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    28 December 2010, Volume 0 Issue 6
    Thoughts on the Current Forest Management
    ZHAN Zhaoning
    2010, 0(6):  1-6. 
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    This article considers that "forest management is the eternal theme of forestry development",which should be better understood and promptly implemented in forestry production. It puts forward some views on the existing issues of the current forest management, points out the bottleneck in forest management and makes clear that forest management is scientific support for forest management.
    The Practice and Exploration of the New Type of Socialized Forestry Service System in Fujian——Taking the Forestry Service Center of Shaowu as an Example
    QIAO Yongping, NIE Ying
    2010, 0(6):  7-12. 
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    The Forestry Service Center of Shaowu in Fujian province is set up to adapt to the new socialized forestry service system after the reform of collective forest tenure system. By consummating the institutions and improving the setting-up of the relative systems, the center sets up a platform to provide service to forestry, agriculture and society as well. However, during the operating process, there still exist a series of problems, such as improper orientation, unclear identification of right and duty, insufficient services and system flaws. Thus, it is necessary to set up a new type of socialized forestry service system involving government, market and society with the characteristics of proper orientation and clear identification of rights and duties. Besides, the construction of the system is still to be strengthened.
    The Construction of Ecological Barrier in North Guangdong Province and Countermeasures
    WANG Xianglong, WEI Meiman
    2010, 0(6):  13-16. 
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    The present conditions of ecological barrier construction in the three cities:Shaoguan, Meizhou and Heyuan in north Guangdong province were investigated. In addition, the problems at the present stage of the construction were comprehensively summarized and analysed, and some countermeasures were also put forward.
    Study on the Experience and Inspiration of Using Foreign Loans to Develop China's Forestry
    LIU Ping, Li Dongsheng
    2010, 0(6):  17-20. 
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    On the basis of comprehensive analysis of the implementation of the forestry project by using the foreign Loans in China, some practical and valuable experience and lessons are summed up from the view of management, which provides useful and inspiring enlightenment to improving the management of other domestic forestry projects.
    Incentive and Compensation Mechanism to Promote Forest Certification Based on Financial Analysis
    GUO Shufen, NIE Ying
    2010, 0(6):  21-26. 
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    How to speed up the process of forest certification in China has been a dilemma of our government and forestry enterprises. When deciding whether to apply for forest certification or not, the enterprise's pursuit of maximizing the financial benefits plays a leading role, but the government's support and promotion is also an important aspect. This paper analyzes and compares the costs and benefits in details, and then provides a reference for the government to design compensation mechanism from adding forestry enterprise's financial benefits.
    Thinking on Forest Management Classification and Silviculture
    ZHAO Hua, LIU Yong, LU Ruiheng
    2010, 0(6):  27-31. 
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    Guided by the theories of system,sustainable development and ecological economy and based on the forest site classification and evaluation, the forestry management is decided by forest site factors, factors of ecological sites and economic-social factors. This paper puts forward the main measures and suggestions on silviculture of different types of forest management.
    Analysis on the Fund Shortage Issue of the Natural Forest Protection Project
    GONG Xiaojun, LIU Ping
    2010, 0(6):  32-35. 
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    This paper analyzes the fund shortage issue in the implementation of the Natural Forest Protection Program during the last decade and discusses the causes. Meanwhile, some practical countermeasures are provided to improve the further implementation of the Program.
    Consideation on supervision and Inspection of the Licensees of the Administrative Licensing for Forestland Requsition
    LIU Yi, LI Bin
    2010, 0(6):  36-39. 
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    The article expounds that we can intensively track and supervise the implementation of administrative licensing, and analytes the role of the check and supervision.For punishing acts of unlawful use of forest land by the relevant department,we could enhance the awareness on forese resources protection of the licensees and the local forestry department.
    Effects of Thinning on the Undergrowth Vegetation of Larix principis-rupprechtii Plantation
    ZHANG Hongzhi, BAI Qinghong, XU Chengli, TIAN Jun
    2010, 0(6):  40-44. 
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    Investigation was carried out on the undergrowth vegetation of Larix principis-rupprechtii plantation with the different thinning intensities in order to understand the effects of tending and thinning. Results indicated that species richness, mean height, mean density, species diversity indices decreased gradually with the increase of retention density. The undergrowth vegetation with 600 plants/hm2 and 900 plants/hm2 had the similar indices values but differed considerably with others. Species composition was similar greatly among the lower densities but more different among the lower and higher ones. That Larix principis-rupprechtii plantation, 40-year-old and 10 meters'height with 1500 plants/hm2 was retained to the density of 900 plants/hm2,which was more reasonable.
    Study on Status and Management Strategy of Invasive Alien Plants on Dongshan Island in Fujian
    GAO Wei, YE Gongfu, YOU Shuisheng, ZHEN Shiqun, HAN Mengmeng, DU Linmei
    2010, 0(6):  45-50. 
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    With the methods of routine and sampling survey, the investigation about invasive plants on Dongshan Island was conducted.The results showed that there were 1055 kinds of plants existing on Dongshan Island, 632 kinds of which were native wild plants, 423 kinds were alien and cultivated plants, and there were 59 invasive plants among the alien and cultivated ones, belonging to 22 families,with Asteraceae accounting for the largest percentage of species composition of 27.1%, which has 16 species; 45 species of invasive plants origined from America, accounting for the highest percentage of origin of 76.3%; most plants were introduced with no intention, which has 32 species, accounting for 54.24%. Based on the analysis of origin, habitat, way of introduction, harmfulness and life style of alien invasive plants on Dongshan Island, this paper proposed some management strategies to enhance the management of invasive plants.
    Study on the Cultivating Substrate of the Transplanted Container-raised Stocks of Larix principis-rupprechtii
    XIANG Guangrui, LU Guiqiao, YU Jingjin, PENG Zhijie, TAN Xuquan, ZHAO Shang
    2010, 0(6):  51-55. 
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    In order to offer the feasible substrate formula for the transplanted container-raised stocks of Larix principis-rupprechtii in Saihanba forestry centre, seven substrates being made of humus soil, turfy soil, livestock wastes and yellow soil et.al were analyzed. The effects of the different substrate formula to seedling growth were studied by the method of multiple comparisons. The results showed that different substrate, different composition had the remarkable difference on the basal diameter, height, height-diameter ratio, fresh weight and dry weight of Larix principis-rupprechtii seedlings. The optimum substrate formula in Saihanba forestry centre for Larix principis-rupprechtii cultivation is the ratio of 30∶15∶4∶1 for humus:pig and goat wastes: Superphosphate: Ferrous sulfate.
    Dynamics and Characteristics of Soil Seed Bank of Endangered Artocarpus hypargyreus Hance
    HUANG Yunpeng
    2010, 0(6):  56-59. 
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    The soil seed bank of Artocarpus hypargyreus Hance was studied in wildwood by screening. The results showed that the seed bank of Artocarpus hypargyreus Hance was small in reserves and the largest reserve was 31.9/m2. A large number of seeds (about 80%) stored in the litter layer. The seed distribution pattern was obviously in clusters and almost all of seeds distributed in the crown scope.
    Spatial Structure of Quercus mongolica Forest in Hebei Wuling Mountain Nature Reserve
    LIU Fengqin, YANG Xinbing, WANG Xiaoyan, SONG Qingfeng, LU Shaowei,
    2010, 0(6):  60-64. 
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    With Quercus mongolica in Hebei Wuling mountain as study object and by using mingling degree,neighborhood comparison and uniform angle index,this paper analyzed the spatial structural characteristics of Quercusm ongolica forest in the Reserve.The results showed that Q. m ongolica had the obvious advantage in population density and basal area.The average mingling degree of the forest was 0.299, indicating the simple spatial allocation and poor mixing of different tree species in this plantation.In the spatial structural units,Q.mongolica and J. mandshurica populations were dominant and sub-dominant,accounting for 57% and 64% of the total plants of the populations;As for uniform angle index and the spatial structure units, the spatial pattern of the stands was of aggregative distribution.Stand management in term of the forest ecosystem health should be based on community-based natural succession.
    Comparison of Undergrowth Plant Diversity in Different Aged Cunninghamia lanceolata Plantations in South China
    ZHOU Deming, WANG Zongyong
    2010, 0(6):  65-70. 
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    Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations of 4 different age classes were compared and analyzed. These plantations lie in Youxian County of Zhuzhou city, Hunan province. In this research, space is studied as the object instead of time. The result shows that compared with different stand age gradations, the diversity of under-storey species richness is not so obvious. There are about 22~33 plant species per 2700 m2 in plot. However, the bio-ecological characteristic differences among dominant species are evident. The dominant under-storey species at different age levels of Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations were respectively Pueraria thunbergiana and Dicranopteris dichotoma, Gelsemium elegans and Pteridium aquilinum, Desmodium elegans and Pteridium aquilinum, Serissa serissoides and Pteridium aquilinum. Under-storey species diversity index of different stand ages is almost the same. The species diversity index in Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations of Guanghuang is best, with the average species being 18.3, 11.3 and Shannon-wiener index (H) 2.136 3,1.961 0 of shrub layer and herb layer under Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation. So, both canopy density and crown structure of plantation dominate under-storey species composition and distribution.
    Effects of Ecomat on Forestation in Loess Plateau Semi-arid Region
    WAN Haoyu, WANG Qi
    2010, 0(6):  71-76. 
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    In the light of the low survivial rate and slow growth of young Chinese arborvitae trees caused by drought in the loess plateau, the article studied the effects on soil moisture holding capacity and growth rate and photosynthetic rate after the ecomat was placed under the young arborvitae trees.The results showed that the ecomat didn't affect the soil moissture holding capacity,but made the young arborvitae tree grow faster and improved the Pn and Tr of the arborvitae tree leaves.
    Water Consumption-Based Density Control Model of Black Locust Plantation in West Shanxi
    YU Bao, WANG Baitian
    2010, 0(6):  77-81. 
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    According to the sample plot investigation and analysis of wood and meteorological data, the power function of water consumption-based density regulation model for western Shanxi black locust plantations is formulated in this paper. The model fitting with annual increment of individual tree-volume and annual single plant increment of DBH showed a better effect. The results show that different forest stand density control chart should be formulated based on the precipitation for the arid and semi arid areas on the basis of the traditional control chart, with water resources and environmental capacity as the starting point and water consumption of different forest of different ages and precipitation balance as the principle.
    The Survey and Protection of Ancient Trees in Datong City of Shanxi Province
    ZHOU Feng, WEN Zhanquan, HE Mei
    2010, 0(6):  82-84. 
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    The ancient tree resources in Datong City were investigated, including the number of trees, species and distribution. In this paper relevant proposals on protection of ancient trees are put forward.
    3S-based Analysis on Guangzhou's Landscape Pattern
    SU Yinjiang, YANG Yanqiong, LIANG Yao, ZHAO Haigen
    2010, 0(6):  85-89. 
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    The Indian IRS-P6 satellite image of December 2007 which covers Guangzhou city was used as the information source and GIS as a platform. Based on the GPS investigation data and the analysis on a set of landscape pattern indices, the distribution of Guangzhou's landscape pattern in 2007 was obtained. The analytic results show that the distribution of various types of landscape is distributed unevenly in Guangzhou. Urban forest landscape type is relatively concentrative. The boundaries of waters and roads are complicated and fractal dimensions are relatively big. The human interferences of urban landscape were big. Guangzhou city is rich in landscape types but high in fragmentation. This paper provides reference information for ecological planning of urban landscape and urban ecological construction.
    Study on Remote Sensing Classification of Land Use in the Nature Reserve of the Three Rivers Source Region
    ZOU Wentao, ZHANG Huaiqing, JU Hongbo, LIU Hua
    2010, 0(6):  90-96. 
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    This paper took the Suojiaqumahe Nature Reserve, which is located in the source regions of the three rivers (Yangtze River,Yellow River and Lancang River), as the study site. Verification was made on the efficiency of decision tree based on indices from TM image transformation and band operation in alpine land use classifying. And then, the results were compared with the traditional maximum likelihood supervised classification. It showed that the decision tree method based on the indices can improve the overall accuracy by 15.48%, and the overall kappa coefficient by 0.1741. For bottomlands, swamp, high coverage grassland, low coverage grassland and barren land, the users accuracies were increased by 28.13%,25.00%,17.86%,17.86% and 12.50% respectively. For different coverage grassland, barren land, the producers accuracy also increased dramatically. The result indicates that the method based on indices got from image band transformation and band operation is an effective way of alpine land use/land cover remote sensing classification.
    Remote Sensing Monitoring of Urban Vegetation Stress Based on Vegetation Abundance Analysis
    PAN Zhuokun, WANG Fang, XIA Lihua, WANG Xiaoxuan, LIU Hanhu
    2010, 0(6):  97-101. 
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    This study is mainly based on mixed pixel decomposing to extract vegetation abundance. The Hyperion hyperspectral remotely sensed image was used for eastern part of Guangzhou City. The steps such as image preprocessing, feature extraction and SMACC mixed pixel decomposing were taken to obtain vegetation abundance images. Furthermore the PPI iteration was used to purify these images, and then 7 kinds of vegetation endmembers which present defferent health state extracted. On-site survey was conducted to check out the human activities around the vegetation stress area, combined with other discipline just as plant physiology and spectroscopy to analyze the plant reflectance spectral curve changes and explain the causes. The research provides accurate information for urban green space survey and management.
    The Biomass Estimation of Mangrove Community Based on the Textural Features and Spectral Information of TM Images
    CAO Qingxian, XU Daping, JU Hongbo
    2010, 0(6):  102-108. 
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    In order to research the biomass of mangrove based on remote sensing, the multiple regression analysis was used to estimate the biomass of mangrove, by extracting spectral information and textural features from TM images and combining the field survey biomass data of 126 samples. The result showed that all the biomass estimation models got through relevant test and could be efficiently and rapidly applied to the biomass estimation of mangrove.
    Design and Implementation of the Dalingshan Forest Park Information Management System
    WU Xiaofang, SHEN Decai, ZHU Jianyun, CHEN Siwei
    2010, 0(6):  109-112. 
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    By using the computer software, multimedia and GIS technology, the information management system of Dalingshan Forest Park is built up, which implements various functions such as data management and visulization, inquiry, statistics, chart analysis, thematic map representation and spatial analysis and so on. It can provide the support for the synthetical and comprehensive information management of Dalingshan Forest Park.
    Research on Hainan Province Ecological Forest Management and Protection System Based on ArcGIS Server
    PANG Lifeng, MAO Yanxin, TANG Xiaoming
    2010, 0(6):  113-118. 
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    On the basis of the need analysis, architecture design, functional design and database development the ecological forest management and protection systems of Hainan Province was established by using ArcGIS Server technology and Oracle Spatial database technology. At the same time,JAVA technology, LBS/SMS technology and CELL component technology were also used for achieving the corresponding functions. The system can enhance the ecological forest management and protection in Hainan Province and provide a reference for other provinces in developing ecological forest management and protection system.
    Research and Development of Guizhou Ecological Non-commercial Forest Management and Geographic Information System
    XIE Xiaoyun, YANG Guangbin, LIANG Hong, FU Zhi
    2010, 0(6):  119-123. 
    Asbtract ( 70 )   PDF (437KB) ( 36 )  
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    Basing on VPN, this paper proposed management and protection system design of ecological non-commercial forest by the way of C/S(Client/Server) mode and achieved the system establishment at provincial, municipal and county levels.Providing web map services by ArcGIS Server and building the Client by ArcGIS Engine,this system achieves forest patch management, protection personnel management,contract management, defined book management, financial management, report management, thematic mapping and data update maintenance.
    Inspiration from UK Forest Resources Management and Monitoring System
    XU Jide
    2010, 0(6):  124-128. 
    Asbtract ( 107 )   PDF (422KB) ( 66 )  
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    This paper has made an introduction to the current state of UK forest resources management and its monitoring system. Additionally, it also presents a description on its major monitoring indicators and important inventory factors and summarizes the characteristics of the UK forest management and resources inventory. Based on comparative analysis, it suggests that an integrated national forest resources monitoring system should be established as soon as possible and the advanced overseas experience, techniques and approaches should be introduced and adopted so as to speed up the development of the forest resoureces management and monitoring system in China.
    Enlightenment from the Japanese State-owned Forest Management
    ZHANG Zhoumang, JIANG Yafang, GUAN Changling
    2010, 0(6):  129-136. 
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    Through the long-term development, Japan has made notable achievements in its state-owned forest reform. The advanced management experiences and lessons from the reform are really practical and useful for China. Based on analyzing the status of the state-owned forest management in Japan and comparing with the state-owned forest management in China, the thesis puts forward some policy suggestions on the management and reform of state-owned forests of China.