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    28 August 2010, Volume 0 Issue 4
    Collective Forest Tenure Reform: A Program Benefiting Hundreds of Millions of Farmers
    SFA's Department of Rural Forestry Reform and Development
    2010, 0(4):  1-4. 
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    This paper summarized the performance and achievements of the collective forest tenure reform carried out nationwide, analyzed the existent problems and put forward some policy-related suggestions for furthering the collective forest tenure reform efforts.
    On the Service Functions of the Forestry Stations
    General Forest Management Station of Fujian Province
    2010, 0(4):  5-7. 
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    This paper presents a description on the results achieved in development of the service system of the forestry stations in Fujian Provice, the practices and experience of the forestry stations at the grass-root level in strengthening their forest management and improving their services.
    Reflection on Beijing Urban Forest Harvesting Management
    WANG Danying, WANG Jianwei
    2010, 0(4):  8-11. 
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    This paper discussed the existing problems of the management of forest harvesting in Beijing.Combined with the development trend of modern forestry,the corresponding management countermeasures have been put forward.
    A Study on the Changes of Forest Resources during the Three Decades in Yunnan Province
    AI Jianlin, ZHAO Yuanfan, WEN Qingzhong, HUANG Baolin
    2010, 0(4):  12-16. 
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    The changes of the technical standards for forest inventories for Yunnan province from 1978 to 2007 were analyzed.Comparable data of six forest inventories during the three decades were obtained by sorting out sample plots' data bases of different periods in the same standard and resampling estimation.Meanwhile,the main forest resources indexes' changes during the three decades were analyzed and associative analysis was done according to important forestry policies and forestry programs.
    Analysis and Evaluation of the Tendency of the Forest Resources Changes in Ningxia
    WANG Zepeng
    2010, 0(4):  17-21. 
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    The management of the forest resources in Ningxia is at a critical stage of development.The implementation of forestry projects has significantly pushed forward the progress of the forest resources.On the basis of the survey data in the process of forest resources planning and designs from 2005 to 2009,detailed analysis was made in terms of area,stock volume,forest types and quality of forest resources.Furthermore,the actual status of the forest resources is evaluated to contribute recommendations on the management of Ningxia forest resources in the coming years.
    Analysis on Community Structures and Spatial Patterns of Castanopsis fordii in Nanling Region of Hunan
    XU Yongfu, CAO Fuxiang, YU Xunlin, QI Chengjing
    2010, 0(4):  22-26. 
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    Based on the investigation of community sample plots ofCastanopsis fordii in Nanling region of Hunan,the Castanopsis fordii community of horizontal structure,vertical structure,population age-class structure,spatial distribution pattern and dynamics were separately researched and analyzed.The results show that the spatial pattern of Castanopsis fordii community is aggregated distribution,but because of vandalism its population structure is more simplistic and weak in self-renewal.Finally,the suggestions on protection and development of Castanopsis fordii resources were made.
    Study on the Spatial Distribution Pattern of Quercus aliena varacuteserata Population in Xiaolongshan,Gansu
    JU Tianzhen, HAO Qing, GE Jiantuan, ZHANG Songzhi, LI Peiqi, KANG Lidan, WANG Lifeng, ZHAO Jichao
    2010, 0(4):  27-30. 
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    Quercus aliena var.acuteserata is the main vegetation type of Xiaolongshan national nature reserve and its distribution pattern is one of the indexes to judge if the forest type recovers or not.In this paper,v/m ratio,negative binomial parameter,clumping index,cassie index and patch index are used to analyze the spatial pattern of Quercus aliena var.acuteserata forest at Xiaolongshan.The results show that the age structure of Quercus aliena var.acuteserata population is unreasonable at present,which belongs to stable population. The distribution pattern of this population takes the aggregation distribution,and the aggregation intensity is high,but it decreases with the increase of the maturity of the stands.
    Evaluation of Potential Habitat for White-headed Langur Based on WEB Dataset and Maxent Model
    LI Mingyang, XI Qing, XU Haigen
    2010, 0(4):  31-36. 
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    White-headed langur Trachypithecus leucocephalus is an indigenous species in Guangxi,China,belonging to the first class protection list of wild animals in China.Knowing the information of its spatial distribution and enforcing environmental factors is the precondition of protection policy-making.93 footprint points with GPS coordinates between 2007 and 2008 and 63 environmental variables from open WEB datasets were gathered to generate maximum entropy method (Maxent)model.After the prediction result of Maxent model was produced,reclassification of the result based on expert knowledge was done,followed by over-layering of raster layers of distance to road,distance to farmland,distance to residence,historical distribution data and the reclassification result.Results showed that potential annual direct incident radiation (radiation,46.1%), precipitation of wettest quarter (bio16,19.2%),mean diurnal range (bio2,9.8%),distance to water (dist_water,7%),minimum temperature of coldest month (bio6,6.9%)and soil pH soilph,4%)were the six enforcing environmental factors impacting the spatial distribution of the langur.The area of the most suitable,suitable,unsuitable habitats was 112.60km2,78.92km2 and 17056.13km2 respectively.Compared with distribution area in 60th,80th,90th of the last century,the most suitable and suitable area has been decreased by 65%,50%,9.5% respectively. Suggestions on enhancing education on wild animal protection,furthering the research on the behavior of endangered species,advancing the step of ecological emigrant from nuclear distribution area,establishing more nature reserves were put forward as the main protection measures.
    Study on Species Diversity of Plants and Interspecific Relationships of Dominant Species of Gupo Mountains
    PAN Baiming, WU Wanghui, XIE Qiang, XU Shuqing, ZHU Xuehui, LIANG Minlian
    2010, 0(4):  37-44. 
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    Based on the data of the sample plots,study was conducted on species diversity of plants by using species richness,Simpson index,Shannon-wiener index and Pielou index in Gupo Mountains of Guangxi province,and also on interspecific relationship between dominant species of plants by using X2 -test for the 2×2 contingency table,Pearson correlation analysis and Spearman's rank correlation analysis.The results were as follows:(1)the four diversity indexes showed the same trend and the order of different levels of species diversity is:shrub layer> herb layer> tree layer.(2)the study on the relevance of the dominant species by stratification found that the dominant species mainly have no significant correlation,shrub layer has the most kinds of species which have significant and highly significant correlation,the following is herb layer,and tree layer is the least. This shows that the development of dominant species on the main layer of the vegetation performance for the mutual competition was changed by the big-to-small trend. The climax community is either single-gifted community or more-gifted community.Obviously,the vegetation of Gupo Mountains is far from the perfect state.The above study can be of some reference value and significance to management and rational development of forest resources and evaluation of park resources and development.
    Investigation and Analysis on Plant Communities of Permanent Sample Plots of Jigongshan Forest Eco-station
    WANG Zhiqiang, LIU Guoshun, DU Huatang, YAN Hongxing, HA Denglong
    2010, 0(4):  45-48. 
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    A study was conducted for the survey of the plant communities in 6 permanent sample plots of Jigongshan Forest Eco-station. Vegetation types were classified into three.The characteristics of the plant communities of the various plots were described. Details of the main plants were analyzed. The interacting factors were also analyzed in terms of vegetation layer height and number.Finally,the different factors affecting the vegetation of adjacent sample plots were studied.
    Comparative Study on Forest Landscape Pattern Diversity in Different Seasons for the Northern Section of Gaoligong Mountains
    KONG Dechang
    2010, 0(4):  49-53. 
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    Due to resource exhaustion and environmental degradation,natural resources and biodiversity conservation has become globally hot issues.In order to protect the species,the mechanism maintaining biodiversity,at the landscape level,must be studied,and countermeasures and methods at the landscape level must be also developed.In this paper,comparative study on forest landscape pattern diversity in different seasons for the northern section of Gaoligong Mountains was implemented with the Affinity Measure Methods.Results showed that the distribution of species diversity was in a significant correlation with altitude,which was significantly different from the results of the affinity analysis.Meanwhile,three zones divided on the basis of average affinity values in spring were obviously different from that in summer.These differences mainly come from quadrat setting,investigation time,and uneven distribution of species within the quadrat.
    Characteristic Analysis or Natural Vegetation Quantity in the Edge of Karamay Artificial Forest for Capturing Carbon Dioxide
    LU Xiaoli, GUO Jing, Ning Husen, JI Xiaomin, GAO Mingyue
    2010, 0(4):  54-57. 
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    In this paper,the natural vegetation in the edge of Karamay Artificial Forest for Carbon Dioxide Capture was taken as a research object and the species composition,habits and importance values of natural vegetation were analyzed.The results show that the most abundant species was Chenopodiaceae plants,and the second was Zygophyllaceae plants in the edge of Artificial Forest for Carbon Dioxide Capture.Tamaricaceae was the least species in the edge of artificial forest.Because of the biological characteristics and ecological characteristics of Chenopodiaceae plants,relative density,relative dominance,relative frequency and importance values took the highest position in the community.The plant community structure is simple in the research area,but with a serious advantage phenomenon.
    Study on the Changes of Vegetation Cover in Xinning County Based on MODIS Data
    LIU Jixuan, CHEN Yike
    2010, 0(4):  58-62. 
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    Using the information of the meteorological observatory and the MODIS-NDVI data from 2000 to 2009 provided by NASA,this paper analyses the characteristics of NDVI's seasonal and annual changes in time and space in the last 10 years in this county.The results showed that the NDVI seasonal changes of Xinning County was in line with the biological characteristics of vegetation and the changes in phenology,which shows obviously seasonal pattern.There are also obvious differences in space. there were no obvious seasonal changes in the southeast and southwest areas with VI at a high state permanently.there were obvious seasonal variation in the central area with VI at a middle level. There were distinct seasonal changes in the northwest area with VI influenced by human factors.The vegetation cover in Xinning County is generally stable and improving.Shunhuang Mountain Nature Reserve and Wanfengshan Mountain Nature Reserve's vegetation cover has resumed in the last 10 years,but scattered vegetation degradation still exists because of the unreasonable exploitation in this county.
    Study on Monitoring the Project of Converting Farmland into Forest Based on Remote Sensing Technique——Taking Qingshui county of Gansu province as an example
    ZHAO Zizhong, LU Weizhong
    2010, 0(4):  63-67. 
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    Supported by digital grid of 1∶50000 topographic map,quadratic polynomial and bilinear interpolation,the geometric calibration processing of TM image was made.By taking TM432 as the optimum band combination and using ERDAS remote sensing digital image processing system,the normalized difference vegetation indexes (NDVI) for Qingshui county in 1997 and in 2008 were calculated.Meanwhile,the profile and the difference chart of the vegetation index,together with the statistics were achieved.It was showed that compared to the vegetation index in 1997,that in 2008 is greatly improved and that the improvement rate takes up 13.4% of the total area of Qingshui.NDVI values of the whole county's 60% land all have the increment of different degree.
    Analysis on the Driving Force of the Returning Farmland to Lake Project and Its Impacts on Wetland Resources of West Dongting Lake
    ZHANG Jiankang, ZHOU Jinxing, ZHANG Huaiqing, YUE Depeng, CUI Ming, ZHU Xiaorong
    2010, 0(4):  68-73. 
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    Based on the interpretation of TM remote sensing images of West Dongting Lake of two periods 1996 and 2004,a study was conducted on land use cover changes and their rules using transfer matrix.Results showed that from 1996 to 2004,the project of returning farmland to lake made wetland area increase by 8657.82 ha,accounting for 17.81% of the whole wetlands area.The areas of the core zone,buffer zone,experimental zone increased by 548.55 ha,368.46 ha and 2331.9 ha respectively.Because the study area is lowland lake plain and poor drainage.The flood plain area of the core zone increased by 1540.35 ha,accounting for 16.38% of the core zone wetland,Sediment deposition is heavy.In the buffer zone and experimental zone,due to the economic driving effect,forest land was mainly transformed into building land,dry land and reed land.Sediment flood plains and Carex beach mainly changed into artificial wetland.Generally speaking,the wetland area of the West Dongting Lake was in an increasing trend.
    Research on Forest Landscape Pattern Characteristics in Beijing Mountainous Area
    ZHANG Zhenming, YU Xinxiao, ZHU Jiangang, GAN Jing, WANG Xiaoping, LI Jinhai
    2010, 0(4):  74-78. 
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    On the basis of the forest resources data,Fragstats software and GIS,general characteristics of landscape,landscape area,landscape fragmentation,landscape diversity,landscape dominance and landscape evenness index were used to describe forest landscape pattern characteristics of Beijing mountainous area.The research will provide a theoretical basis for optimal allocation of forest landscape in the area.
    Research on Mountainous Landscape Pattern Gradient Changes in Beijing Donglingshan Area
    GAO Junfeng, LIU Yanping
    2010, 0(4):  79-81. 
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    The mountainous landscape structures display the landscape functions and ecological processes. The changes of landscape structures are always an important content of mountain landscape research.In this paper,Beijing Donglingshan area was taken as the strdy site.Study plots were set in the area. By virtue of GIS,landscape dynamic list was made for the years of 1984,1994 and 2002.Results showed:1)during the recent 18 years,landscape structures represented a trend of fragmentation;2)The effects of human activities on landscape types were different.Agricultural cultivation and logging made forest and grassland become farmland and shrubs;3)Villages and farmlands were made up of small patches and possessed higher complex edges.Shrubs,forests and grasslands were composed of big patches and possessed lower complex edges.
    Progress of Study on Forest Cover Change Detection by Using Remote Sensing Technique
    WU Xueqiong, QIN Xianlin, ZHOU Ruliang, LU Ying, CHEN Erxue, LI Zengyuan
    2010, 0(4):  82-87. 
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    Forest is the largest land-based ecosystems.It's an important vegetation type on the Earth's surface.Forest plays an irreplaceable role in the maintenance of the global ecological balance.The change of forest cover not only includes the meaning that forest changes to other class,but also includes the change from one forest species to other forest species.It's very useful to duly and accurately gain forest cover change information for carbon source estimation and sustainable management of forest resources.In this paper,the study progress of forest cover change detection methods have been summarized by reviewing on the use of remote sensing technique in the field of land cover/use and forest type identification and forest mapping.At the same time,the study trend of forest cover change monitoring by using remote sensing technique have been presented.
    Evaluation of Recreation Value of Canus Scenes' Tourism Resources
    LI Xueyan
    2010, 0(4):  88-92. 
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    This paper uses travel cost method (TCM)to estimate the recreation value of tourism resources in Canus scenes.Based on calculating the data of tourism cost and the rate of tourists per ten thousand persons,a regression model was established for analysing the rate of tourists per ten thousand persons and its influencing factors.Based on this regression analysis,a regression model was established for analysis the number of tourists in Canus Scenes and their additional expenditure.Finally,this paper established a curved shape of expenditure for tourism.The conclusion showed that the tourists' consumer surplus is RMB 581.7175 million Yuan. Its recreation value of tourism resources is RMB 1447.6 million Yuan,which is far more than its tourism income-RMB 560 million yuan.This means that Canus scenes have a great potentiality in tourism resources.
    Research on Planning of Beijing's North Canal Wetland Improvement
    GAO Shiwu, ZHANG Manyin, LI Wei, ZHAO Yuhui
    2010, 0(4):  93-97. 
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    Aiming to solve the problems of the North Canal wetland,a series of measures were brought forward to manage the wetland.Among these measures,protection and wise use of the wetland were combined. The whole wetland area was divided into three types of subareas, i.e.welland conservation sub-area,wetland parks and open wetland leisure sub-area.The paper proposed the techniques for managing the wetlands,which include remodeling the wetland terrain,wetland water system restoration,restoration of wetland vegetation,protection of riversides and slopes,fencing,treatment of waste water and garbage.
    Analysis on Selection of Forestry Leading Industry in Inner Mongolian State-owned Forest Area
    GONG Xiaojun, LIU Ping
    2010, 0(4):  98-102. 
    Asbtract ( 125 )   PDF (154KB) ( 71 )  
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    It is a strategic decision to select the right leading industry to promote all forestry industries in the Inner Mongolian state-owned forest area.A dynamic method named the shift-share method is used to conduct an empirical analysis of selecting the forestry leading industry for Inner Mongolian Forestry Group,and then some suggestions are advised for further development of forestry industries.
    A Study on the Process of Plantation Price Research and Its Calculation at Present in China
    QIAN Teng
    2010, 0(4):  103-108. 
    Asbtract ( 136 )   PDF (192KB) ( 80 )  
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    Guided by Karl Marx's theory of labor value, the research on process of plantation price both in China and other counties were discussed in details, and many methods for calculating the price were classified by comparison and analysis.Combined with the characteristics of plantation and requirement of forestry development in China, a new formula for calculating the price at present is set up,which consists of plantation cost, land rent, capital interest, profit, the rate of input change, and taxes and fee based on the formula developed by Mr.Kong Fanwen.The practice on calculating Populus and Eucalyptus plantation prices shows that the value calculated by the new formula is close to the actual one, and it can be considered as main criteria for evaluating the forest resources.This method of calculation could be used for forestry production and development in China.