantation and Their Responses to Climate Environment in Western Hainan Island
    FAN Wenbin, ZHAO Congju, LIN Zhi, CHEN Hao
    2013, 0(2):  77-82. 
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    We selected 1-to-5-year old short-rotation Eucalyptus forests consisting of even-aged stand as sampling plots with adjacent space and similar natural conditions in Danzhou Forest Farm,which lies in west Hainan Island.Through continuous monitoring in the fixed sites,we analyzed the growth characteristics of different aged Eucalyptus plantations and their responses to climate environment.The results show that:1)The diameter at breast height of Eucalyptus plantation grew rapidly from mid April to mid July,fastest from mid July to mid October,and slowed down significantly in other months.2)Average volume increments of a single Eucalyptus tree and per hectare of Eucalyptus plantation increased from 1-to-3-year old.After the age of 3,the volume increments of 4 and 5 year old Eucalyptus forest slowed down,particularly the 5 year old Eucalyptus tree.3)The age of Eucalyptus affected its growth significantly,and there was the biggest influence in the third year.Both the precipitation and the soil water had significant correlations with individual Eucalyptus growth;however,the correlation between the temperature and the growth of individual Eucalyptus was not significant.4)Lower soil water was one of major abiotic stresses that caused the decrease of average individual volume increment of Eucalyptus forest,and the decrease was especially obvious of 5 year old Eucalyptus tree.
    Effects of Model Form and Region on Prediction for Aboveground Biomass of Larix
    ZHENG Lisheng, LI Haikui
    2013, 0(2):  83-88. 
    Asbtract ( 80 )   PDF (1061KB) ( 72 )  
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    Aiming at the problem that the tree height measurement is difficult and inaccurate,based on large sample field measurement data about biomass for Larix in northeast China,the biomass model on DBH(diameter at breast height)and the biomass model based on DBH and total height were fitted respectively.Then taking a large sum of DBH and height data from larger region as independent variables,effects of model form and region on prediction for aboveground biomass of Larix were studied.The results showed that no significant difference in predicted biomass was found between the model on DBH and the model based on DBH and height at province and large region levels in the region,where the sample trees for fitted biomass equations were sampled.While in the other region,there was a significant difference between the model on DBH and the model based on DBH and height at province and large region levels,the prediction from the model on DBH was more than that from the model based on DBH and height in all diameter classes.In all region with prediction samples,the prediction biomass from the model on DBH was more than that from the model based on DBH and height at smaller diameter classes,this should be paid attention to when fitting biomass equations.
    Study on Diameter Structure of Schima superba in Qingshigang Forest Farm
    MENG Wei, CHEN Caihong, HU Huanxiang, WU Jiang, LU Yu, DING Siyi
    2013, 0(2):  89-93. 
    Asbtract ( 153 )   PDF (1043KB) ( 88 )  
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    An analysis was made on the law of the Schima superba diameter structure in Hunan Qingshigang Forest Farm.The Weibull distribution,Normal distribution,Log-normal distribution and Gamma distribution were used for fitting stand diameter distribution and combined with X2 fitting result for examination. The results showed that the Schima superba forest average DBH was 10.4cm,the span of diameter class ranked 5.1 to 37.1cm in the range 32.0cm,which mainly were small diameter class(6~12cm),the accumulating percentage was 83.7%. Among the whole distribution functions,the Weibull distribution fitting effect is best,followed by the Log-normal distribution,but the difference between the two distributions was similar,all of them can be used to predict Schima superba diameter structure.
    Resource Investigation and Distribution Pattern of Quercus variabilis Blume and Quercus acutissima Carr.as Woody Energy Plant in China
    LI Yingchao, LI Yueqiao, WANG Libing, YU Haiyan, ZHANG Xingrui, LIU Pengfei
    2013, 0(2):  94-101. 
    Asbtract ( 117 )   PDF (1467KB) ( 65 )  
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    Quercus variabilis and Quercus acutissima which distribute widely in China has got a high starch content.The plants have been valued as a non-grain ethanol crop inland.For better exploitation and utilization of Quercus resources,this study made clear the definite distribution regions in China on the basis of a systematic and comprehensive investigation of its resource distribution,and made regionalization according to the forest stand concentrated degree and types.The results are as follows:(1)Q.variabilis and Q.acutissima are distributed in 23 provinces of China.Q.variabilis scatters in cool temperate zone,warm temperate zone,northern subtropics and torrid zone,Q.acutissima scatters in warm temperate zone,northern subtropics and torrid zone.(2)The horizontal distribution of Q.variabilis and Q.acutissima on the whole a straight line on the northeast,southwest direction,along the eastern and southern coastline shaped like “D”.(3)The corelation between the altitude threshold of Q.variabilis and Q.acutissima with dimension was poor(R2=0.162,5、0.019 1 and 0.259,4、0.060 6),but was corelated very high with longtitude(R2=0.708,5、0.494 1 and 0.763 5、0.705 0)(both the up limit and the down limit decreased while the longtitude increased).(4)The concentrated area of Q.variabilis and Q.acutissima are Qinba mountaina and east Longnan mountain,Funiu mountain,Tongbo mountain and North Dabie Mountain,which is the best region of development and exploitation of Q.variabilis and Q.acutissima.
    The Present Situation Investigation of Coastline casuarina Forest in Hainan Island
    LIU Chenglu, RAN Yanhui, TAO You, NING Xueping, BAI Lijiao, YE Huajiang, LI Xiaorong, Li Lei
    2013, 0(2):  102-106. 
    Asbtract ( 81 )   PDF (1028KB) ( 54 )  
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    12 sites of casuarina forest along the coastline of Hainan Island were selected randomly,and the density,forest age,crown density and the biodiversity were investigated.According to the survey results,the casuarina forests were divided into four types:man-made damaged forest,natural degraded forest,well-preserved forest and reconstructed forest.The existing problems were analyzed of each type and then the corresponding protective measures were put forward.
    Survey and Evaluation of Amphibian and Reptile Diversity in Regional Greenways of Shenzhen
    LIN Shishi, YE Youhua, SUN Yanjun, LI Jie, GUO Wui, WU Guozhao, SUN Fangfang
    2013, 0(2):  107-112. 
    Asbtract ( 97 )   PDF (989KB) ( 82 )  
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    The investigation of the biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in Shenzhen regional greenways showed that a total of 17 species of amphibians and 25 species of reptiles had been recorded,which belonged to 4 orders,13 families and 32 genera,including a new species of Rhabdophis.Among them,1 species belonged to National Key Protected Animal(the total number of 2.38%),1 to IUCN Red List(2.38%),6 to the Vulnerable of Redbook(14.29%),2 to the Provincial Key Protected animals(4.76%),39 species are beneficial or have important economic value or research value(92.86%),2 to Chinese endemic species.And 12 species belong to the Southern Realm in the Oriental Realm.The results showed that rich amphibians and reptiles with some endangered species live in the greenways control area,more work on the construction and management which can protect the diversity of amphibian and reptile in the greenways should be done.
    Development History of Xanthoceras sorbifolia Artificial Plantation and Its Resources Quantity & Distribution in Gansu Province
    CHAI Chunshan, QI Jianli, XUE Rui, LU Juan, WANG Ziting, WANG Sanying, JIAO Qiang
    2013, 0(2):  113-118. 
    Asbtract ( 94 )   PDF (1050KB) ( 108 )  
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    In 2010-2012,the investigation was conducted on development history,quantity,distribution and growth conditions of artificial plantation resources of Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge in Gansu province.The results showed that X.sorbifolia artificial plantation underwent 2 development stages in Gansu,namely between 60s and 80s of the 20th century and between the years of 2008 and 2012 of the 21st century.Its planted area included 10 cities(Qingyang,Pingliang,Tianshui,Longnan,Dingxi,Baiyin,Lanzhou,Wuwei,Zhangye,Jiuquan)of 14 municipalities(prefectures)in Gansu province.The amount of artificial plantation resources reached more than 2.18×104hm2.Among them,more than 2.67 hm2 was the resources planted between 60’s and 80’s of the 20th century,which are mainly distributed in central area and Hexi area of Gansu,and now grow well.The remaining part of the resources was planted in the years between 2008 and 2012,mainly planted in returned farmland,cropland and wasteland,its cultivated areas included 8 cities above except for Jiuquan and Longnan.In terms of the growth conditions,the seedlings planted in cropland are growing best,followed by those planted in those planted in returned farmland and those planted in wasteland and lowland are worse.
    Niche of Land Use and Sustainable Development of Shijiazhuang City
    ZHAO Li, ZHANG Pengtao, YAO Yunxiao
    2013, 0(2):  119-124. 
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    Land use change is a self-organized behavior of conversion from low niche level to high level.On the basis of niche theory,this paper applied land use niche models to quantitatively analyze the land use quantity niche and economic niche.The study shows that the cultivated land quantity niche is the highest,followed by grassland,woodland and urban villages and industrial land,transportation land quantity niche is the lowest.During the years of 2000—2009,cultivated land and grassland showed a general downward trend,garden,woodland,urban villages and industrial land and transportation land were in an overall upward trend in the niche.There is a different niche between agricultural land and construction land,and economic development and urbanization process make the the difference between the two further widen in Shijiazhuang City.Finally,according to the characteristics of different types of land use,this paper discusses the approach of sustainable land use from the perspective of improving economic niche.
    Review on the Recovery after the Catastrophic Forest Fire in Daxing’anling Mountains
    ZHAO Fengjun, WANG Lizhong, CHEN Pengyu, SHU Lifu
    2013, 0(2):  125-129. 
    Asbtract ( 155 )   PDF (975KB) ( 219 )  
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    The catastrophic forest fire in 1987 in Daxing’anling Mountains destroyed a large area of precious cold temperate coniferous forest.The fire,varying in intensity and size,led to many different burned areas.In this paper,the influences of the fire on the ecosystem have been summarized from the following 3 aspects,i.e.,the influence of the fire on vegetation and soil,the ecosystem recovery after the fire and the influence of different management practices on recovery of burned areas.At the same time,the recovery differences under different measures(natural succession and artificial management) have been analyzed also.Finally,the main research work that should be implemented in future have been pointed out,which includes the influence factors on post-fire recovery and the measures and technologies that would contribute to the recovery in burned areas.
    Research Development of Forest Wellness Tourism
    LIU Tiantian, MA Jianzhang, ZHANG Bo, LI Jing
    2013, 0(2):  130-135. 
    Asbtract ( 140 )   PDF (986KB) ( 150 )  
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    With forest wellness tourism warming up gradually,many domestic and foreign scholars focused on the research of that kind of tourism.This article from the traditional health theory and health tourism at home and abroad related concepts and background,summarized the connotation and characteristics of forest wellness tourism,generalized the present development of the overseas and domestic forest wellness tourism.Meanwhile,the article analyzed the domestic forest wellness tourism theory research,resource,market demand,the present situation of market research,product development strategy and relevant research results.To improve the social awareness of forest health tourism,strengthen the tourism resources research,the marketing strategies,tourism planning and development study and pay attention to forest wellness cultural aspects,the article put forward some countermeasures and suggestions on improving the social awareness of forest health tourism,strengthening the tourism resources research,the marketing strategies and tourism planning and development study,and forest health cultural value.
    Technical Application
    Calculation of the Annual Forest Allowable Cut Quota of the 12th 5-year Plan Period for Dongsheng Forest Farm,Lushuihe Forestry Bureau
    XIE Xiaokui, SU Dongkai
    2013, 0(2):  136-140. 
    Asbtract ( 85 )   PDF (1009KB) ( 69 )  
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    The traditional simulation calculation method was improved,the annual forest allowable cut quota for commercial category was calculated based on the forest sub-compartment database of Dongsheng Farm,Lushuihe Bureau and the dynamic changing of forest resources was simulated.The results showed that after 30 years of harvesting,the proportion of area of mature forest and over-mature forest to the total commercial category increased from 41.62% to 42.02%,the mature forest area would rise significantly and the over-mature forest area would significantly be reduced,which meant the forest resources structure was optimized.After the first 5 years harvesting,the total commercial forest stock increased from 189.14×104m3 to 193.29×104 m3,and stock per hectare increased from 134.85 m3 to 137.80 m3 and the forest resource consumption was lower than the growth.The reasonable harvest area in the first 5 years was 182.42ha/a and the rational logging stock was 3.59×104m3/a,which can be regarded as a reference for adjusting the cutting quota in the 12th Five-Year period.
    The Effects of the Grid Method of Wetland Restoration in Shandong Yellow River Delta
    TANG Xiaoping, YU Jiangrong, LIU Yueliang, ZHOU Tianyuan
    2013, 0(2):  141-144. 
    Asbtract ( 60 )   PDF (1208KB) ( 83 )  
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    Since 2008,1200 hm2 of wetland in the Reserve has been restored by the grid method,and the indicators of hydrology,plants and birds observed in the restored wetland in the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve from 2007 to 2010.The results showed that the wetland was well restored.The wetland water area proportion was 0.53% in 2007 and 11.83% in 2010.The number of wild high plant species was 14 and 20 before and after the wetland restoration,respectively.The number of wild bird species was 47 and 64 before and after the wetland restoration,respectively.
    The Application of AutoCAD in Digital Photos of Stem Analysis Disk
    BAI Xingwen, XU Luo, LI Shubin
    2013, 0(2):  145-148. 
    Asbtract ( 109 )   PDF (1484KB) ( 108 )  
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    The method and procedure to handle the disk digital photo by using AutoCAD was introduced in this paper.The digital photo was zoomed into the physical size through calculating the scale,then the width of the annual ring on the east-west and south-north direction was measured by using the measuring tool in AutoCAD.And the error of the disk digital photo’s deformation was analysed by disc simulation.The method is accurate,convenient and practical in the production practices.