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    28 December 2011, Volume 0 Issue 6
    Ideas for Forest Management in China
    DONG Naijun
    2011, 0(6):  1-5. 
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    Forest management is critical in forestry of China.The key to this problem is to improve the forestry legislative system by drawing up the Law of Forest Management (including national forest and collective forest management).
    Considerations on Construction of the Integrated ForestResource Monitoring System in China
    YAN Hongwei, HUANG Guosheng, ZENG Weisheng, NIE Xiangyong, GAO Xianlian
    2011, 0(6):  6-11. 
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    Development of forest resource monitoring in China was briefly reviewed at first,and main problems existing in the monitoring system were analyzed.Secondly,the necessity for implementing integrated forest resource monitoring under the current situation was elaborated,and the overall objectives,technical routine and implementation thought of integrated forest resource monitoring in China were proposed.Finally,some suggestions on the efforts in near future for promoting integrated forest resource monitoring were presented.
    Brief Reviews and Prospects on LegalConstruction of China's Wetland Protection
    LI Yuanhui, MA Xiaobo, PENG Yue
    2011, 0(6):  12-17. 
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    This paper reviews China's wetland protection legislation from two stages,sums up major achievements in legal construction of wetland conservation and analyzes its main problems.Meanwhile,the author's prospects of introducing a state-level comprehensive legislation concerning wetland protection,enhancing its overall coordination and organization construction are put forward.
    Study on Placement Problems of Forestry Staffsunder the Natural Forest Protection Program
    LIU Ping, XIAN Jingxian
    2011, 0(6):  18-20. 
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    This paper aims to conduct a deep analysis on the social security and employment issue for forestry staffs involved in the Natural Forest Protection Program and put forward relevant countermeasures to these issues.
    Research of Status and Countermeasure of the Grain for Green Program in Southwest China
    ZHANG Chao, PENG Daoli, XIE Chen, HUANG Dong
    2011, 0(6):  21-26. 
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    In order to understand the Grain for Green program development in the past 10 years,this research is conducted on the basis of rural household investigation on the spot in southwest China,which focus on analysis of the present status and effects of returning farmland to forestry in southwest China.The results show that the Grain for Green Program has played a positive role in the improvement of ecological environment and farmer's living standard.However,there are also some problems.Then the suggestions on policy advocacy,subsidy term,management improving,farmers' livelihoods,operation mechanism of the program and related measures are put forward.
    Reflection on the Criminal Policy of Severity withLeniency in the Forest Police Work
    XU Lan
    2011, 0(6):  27-30. 
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    The criminal policy of severity with leniency is an important issue which is concerned in the circle of criminal theory and practice.This paper elaborates the practical significance to forest police in understanding the criminal policy of severity with Leniency and its implementation from the angle of scientific development outlook.It also analyzes the main obstacles of implementing the policy and offers some suggestions on how to carry on it in the criminal cases involving forest.
    Multi-scale Effect of Forest Landscape Pattern of Shangrila
    ZHANG Chao, WANG Yan, YUE Cairong, YUAN Hua
    2011, 0(6):  31-36. 
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    The multi-scale effect of forest landscape pattern of Shangrila was studied by using the data of forest managemeng inventory in the year of 2006 of Shangrila.The landscape index system was built up,including Class Area,Number of Patches,Patch Density,Total Edge and Shannons Diversity Index.The response of forest landscape pattern to multiple spatial scale was analyzed on 5 grain sizes and 4 extent levels.The result shows that:(i) Number of Patches,Patch Density,Total Edge and Shannons Diversity Index were sensitive to the grain change.(ii) All the 5 indexes were sensitive to the extent change.
    Evaluation on Carbon-sink Benefit of the Conversion of Cropland to Forest Project in Xinjiang:A Case Study in Tacheng Region
    YANG Yiyuan, GAO Yaqi
    2011, 0(6):  37-40. 
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    A case study was conducted in Tacheng region.By using biomass method,classifying species and forest ages,the carbon-sink benefits were analyzed after the implementation of the first round of subsidies of the conversion of cropland to ecological forest project(the CCFP).The carbon-sink benefit of the CCFP was estimated in Xinjiang.The results show that the carbon-sink capacity was huge of the CCFP in Xinjiang,Carbon storage was 4.76 million tons and the afforestation carbon-sink benefit was 5.71 billion Yuan by the Swedish carbon tax method.
    The Metrological Research of Carbon Sequestrationbenefits of main forest types in Daqing Mountains
    WANG Dongzhi, ZHANG Qiuliang, ZHANG Dongyan, WU Wenjing
    2011, 0(6):  41-44. 
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    In this paper,the proportion of dominant trees,standard trees and pressed trees was identified and by using the biomass and tally methods the amount of carbon sequestration and the carbon sequestration of shrubs and herbaceous plants were calculated.The results show that larch forest carbon sequestration obtained was 106.37t/hm2,understory shrubs and herbaceous plants obtained was 11.83t/hm2 and 8.95t/hm2.Larch forest carbon sink capacity was 127.15t/hm2.It is of impotant significance to improving the forest structure and gaining significant ecological benefits by the effective measurement of carbon sequestration of Larch in Daqing mountains.
    Population and Community of Lysidicebrevicalyx in Dongguan City,Guangdong Province
    HUANG Chuanteng, GAO Zhongwang, CHEN Zhenquan, ZHENG Mingxuan, XIONG Jilin, ZHUANG Xueying
    2011, 0(6):  45-48. 
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    The composition and species diversity of the communities of Lysidice brevicalyx in Qingxi Forest Farm of Dongguan City,Guangdong were investigated by plot method.Eight plots with an area of 400 m2 were set up in two types of habitats.Four plots were in a relic ravine woodland stand while the rest four plots were in some separate,small patched woods.A total of 142 vascular species were recorded in the plots,which belong to 68 families and 103 genera.The result showed that the floristic diversity index was higher in the relic ravine woodland than those in small patched woods.However,the species richness and evenness of the latter types of woods were higher than the former type.The similarity index of the two community types was 0.41.Both population structures of the two community types possess a degraded pattern with only a few seedlings and saplings.The soil fertility was similar to the surrounding shrubland and grassland,but they were higher than the soils of the neighboring Litchi orchard and plantations.
    Phenotypic Diversity of Flowers of Xanthocerassorbifolia Bunge in Dingxi Area of Gansu
    LU Juan, CHAI Chunshan, CAI Guojun, WANG Sanying, QI Jianli, WANG Ziting, XUE Rui
    2011, 0(6):  49-53. 
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    9 phenotypic traits were investigated for 40 Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge.Phenotypic variation was studied by using variance analysis and variation coefficient.The results showed that differentiations among various phenotypic traits of flowers were obvious and there had greater variation among different individuals of X.sorbifolia in trial area,and the sequence of variation coefficient of traits was as follows:sterile flower number of top inflorescence(65.16%)>fertile flower number of top inflorescence(45.26%)>length of side inflorescence(32.29%)>length of top inflorescence(29.28%)>sterile flower number of side inflorescence(24.55%)>horizontal diameter of petal(20.22%)>longitudinal diameter petal(11.76%).
    Analysis on the Spatial Distribution and the SpatialHeterogeneity of the Broadleaf Forest in Fujian Province
    CHEN Baibi, QI Xiaofang, LI Baoyin
    2011, 0(6):  54-58. 
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    Geostatistics was applied to a treatment and analysis of the spatial heterogeneity and the spatial distribution of the broadleaf forest in Fujian.The result showed that the semivariogram of the hard broadleaf forest was best described by the linear model,but the semivarigram of the soft broadleaf forest was best described by the spherical model.The distribution of the hard broadleaf forest was wide,but the distribution of the soft broadleaf forest was narrow.
    Study on the Adaptability of Voronoi Diagram on Determiningthe Nearest Neighboring Trees of Natural Mixed Spruce-Fir Forests
    HAO Yuelan, ZHANG Huiru, TANG Shouzheng
    2011, 0(6):  59-64. 
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    Based on the 147 trees of natural mixed Spruce-fir forest sample plots which are located in Jingou Forestry Farm of Wangqing Forestry Bureau in Jilin province,this paper tested the outcomes of calculating the spatial structure indexes based on Voronoi diagram and the outcomes of traditional algorithms that the nearest neighboring trees are 4.The GEMINUS test shows that the outcomes have significantly correlation and agreement between the two when calculating mingling and neighborhood comparison,both are effective results.But the outcomes of traditional method are lower than the outcomes of the Voronoi diagram.Overall,the mingling is higher and the neighborhood comparison is moderate of the natural mixed Spruce-Fir forests.Compared with the traditional method,determining the nearest trees based on Voronoi diagram is a more flexible.Therefore,Voronoi diagram is a more logical choice.
    Study on the Structure and Functions of Water ConservationForest at the Watershed Level in Mountainous Area of Beijing
    SHEN Shukan, WANG Wei, ZONG Xue, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2011, 0(6):  65-68. 
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    This paper explores the relationship between structure and function of water conservation forest at the watershed level from the basin forest age structure,ratio of the area and spatial pattern.It establishes coupling model between structure and function at the watershed level.Finally,the model is used for evaluating the water conservation forest of Beijing mountainous area.The results show that,middle-aged and young forests are primary in the water conservation forest of Beijing mountainous area,and the area ratio is 30% of water conservation forest.The space configuration of the forest patches are uniform,and the function of forest will grow gradually along with the increase of age.
    Study on the Grafting Technique of Single Bud ofSapindus mukorossi Gaerth
    HUANG Yunpeng, WANG Bangfu, FAN Fanrong, SHEN Qiongtao, HUANG Sumei
    2011, 0(6):  69-72. 
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    The grafting technique of single bud of Sapindus mukorossi Gaerth was studied.The results showed that there was remarkable influence on survival rate,new twigs rate and length of new twigs by using different grafting technique in different season.The average survival rate,new twigs rate and length of new twigs were highest(98.3%,96.7%,64.4cm) by using the piece bud abdomen grafting.
    The Resource Distribution and Growth Status for Platycladusorientalis Plantations in Lower Mountains of Beijing
    ZHANG Yu, WANG JinZeng, WANGL li
    2011, 0(6):  73-78. 
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    The analysis was done on the resource distribution and growth status for Platycladus orientalis plantationthe in lower mountain of Beijing,The results show that the area of Platycladus orientalis plantation in 7 mountainous counties of Beijing is 78400 hm2 with 92.01% as young stand and 6.5%middle-age forest.young stand accounted for 72.7% of the total cumulation,20.9% middle-age forest,near mature stand and over-mature stand had less proportion of the total.In different site conditions,aspect and slope had greater impact on the growth of P.orientalis and those located in sunny slope were growing faster.The current annual volume increment and the mean volume increment were not intersected at 54 years old in different site grade.Using Forstat2.0 and SPSS18.0 analysis software,Platycladus orientalis diameter,height and volume of growth process in different site conditions were simulated,and the growth factor model established.Richards growth equation can be used to predict the growth of Platycladus orientalis plantation accurately.
    Sustainable Utilization of the Biomass Energy Based on Forest FirePrevention in Pure and Mixed Cunninghamia lanceolata Plantations
    ZHANG Siyu, CHEN Geping
    2011, 0(6):  79-82. 
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    The fuel load and the bioenergy in the pure Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation,and a mixed Cunninghamia lanceolata- Pinus massoniana,or Schima superba,or Pinus massoniana - Schima superba plantation were surveyed and determined.And the per hectare production of surface bioenergy of four stands was estimated.Results indicated that the fuel load and the bioenergy decreased by the order of Cunninghamia lanceolata- Pinus massoniana,Cunninghamia lanceolata- Pinus massoniana - Schima superba,Cunninghamia lanceolata and Cunninghamia lanceolata- Schima superba plantation.The results further verified that the per hectare production of surface bioenergy of four surveyed plantation will reach 252.81kg,293.81kg,201.56kg,249.39kg of standard coal.The author holds that the bioenergy utilization could take account to the dual goal of preventing forest fire and getting the economic,social and ecological benefits.
    Individual Biomass Regression Model of Mytilarialaosensis in Southwest of Guangxi
    MING Angang, TANG Jixin, YU Haolong, SHI Zuomin, LU Lihua, JIA Hongyan, CAI Daoxiong
    2011, 0(6):  83-87. 
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    Based on the inventory data of a 28-years-old Mytilaria laosensis plantation and the biomass measurements of the mean sample trees,the correlation between diameter at breast height (DBH),tree height(H),D2H and different parts of an individual tree were analyzed.Five biomass models,including power function model of individual tree of Mytilaria laosensis in southwest of Guangxi province were established by regression analysis.The results showed that the relationships between stem,branch,bark,total biomass and D2H were significant while the relationships between leaf biomass and DBH and between root biomass and H were significant.In the models in which the independent variable is the DBH (D),tree height (H) and D2H respectively,total tree,trunk,and bark biomass recession models were fitted best,leaf and root biomass recession models were fitted moderately,and branch biomass recession model were fitted worst.Power function model was the best regression model for fitting biomass of the most parts of an individual tree except bark biomass.
    A Brief Review on Multifunctional Forest Management
    WEI Xiaohui, SUN Yujun, GUO Xiaoyu
    2011, 0(6):  88-93. 
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    Scientific and reasonable regulation to forest stand structure is very important for multifunctional forest management.Today,the indicators of stand structure which tend to be associated with the spatial location are well known,both at home and abroad.This paper mainly discussed how to implement the forest management techniques in order to maximize the benefits of forest based on the relationships of stand structure and forest function.
    Result Investigation and Analysis of Aerial Seeding Forestation in Miyun County
    CHEN Changqi
    2011, 0(6):  94-97. 
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    Based on the classified statistics of the result investigation on the areial seeding forestation in Miyun County,the comprehensive analysis was made from some aspects including land status,stand growing status,management types,effectiveness of the class.The experience and problem of the earial seeding forestation in Miyun County were summarized.Some suggestions on the post aerial seeding forestation management were given.
    Evaluation on Ecological Service Functions of Nanjing Urban Forest Based on 3S Technology and AHP Method
    WANG Ni, PENG Shikui
    2011, 0(6):  98-103. 
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    Based on the introduction to urban forest resources in Nanjing and the guidance of scientific,dynamic and operational principles,this paper puts forward the composite index system of regional forest ecological service quality evaluation.First,the reliable basic data quantifying the index factors is derived from the remote sensing images in 2000 and 2007 based on 3S technology.Then it plans for an analysis of the main factors and confirms the relative importance and structure through applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP).The weighted method evaluates the rate of Nanjing urban forest.The result indicates that the construction for forest ecology has succeeded in Nanjing in recent years.
    Forest Resources Monitoring for Zhuji CityBased on Thematic Mapper(TM) Imagery
    CHEN Jun, QIU Baoyin
    2011, 0(6):  104-109. 
    Asbtract ( 139 )   PDF (1526KB) ( 98 )  
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    It has a significant meaning to increase the efficiency of the national forest inventory using remote sensing technology.Maximum likelihood,back propagation neural network,and k-nearest neighbor were applied to monitor forest resources for the the Zhuji city.Classification results were compared with forest inventory data.Results showed that these three methods accurately estimated the total area of different forest types with accuracy between 77.53% and 83.18%.However,the accuracies of these three methods are low at town level with relative root mean square error(RMSEr) of 41.83%,44.91%,and 44.18% respectively.Except for shrub forest,these three classification methods are not significantly different(p>0.5).Some techniques,such as multi-source remote sensing image fusion,should be used to increase classification accuracy in future study.
    Analysis on Dynamic Changes of Land Types andStands in Pearl River Delta Based on RS and GIS
    ZOU Bin, YANG Yanqiong, XUE Yadong
    2011, 0(6):  110-116. 
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    In this study,satellite images of the Pearl River Delta in 2003 and 2007 were used as data sources and combined with parts of outside survey data.The model and method were used for the land use change analysis of the Pearl River Delta.The results show that in 2007 the primary land types in Pearl River Delta were forest land and agricultural land.Between 2003 and 2007,land type transformation among forest land,agricultural land and other land occurred including forest land,agricultural land and other land used for building land and forest land and other land for shrub land,which shows obvious regional difference.