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    28 April 2010, Volume 0 Issue 2
    Preliminary Investigation on Returning Cultivated Land to Forest in Areas around Beijing and Tianjin in Hebei Province
    CUI Haining, ZHOU Zhi, ZHANG Pengtao, ZHU Yongming
    2010, 0(2):  1-5. 
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    To study the situation of returning cultivated land to forest,an investigation was implemented in counties of the areas around Beijing and Tianjin in Hebei Province.The investigation result shows that the cultivated land which has been returned to forest is disserved by drought and sand blown by wind,and with low land quality and low grain yield.But some cultivated land with irrigation conditions and without gradient has been converted.Most of the respondents have correct cognition of that kind of conversion of cultivated land,and are willing to return their own cultivated land to forest.But they show overreliance on the subsidies and lack confidence for local government in organization and implementation of this project.As to the living standard,after the conversion of cultivated land into forest,near 70 percent of the respondents express that the living standard at present is just like before,and near 20 percent express the positive information,because of the issuance of subsidies and the change of income structure brought by returning cultivated land to forest.It is noteworthy that,to a certain extent,the returning of cultivated land to forest can change the poverty conditions of farmers,and improve their standard of living,and that such a change and improvement needs the leading and supporting from central and local governments.
    Impacts of Forestland Occupation of the Crude Oil Pipeline Project on Environment and Forestry Development
    HU Jiping, WANG Yao, YU Xiaoguang
    2010, 0(2):  6-11. 
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    In recent years,with the rapid development of China's economic construction,more and more construction projects are related to occupation of forestland. This has inevitably led to the loss of woodland and forest resources. The whole process ofthe project construction at the same time, resulted in varying degrees of impacts on environment and forestry development. In particular,the oil pipeline construction projects,because of its long lines,long construction cycle,use of large-scale machinery and risks of leakage of crude oil,have received close attention in terms of occupation of forestland.The Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning of the State Forestry Administration has taken complete charge of the "China-Russia crude oil pipeline (Mohe-Daqing) project feasibility study on using forest land" program. The analysis of the project on the impacts of occupation of forestland on environment and forestry development was conducted and corresponding countermeasures and suggestions were put forward,with a view to provide reference for other similar projects and for the forestry administration departments at all levels to carry out woodland license management.
    Analysis of Sustainable Forest Management and Influence Factors in Fushun County of Liaoning Province
    SHI Cun, ZHOU Yongbin, YIN You, YIN MingfangWANG Dagang, CHEN Minghai
    2010, 0(2):  12-15. 
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    Fushun County is a model county of sustainable management for county-level forestry.This paper appraises and analyzes sustainable management of the forest in Fushun County by using analytical hierarchy process (APH) based on Sustainable Forest Management Index System established with Objective Method and Delphi Method by considering existing management situation of the forest in Fushun County.This paper appraises sustainable management status of this forestry center with linear weighted average method by utilizing the index system,and concludes comprehensive evaluation index for sustainable management of the forest is 0.814,at an intermediate plus degree of sustainable management.
    Some Thoughts on Beijing-Tianjin Sandstorm Sources Control Project in Beijing
    CHEN Haiyan
    2010, 0(2):  16-19. 
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    The article introduces the effects of the Dust Storm Sources Control Project,which has been implemented in Beijing-Tianjin area for 9 years,including improving ecological environment,speeding up regional economy and promoting social progress.The article also analyzes the problems and difficulties existing in this project.For instance,the layout of the project area is unbalanced,investment devotion standard is still on the low side; the low efficiency residual stands and unmature forest need urgently improving and cultivating.Therefore,some countermeasures and suggestions were put forward to solve these problems as follows: ①The project area should have a reasonable layout and a larger construction range.②The standard of investment should be increased.③ the low efficiency residual stands and unmature forest should be cultivated.④forest economy should be developed,and follow-up industries should be promoted.
    Utilization and Development of Non-wood Forest Resources in Ningxia,China
    DOU Jiande
    2010, 0(2):  20-25. 
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    Non-wood forest resources are an important component of the multifunctional forestry development in Ningxia.Thus high priority was given to the increase and utilization of non-wood forest resources in Ningxia.In this paper,the current status of non-wood forest resources and their utilization in Ningxia was analyzed,the problems baffling the increase of non-wood forest resources were pointed out,the future objectives for increasing and utilizing non-wood forest resources were presented and the measures for promoting the increase and utilization of non-wood resources were suggested.
    Spatial and Temporal Dynamic of the Key Meteorological Factors and Forest Fire of Qiannan Prefecture in Spring Forest Fire Control Season
    XIAO Yundan, JU Hongbo, ZHANG Naijing, LIU Gaiping, JI Ping
    2010, 0(2):  26-32. 
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    The key meteorological factors and forest fire conditions of Qiannan prefecture in spring forest fire control season during 2001 to 2008 were analyzed by using Kring mapping and classic statistics methods.The results showed that: the spatial distributions of precipitation,evaporation and the maximum wind speed of Qiannan prefecture in spring forest firecontrol season were heterogeneous,and that of the maximum air temperature and the minimum air relativity humidity were more homogeneous.Horizontal and vertical zones were found in spatial distributions,and the variations with time were significant.Forest fire frequency and area of Qiannan prefecture were showed as an increasing trend in spring forest fire control season during 2001 to 2008.If the Qiannan prefecture was divided two parts by the line of Duyun,Pingtang and Luodian,then the forest fire frequency and area of the southeast of the line were more than those of the northwest.
    Study on Forest Resource Information interchange System
    GAO Xianlian
    2010, 0(2):  33-37. 
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    This paper gives a brief introduction to the technical route of setting up forest resource interchange system in order to link up with forestry resource information interchange system within the framework of China Forestry Informatization Construction Compendium.This paper also presengts a description on the ideas of setting up forest resource interchange system from the detail of sharing information,model of interchanging,interchange software system,technical standards,method of service and management institution.
    Carbon Storage and Spatial Distribution in Poplar Plantation in Xiping County of Henan Province
    YANG Xiaofei, LU Shaowei, RAO LiangyiGENG Shaobo, GAO Dong, FENG Zonghong
    2010, 0(2):  38-42. 
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    We evaluated the data of poplar plantation's stand biomass,soil density and their carbon contents collected in Xiping county's poplar plantation to estimate its organic carbon storage.The carbon density of poplar organs varied between 0.5126~0.4892g·g-1. The order from high to low was leaves,stem,branch and root and the order in the carbon density of the whole ecosystem in polar plantation was the tree stratum,understory vegetation and leaf litter,which matched with the biomass of the ecosystem.The highest carbon density of soil was the layer of 0~20cm,and it was decreasing along with the depth declining.The whole carbon storage of the poplar plantation ecosystem was 164.29t·hm-2, and the carbon storage of tree stratum was the dominant part,which accounted for 97.36% of the whole ecosystem.
    Study on Biodiversity and Biomass in Larix princicpis-rupprechtii MayrPlantation Community in Yanshan Mountainous Region
    XU Zhengzhou, LIU Guangying, WANG GuanghaiZHAO Guohua, MA Changming
    2010, 0(2):  43-49. 
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    Biodiversity and biomass of plantation community in three different types of Larix princicpis-rupprechtii Mayr.in Yanshan Mountainous Region were studied in this paper.The results showed: (1) The number of plant species of both mixed stand of Larix princicpis-rupprechtii Mayr.and Betula platyphylla Suk.and that of Larix princicpis-rupprechtii Mayr.and Populus davidiana Dode.was higher than the one of Larix princicpis-rupprechtii Mayr.forest.The dominant species were significantly different in three types of plant communities; (2) The order of α biodiversity index of three types of plant communities from high to low was herb layer,shurb layer and tree layer,and α biodiversity index in mixed stand was higher than that of pure stand.(3) In Larix princicpis-rupprechtii Mayr.stand,the propotion of biomass of tree layer was 99.33%,which was higest among three types of plant communities. The order whose allocation of different organ biomass was trunk> branches> root> bark> leaves,and the propotion of each organ in the whole biomass was different.
    Gray Relational Analysis on Natural Regeneration of Rare and Endangered Species Cephalotaxus mannii Hookfand Environment Factors
    DAI Zhicong, QI Shanshan, XING Xuhuang, YANG DonghuaSONG Jingyuan, DU Daolin, YANG Xiaocheng
    2010, 0(2):  50-56. 
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    Using gray relational system theory and method,the effects of environment factors on the survival rate,the increasing height and the increasing height ratio of seedling populations of Cephalotaxus mannii in Hainan island were analysed based on the observed data of 1996 to 2005.The results showed that temperature and soil of habitats were the most important environment factors for the natural regeneration of seedlings of C.mannii. The most significant influential environmental factors which respectively affected the survival rate and the increasing height of seedlings of C.mannii were annual highest temperature and annual lowest temperature.Thickness and moisture of soil also expressed great effects on the growth of seedlings of C.mannii.Therefore,temperature and soil in the environment factors should be paid much more attention during protecting C. mannii in wild in order to increase seedling survival rate and improve plant growth conditions.
    Study on the Soil Nutrient and Correlation of Four Types of Planted Forests in Changsha Urban-rural Connective Areas
    SHE Jiyun, YE Daobi
    2010, 0(2):  57-61. 
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    Taking four planted forests of urban-rural connective areas in Changsha as the research object,soil physical and chemical properties of different forests were analyzed and coefficient between them was studied.The results showed that the regulation of soil physical properties was significant in vertical distribution.Soil bulk density increased with increasing soil in the same forest and the capillary porosity,total porosity and water content were opposite.Soil bulk density had a highly significant negative correlation with capillary porosity and total porosity (P<0.01),and had significant negative correlation with water content (P<0.05).Capillary porosity was highly significant correlation to total porosity (r=0.943,P<0.01).Water content had a significant correlation with total porosity (P<0.05),and a highly significant correlation with capillary porosity (r=0.815,P<0.01).The regulation of soil chemical properties was significant in vertical distribution,which was decreased with increasing soil.The correlation coefficient between pH and soil nutrient was negative.PH was significant negative correlation with A.N (r=-0.661,P<0.05).Soil organic matter had significant correlation with TN,TP,TK and A.K (P<0.05) and had highly significant correlation with A.N(r= 0.760,P<0.01).Soil total nutrient was significant correlation to soil available nutrient.
    Individual-tree Diameter Growth Model for Platycladus orientalis Plantation in Beijing Area
    DUAN Jie, MA Luyi, XUE Kang, WANG Jinzeng, DING Xiangyang, ZHANG Bo
    2010, 0(2):  62-68. 
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    Growth model was widely used for researching growth habit of trees and forest management.4 continous forest inventories, data of Platycladus orientalis plantation in Beijing area were used for this study.The data collected from a total of 26 fixed-plots and 1172 individual trees were used for modeling 3 types of tree diameter growth.The model independent variables contained tree growth factors,site factors and competition factors.Effect of multi-collinearity among in the independent variables were also considered and those independent variables which had serious multi-collinearity relationship problem were rejected.The 3 types of models passed the test of variance analysis,homogeneity test of variances and residual normality test.Test of model predictive effect was used for the validation database and the result indicated that the observed values and the predicting values have no significant difference.All types of individual tree models can predict the diameter growth of Platycladus orientalis plantation accurately.
    Correlation Analysis on Single Entry Volume Table of Urophylla and Single Entry Outrun Table —A case study on urophylla in Yong′an City of Fujian Province
    LI Tingting, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2010, 0(2):  69-72. 
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    A study was conducted on the relation between single entry volume table and single entry outrun table for Urophylla of Yong'an City,Fujian Province.This article researched the relationship of each diameter class volume and total wood volume ratio in the two tables,using curve correlation analysis and regression analysis methods.The results showed that each diameter class volume and wood ratio have significant positive correlation,regression equation is y=e4.429-0.004/v and the correlation coefficience is 0.999; As Urophylla volume increases,the wood ratio tends to be 84%.Ascertaining the relationship between volume table and wood table would simplify the compilation work,decrease the labor and material resources,but also provide reference for study on other tables in relationship and improve the forestry table system.
    Study on Soil Erosiveness in the Area of Returning Farmland to Forest in Huangshui River Watershed of Qinghai Province
    ZHAO Chuanchuan, WANG Shi, SUN Genxing, YANG Qiaomei, YANG Ninggui, ZHANG Wenjuan, DONG Xu
    2010, 0(2):  73-77. 
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    With the area of returning farmland to forest in Huangshui River watershed of Qinghai province in the years from 2000 to 2009 as a study object,research work was conducted on changes of soil erosiveness in different years of vegetation restoration and different vegetation types. Soil physical and chemical properties were measured by field investigation and experiment and soil erodibility (K-factor) was calculated by EPIC model.The conclusions showed that with the increase of returning farmland to forest years,soil porosity would become smaller gradually,the sand content was increased little,the silt content had a little decrease and the clay content was almost invariant.Soil organic matter gradually decreased in the previous seven years of returning farmland to forest,and then increased.There was some tendency indicating that soil erodibility would become smaller,particularly after nine years of returning farmland to forest. In the same year,the ability of improvement of soil erodibility was as follows: tree mixed forest>tree and shrub mixed forest>tree forest>shrub forest,and with the year increase the difference became bigger.
    Analysis of Forest Inhabited Microhabitats in Succession of Natural Restoration of Karst Forest
    YANG Rui, YU Lifei, AN Mingtai
    2010, 0(2):  78-81. 
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    Based on microhabitats and vegetation in karst,the distributing area of microhabitats and forest is analyzed in actual situation.There are different area rates of microhabitats as follows,stony surface>soil surface>stony gully>stony crevice>stony pit>stony cave.With the vegetation succession,the density of trees increases from herbaceous stage to scrub-shrub stage,the density of trees is consistent from shrub-tree stage and the density of trees declines in climax tree stage. Trees are mainly growing in stony crevice and soil surface in the early period of forest restoration. With the development of forest succession,plants can make the best use of all the microhabitats.As a result,the restrictive effects of microhabitats are gradually reduced,the microclimatic change in forest is mainly the restricting condition in the later period of vegetation succession.
    Comparison and Selection of Comprehensive Evaluation Methods for Protection Efficiency of Coastal Shelterbelts
    HAO Qingyu, LIU Qiang, ZHONG Qiongxin, ZHOU Yuping
    2010, 0(2):  82-88. 
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    Principal component analysis,entropy weight method and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) were used to evaluate the protection efficiency of coastal shelterbelts in Hainan Province and the best evaluation method was selected from those three evaluation methods by means of case cluster.The score evaluation of AHP was regarded as an effective comprehensive evaluation method as for coastal shelterbelt protection efficiency.Comprehensive evaluation results on coastal shelterbelt protection efficiency for 12 coastal cities and counties in Hainan Province with score evaluation of AHP showed that the protection efficiency of coastal shelterbelts for Wenchang and Wanning cities was high but low for 6 cities and counties of Danzhou,Changjiang and so on in 2005.
    Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Growth and Photosynthesis of Pithecellobium dulce Seedlings
    LI Dongsheng, CHEN Jin, FENG Qiuhong, SHI Zuomin
    2010, 0(2):  89-93. 
    Asbtract ( 99 )   PDF (163KB) ( 68 )  
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    Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth and photosynthesis of Pithecellobium dulce (an introduced species) seedlings were studied.The results showed that P.dulce was able to acclimate to a wide range of nitrogen and phosphorus environment.With an increase in nitrogen level,the ratio of root mass to total mass and root mass to overground mass of the seedlings significantly decreased.Under a wide range of nitrogen level,their total biomass significantly increased,but decreased significantly at over 0.1g·kg-1soil nitrogen level.With an increase in phosphorus level,the ratio of root mass to total mass and root mass to overground mass of the seedlings decreased,but the total biomass significantly increased.No matter with an increase in nitrogen level or with an increase in phosphorus level,the specific leaf area (SLA) of the seedlings increased and their height,leaf nitrogen content,leaf phosphorus content,net photosynthetic rate also significantly increased.
    Study on Salt Tolerance of Tube Plantlets of Euonymus japonicus
    MA Shaomei, MA Dongmei, XIE Yingzhong, XU Xing
    2010, 0(2):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 120 )   PDF (110KB) ( 40 )  
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    In this study,the tube plantlets of Euonymus japonicus were used for evaluating their salt-resistance abilities through the experiment with different concentration of NaCl.Under the condition of salt stress,the morphological index and the biomass of Euonymus japonicus were affected. As a result of the experiment,the best salt concentration for the growth of test-tube plantlet growing was found. Results showed that the injury index and stress susceptibility indexes were increased as well with the increase of salinity level in the culture medium; When the concentration of the NaCl is smaller or amounts to 0.2%,it can benefit the tube plantlets of Euonymus japonicus especially in fresh weight,root/shoot ratio(R/S)and relative water content which could reach to the maximum value.It indicated that 0.2%NaCI was the best salt concentration for the growth of the test-tube plantlet growing.
    Investigation and Analysis of Landscaping Utilization Potentiality of Wild Ornamental Plant Resources in Baihua Mountains
    YAN Hai, LIAO Shengxiao, ZHOU li, LEI Weiqun, DONG Li
    2010, 0(2):  97-101. 
    Asbtract ( 101 )   PDF (167KB) ( 98 )  
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    Based on the investigation and collection of ornamental plant resources in Baihua Mountains,72 families,203 genera and 319 species(including subspecies,varieties and forms) of wild flowers with the ornamental value were selected.The geographic element is complex and varied.According to statistics,197 genera of wild seed plants can be divided into 13 areal-types.The areal-types of genera reflect a typically temperate characteristic.Meanwhile,the growing environment of wild ornamental plants are investigated and researched.Its habitat was divided into five broad categories: forest and forest edge,sub-alpine meadows,slopes and roadsides,rock or barren hillsides,wet places or stream valley.Some suggestions on utilization and protection of wild ornamental plant resources in Baihua Mountains are also presented.
    Analysis and Forecast of Land Use Pattern Dynamic Evolution Based on RS and GIS in Harbin City
    BAI Xiaojuan, ZHAO Yusen
    2010, 0(2):  102-106. 
    Asbtract ( 90 )   PDF (283KB) ( 26 )  
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    The remote sensing images of 1989 and 2007 were used as the main data source for Harbin city. With the support of RS and GIS technologies,the dynamic change of land use pattern was analyzed. Markov model was used for the quantitative forecast of the future land use of the study region.The result showed that: the area of forest land,water region and grassland increased. The area of crop land,residential land,unused land decreased. The crop land and forest land had a high reserving rate and the grassland and unused land had a high conversion rate. The land use tendency after 2007 is that forest land has increased,year by year and other types of land use has decreased. This change will last a long time until it reaches a relatively stable state,which means that the percentage of cropland,forest land,grassland,water area,residential land and unused land is 57.79%,25.24%,2.8%,3.99%,9.38% and 0.94% respectively.
    Integrating Ecosystem Process Models,Remote Sensing and Ground- based Observations for Regional-Scale Analysis of the Carbon Storage
    WANG Min, LI Guicai, ZHONG Guoqing, ZHOU Caiping
    2010, 0(2):  107-112. 
    Asbtract ( 104 )   PDF (186KB) ( 54 )  
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    To improve the estimation of carbon storage of forest ecological system has important significance in studying global carbon cycle and climate change.In light of biomass and the net primary productivity,this paper summarizes major research methods and measures adopted in studying carbon storage in forest ecosystems of China,analyses the necessity of integrating remote sensing,ground-based observation and ecological system process model to study carbon cycle and carbon storage of the forest ecosystem of certain specific areas,as well as practically discusses development tendencies and some urgent problems in the future researches of the fields in terms of the realities of China.