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    28 February 2011, Volume 0 Issue 1
    Mamagement and Adminstration
    Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 and Enlightenment to China
    ZHANG Min, XIA Chaozong, HUANG Guosheng, CHEN Xinyun
    2011, 0(1):  1-6. 
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    The contents,indicators,methodology and key findings of global forest resources assessment(FRA)2010 organized by FAO are introduced.The national forest resources assessment,national report and the contribution to global analysis of FRA 2010 are summarized.In particular,proceeding from the realistic situation in China,the urgent issues on national forest monitoring and statistics are analyzed.The approaches for enhancement of the timeliness and authority of the national figures,and strengthening the ability of answering the global focuses related to global climate change including SFM evaluation,forest carbon accounting and REDD plus are also identified.
    Research on the Environmental CommonwealLawsuit in Protecting Forest Resources
    GUO Huiling, XU Lan, JIANG Jing, WU Junxia
    2011, 0(1):  7-10. 
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    This thesis introduces several topics related to the relationship between the protection of forest resources and the environmental commonweal lawsuit and illustrates the necessity of setting up the environmental commonweal lawsuit to protect forest resources so that the forestry can react positively to the climate change.Meanwhile,it also analyzes the qualifications of the plaintiff and remedy in the environmental commonweal lawsuit.Finally,the paper puts forward some suggestions for setting up the system of the environmental commonweal lawsuit in our country.
    Investigation and Analysis on Wetland Resources Status Quo in Beijing
    CHEN Haiyan, ZHANG Yiming, WU Lijuan
    2011, 0(1):  11-16. 
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    Wetland resources investigation is to ascertain wetland resources and environment status quo so as to carry out comprehensive and objective analysis and evaluation and grasp the dynamic changes of wetland resources gradually,which will provide integrated and accurate basic information and decision-making basis for protection,management and rational use of wetland resources.This paper analyses the survey results and dynamic changes of wetland resources and puts forward suggestions on wetland resources protection and rational utilization.
    Research of Local Legislation on Wild AnimalProtection in Jiangsu Province,China
    XU Lan
    2011, 0(1):  17-21. 
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    In view of the present situation of the incompleteness of legislation on the wild animal protection system and the lag of wild animal protection in Jiangsu province,this paper points out the necessity for mapping out local regulations and makes some suggestions for local legislation.
    Analysis of the Impacts of the Japanese Loan AfforestationProject on China's Afforestation Policy
    LIU Ping, FU Xinghui, LI Dongsheng
    2011, 0(1):  22-24. 
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    The implementation of the Japanese Loan afforestation project eases the fund shortage situation,and has very deep impact on China's afforestation policy.This paper aims to analyze the exact impacts of the Japanes Loan afforestation project on China's afforestation on the basis of comparing this project with other forestry construction projects.
    Investigation,Analysis and Solutions on Social Transition ofState-owned Forest Areas
    AO Anqiang
    2011, 0(1):  25-29. 
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    To exactly grasp the current situation of state-owned forest areas is the foundamental basis for promoting its management system reform.China's state-owned forest areas are characterized by so-called "small societies".Currently,internal and external factors function jointly to deeply change the functions,management system,operating system,economic structure,population structure and social organizational structure of state-owned forest areas.These changes symbolize the social transition of the state-owned forest areas.This systematic transition,characterized by its full scale,complex and long term features,influences not only the reform of forest areas themselves,but also the national ecological security and sustainable development as a whole.Therefore,more guidance and support should be given to the transition to guarantee its smoothness and systematic response.Most importantly,the former mode of replacing laws with administrative orders should be abandoned.Laws and regulations,especially those related to state-owned forest management,should be firmly applied and improved to guide and regulate the transition of state-owned forest areas.
    Problems and Strategies of Rehabilitation of Degraded Subalpine Forest in Northwest Yunnan
    LI Jin, ZHANG Jinfeng, JING Yuebo, SHI Nan
    2011, 0(1):  30-34. 
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    The complex and diverse geographical and climatic characteristics make the subalpine area of northwest Yunnan become one of the regions with the most abundant ecological landscape types and biological diversity in the world.In this area the rapid growth of population and over exploitation of forest resources have led to environment degradation and serious damage of vegetation resources.Thus,ecological restoration in the place is a pressing need.Based on the analysis of current situation of vegetation in subalpine area of the northwest Yunnan,we point out the problems and obstacles in reconstruction of degraded vegetation.At the same time,some construction suggestions and strategies are proposed.
    Sustainable Utilization of Medicinal Plants Derived from Forest
    REN Jianwu, LIU Yujun, MA Chao, HU Qing
    2011, 0(1):  35-39. 
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    Medicinal plants derived from forest hold the lion share of wild medicinal plants.Rapid development of Chinese medicine industry is posing a serious threat to the resources of medicinal plants derived from forest,which in turn make the sustainable development of Chinese medicine face severe challenge.Based on national strategy of Chinese medicine modernization,Chinese medicine industry will develop in sustainable way.So it is necessary to abide by pertinent laws and regulations,and reinforce the protection of medicinal plant germplasm.Moreover,the traditional model of exploring the resources of medicinal plants should be changed.Aiming at realizing sustainable development of medicinal plants derived from forest,advanced technology should be top priority,and there are lots of work to do,which includes emphasizing scientific proof,clarifying effective components,identifying action mechanism of plant drugs.Meanwhile,good agricultural practice for Chinese crude drugs shall be strictly implemented and reckless excavation of wild medicinal plants derived from forest forbidden.Then,comprehensive study should be focused on looking for replacement of rare and precious wild medicinal plants,and advocating industrialized production of Chinese drug materials.In the process of industrialization of Chinese drugs,innovations are needed in developing conception,product mix and company structure.By means of integrating various resources of scientific study,pharmaceutical enterprises and wild plants in forest,the model of forestry-drug integration would be initiated so as to realize sustainable and harmonious development between industry,resources and environment.
    Science and Tethnology
    Study on Individual Tree Diameter Growth Models with the Relative Diameter as Competition Indicator
    DENG Cheng, LÜ Yong, LEI Yuancai, ZHANG Jiang
    2011, 0(1):  40-43. 
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    This paper takes the Richards,Logistic,Mitscherlich,Gompertz and Modified-Weibull equations as the basic tree diameter theoretical equation.By means of re-parameterizing method the site index(SI),stand density(N),individual tree competition indicators-relative diameter(RD) are introduced into these equations.Research has been done on the individual tree diameter growth model of pine plantations.The results show that the individual tree diameter growth equation developed by this method has a good adaptability and high forecast accuracy.Moreover,this equation contains the relative diameters of trees,when relative diameter is equal to 1.0.The individual tree diameter growth models reflect the growth of stand average diameter,which provides a means of coupling from a individual tree growth model to the whole forest growth model.
    Vegetation Cover Change on Hulun Buir Grassland
    ZAN Guosheng, SUN Tao
    2011, 0(1):  44-48. 
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    A time series of GIMMS-NDVI data from 1982 to 2006 were used to monitor the vegetation cover change on Hulun Buir Grassland.The result showed that the growing season was significantly prolonged,which was mainly impacted by the early greenup date with increasing temperature in spring,and the wilting date had little effect.The trend of vegetation dynamic change decreased slightly,but not significantly,and mainly interannually from 1982 to 2006.The early greenup date contributed little to the total grass biomass.The vegetation in eastern region was greatly improved but degradated in the western region,and the sandy vegetation was degradated on the whole,especially in the southern region.Moreover,the local moving dunes became more active.
    Planning a Powerful and Efficient Protected Area Network Based on Suitable Habitats—Take the adjusting of giant panda reserves and network inQinling Mountains as an example
    GONG Minghao, GAO Zuofeng, HOU Meng
    2011, 0(1):  49-54. 
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    Unscientific planning is the main problem in the process of the construction of nature reserves in China.Through the evaluation on suitable habitats for giant pandas within the reserve network in Qinling Mountains,we found that the current reserve network did not comply with the bio-border of suitable habitats without scientific planning for its establishment,which resulted in the great difference of surviving environmental quality in various giant panda reserves and the imbalance of the functions of the reserve network.Therefore,this decreased the efficiency and conservation achievements.Suitable habitat is the land which contributes to the conservation functions in nature reserves,and it will also conduct the functions of nature reserves.Finally suitable habitats should be the focus when planning of nature reserves and the network is to be done.The planning and adjusting of the reserve and its network based on suitable habitats can improve its functions and efficiency,decrease the land cost of conservation,and effectively alleviate the conflict between conservation and development.
    Study on the Natural Regeneration of Quercus phillyraeoides Population in Different Communities
    XIE Chunping, FANG Yan, FANG Yanming
    2011, 0(1):  55-61. 
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    It is very important for regeneration of a population to maintain its stability and development.Based on the field investigation,the regeneration of Quercus phillyraeoides population in different places was discussed.The results are showed as fo11ows:(1)The pattern of population in most areas was shown with an inverted pyramid form,which means that there were difficulties for the population to regenerate;but in the climax community of Quercus phillyraeoides,the population regeneration could continue because of the number of young trees in a short period of time;(2)The spatial pattern of Quercus phillyraeoides seedling indicated that it was of an aggregated distribution in the canopy gaps or forest edge while even distribution existed under the crown of a tree,which means that there was a close relation to seedling growth and light.(3)The experiment of seed germination revealed that it was good for the seed to germinate through the way of sand storage for 1-2 months,and the rodent damage and moth attack was the key reason to restrict the rate of germination.(4)The seed dispersal of Quercus phillyraeoides was not only the gravity but also the rodent,and the latter had more influence on it in the forest communities.There was a trade-off relationship between the rodent and seed dispersal.To improve the natural regeneration of Quercus phillyraeoides,it was an effective measure to keep the canopy gaps in its forest.
    Soil Physico-chemical Properties under Larix principis-rupprechtiiPlantations of Different Stand Densities
    SUN Jia, WANG Haiyan, DING Guodong, YU Yang, REN Lina, LIANG Wenjun
    2011, 0(1):  62-66. 
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    Soil physico-chemical properties under Larix principis-rupprechtii plantations of different stand densities were studied in Beigou Forest Farm,Mulanweichang,Hebei Province.The results showed that stand density affected soil physico-chemical properties to varied degrees.At the stand density of 660 trees/hm2,soil water content,total N and total K content were maintained at relatively high levels;when the stand density increased from 740 trees/hm2 to 2000 trees/hm2,soil bulk density decreased first and then increased,but soil water content,total N and organic matter content showed the opposite trend in the soil depth of 0~20 cm;In the soil depth of 20~60 cm,soil bulk density showed the same pattern as that in the soil depth of 0~20 cm,soil water content and soil rapidly available K content kept decreasing,but soil available P content increased with increasing soil depth.With the stand density of higher than 2000 trees/hm2,soil pH declined and showed a significant trend of acidification.Therefore,the stand density of Larix principis-rupprechtii plantations was suggested to be about 1500 trees/hm2 and no more than 2000 trees/hm2 to avoid soil acidification and to keep soil healthy.
    Construction and Application of the EcologicalVulnerability Assessment Indicator System of Montane Forest——a case study in Baihua Mountains
    ZHANG Liqian, HAN Hairong, LIU Li, ZHANG Binbin, ZHANG Huan
    2011, 0(1):  67-71. 
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    Ecological vulnerability assessment is a hot issue in the research on global change and sustainable development.This paper had studied the assessment method of ecological vulnerability of montane forest.The assessment indicator system of montane forest was constituted by AHP,the standard system was founded and the model of ecological vulnerability evaluation was formulated.Depending on the ecological vulnerability assessment,the montane forests were divided into different levels.The vulnerability of montane forest in Baihua Mountains was assessed using the established assessment method.The results showed that different forest communities in Baihua Mountains were differently vulnerable.It also showed the interference factors,the forest environment,structures and functions are the critical factors of vulnerability of montane forest in Baihua Mountains.Based on the assessment,this study gives some pieces of advice about the ecological construction of Baihua mountains.
    Influence of Two Fire Intensities on Coarse Woody Debris in Pinus pumila-Larix gmelini Forests in Greater Hinggan Mountains
    LIU Huifeng, CHEN Bing, ZHOU Cuiming, ZHAO Xikuan, HUANG Chao
    2011, 0(1):  72-77. 
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    Pinus pumila-Larix gmelini forests are the typical vegetation on Greater Hinggan Mountains and were disturbed for a long time by fire.This study compared CWD volume and composition of natural Pinus pumila-Larix gmelini forest and two types of burned forests(lightly burned forest,heavily burned forest).The results showed that:The average volume of CWD was 59.92m3/hm2,199.77m3/hm2,217.73m3/hm2 in natural forest,lightly burned forest and heavily burned forest respectively.The volume of natural forest between burned forest was different,but no difference between lightly burned forest and heavily burned forest,which showed the fire disturbance changed the volume and altered the composition of coarse woody debris,but no big impact on the composition of CWD.The CWD diameter class was 2-20cm in natural forest and heavily burned forest,standing dead trees,fallen trees and stumps,each accounting for 34%,64% and 2% and 94%,5% and 1% of the total volume respectively.The CWD was diameter class 2-10 cm in lightly burned forest,standing dead wood,fallen trees and stumps,each accounting for the 47%,50% and 3% of the total volume respectively.It can be seen that the three types of forest of CWD were concentrated in small diameter of standing dead wood and fallen trees,that is,the small diameter of standing dead wood and fallen trees are the major source of CWD in the three types of forests.The volume of forests were increased after forests were disturbed by fire,and the fire may increase the CWD inputs.
    Evaluation of Biomass and Ecological Benefits ofPublic Welfare Forest in Shengzhou
    ZHANG Hualiu, YI Lita, YU Shuquan, YU Xiaolong, CHEN Yafeng, ZHANG Pengwei
    2011, 0(1):  78-85. 
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    This article made an evaluation on water conservation,carbon fixing and oxygen releasing of public welfare forest in Shengzhou based on biomass survey with the market substitution method,shadow project method and expenditure method etc.The results showed that the total biomass is 3,745,500t and the average biomass per unit area is 98.57t/hm2.The quantity for water conservation,carbon fixing,oxygen releasing,energy storage were 44.07 million m3/a,47.8 thousand t/a,635.5 thousand mJ/a.The total value of water conservation,carbon fixing,oxygen releasing,energy storage were 360 million yuan,852 million yuan and 3605 million yuan respectively.In this paper some opinions and suggestions were put forward for the future development of public welfare forest in Shengzhou.
    Research on Larch Forest Herbs Niche in Saihanba
    ZHAO Shang, GU Jiancai, XI Xinqiang, YANG Yumei, CHEN Ping, XIANG Guangrui
    2011, 0(1):  86-90. 
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    This study used plot method for surveying different resource niche community,and calculated herb niche breadth and niche overlap in Larix prinicipis-rapprechii plantation in Saihanba.The results showed that:Carex rigescens and Saussurea taraxacifolia had larger niche breadth,the LNB was 1.1851 and 1.0048,the HNB was 0.4314 and 0.2942 respectively.In addition 32.61% of herb niche breadth(LNB)was 0,most concentrated on [0.4,0.6),[0.6,0.8) and [0.8,1.0),the LNB was 19.57%,19.57% and 15.22% respectively.Herbaceous species niche overlap accounted for 67.64% larger than 0.1,indicating that the herbaceous plants had intense interspecific competition for using same resource niche in Larch plantation.
    The Research about Laser Measurement ofTree Canopy Density in Beijing
    YANG Shengtian, LI Feifei, LÜ Guowei, LIU Tao, LI Fangfang
    2011, 0(1):  91-95. 
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    The survey of forest canopy density is an important factor of forest survey.There have been some forest canopy density measurement methods at home and abroad,but all more or less have defects.Based on the point methods and the observation tube method in particular the laser measurement of tree canopy density was deeply studied.The Experiment not only improved observation tube method,but also solved the required number of points for a kind of precise measurement,which is still a controversial issue at home and abroad.This provides a new method and reference for finding a fast,simple and accurate measurement of forest canopy density
    Status and Prospects of Forest measurement instruments
    LIU Falin, LU Yong, ZENG Siqi
    2011, 0(1):  96-99. 
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    Forest measurement instruments are the basic tools of forest resources investigation.This paper analyzed the main features and weaknesses of forest measurement instruments.At last it presents a description on the development trend of forest measurement instruments.
    Study on Forest Biomass and Carbon Sequestration Survey in Liaoning Province Based on RS and Genomic Models
    WANG Xuejun, SUN Yujun
    2011, 0(1):  100-105. 
    Asbtract ( 100 )   PDF (946KB) ( 63 )  
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    The mechanism of RS model of forest biomass and carbon sequestration is analysed in the paper.Using the 7th continuous forest inventory plot data in Liaoning Province in the year of 2005 and computing the correlative coefficient between ground data and RS data,derivative,meteorological,genomic and stand information,the multivariate regression models are built and analysed.The results show that:(1)There are significant correspondences between biomass and NVDIs,in which the top-down rank is NVDI_AVER,NVDI_AMD,NVDI_MAX,NVDI_MIN,NVDI_CHA in their correlative coefficients with biomass separately.The meteorological factors that have significant correspondences with the biomass are relative evaporation,average temperature and total temperature(>10°C),the coefficients are 0.422,0.399,and 0.394 respectivly.The correlative coefficient of topography data is obvious except slope and latitude;(2)Estimation of forest biomass is 255.774 ×106 t and carbon reserve is 127.887×106t by the RS &genomic model in Liaoning province;(3)Carbon density is not high overall,the average is smaller than 50t/hm2,the density is higher in the east than west in spacial distribution in Liaoning province.
    Study about Health Assessment of ForestEcosystem of Xiaowutai Mountains in Hebei
    LU Shaobo, YANG Xiaofei, LU Shaowei, ZHANG Ligang, ZHANG Xiaoguang, WANG Xiaoyan, LU Zhe
    2011, 0(1):  106-110. 
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    By using the complex structure and function indicator method and 21 indicators about the forest health assessment system of Xiaowutai Mountains was established,according to the forest productivity,structure,service functions and interference.With the local forest ecosystem conditions,and field investigation,the index data were obtained.Then the forest health was assessed and was divided into four grades at the scale of forest stand.The result showed that the Xiaowutai Nature Reserve was healthy,the healthy forest accounted for 80%,the sub-healthy and non-healthy ones were only 20%;the forest health situation was mainly related to indicators of the forest productivity and structure.
    Forest Carbon Stock and Dynamic Change in Sandy Area in Inner Mongolia
    YAN Deren
    2011, 0(1):  111-114. 
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    Based on the fifth and sixth continuous forest inventories in Inner Mongolia,forest carbon Stock and the dynamic change in sandy area in Inner Mongolia have been calculated.The results show that in Inner Mongolia,the total carbon stock of forest trees in sandy area is 48.9805 million tons(Mt),among them,the total carbon stock in sandy land is 46.1485 Mt and the one in desert is 2.832 Mt.Form 2003 to 2008,the net increase of total carbon stock of forest trees in sandy area in Inner Mongolia is 9.2107 Mt,with an average net increase of 1.8421 Mt per year.In Inner Mongolia,the total carbon dioxide fixed by forest trees is 6.7544 Mt in sandy area,taking up 2.36 percent of the annual release of carbon dioxide.
    Analysis on Geographical Elements of Woody Plant Families in Liaoning Coastal Zones
    LUAN Qingshu, LIU Yanping, YUN Lili, JIN Ruozhong
    2011, 0(1):  115-120. 
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    Based on the statistics and analysis of the GIS data of forest resource inventory of management plan in Liaoning,the satellite remote sensing data of Liaoning coastal zones and the site survey data,a total of 76 families,190 genera,316 species seed plants in Liaoning coastal zones are identified,in which 40 families,74 genera are woody plants,belonging to 7 of the 15 seed plant distribution zone types in China,being 46.67%,and 58.8% of 68 families of woody plants in Liaoning.Statistics show that only a few species of woody plants of Liaoning coastal zones belong to the world distribution families,about 37.5%,but 40% of those belong to temperate zone and tropical zone families respectively.This shows that the plant flora is of the temperate zone and tropical zone property.This paper aims at giving a scientific basis for introducing woody plants,planting local species and rational allocation of tree species in the special geographical conditions of the coastal zones.