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    28 June 2007, Volume 0 Issue 3
    Re-understanding and the Sustainable Use Measures on the Forest Land Managment in the New Period
    SU Zuyun, FEI Shimin, LI Yu
    2007, 0(3):  1-6. 
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    Strengthening the administration and raising the utilization efficiency of the forest land are the great tasks faced by the forest resources management of the new period. The article, based on the analysis of thepresent situation of forest land administration and the main existing problems in China, puts forward some new ideas and some new measures on how to strengthen theforest land administration.
    Discussion on Reform of Forest Harvesting Management Policy in the Plain Areas of Hebei Province
    ZHANG Weiqiang
    2007, 0(3):  7-9. 
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    Based on the main characteristics of forest harvestingand utilization in Hebei plain areas, this paper suggests that forest resources shall be divided into three categories of economic forest, protection timber forest and timber forest, and different harvesting management measures shall be adopted for each forest category.
    Discussion on Forest Harvest Quota Calculation
    CHU Juxiang
    2007, 0(3):  10-12. 
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    This paper discusses the history and achievement of the forest harvest quota policy in China and analyzes several problems on harvestquota calculation methodology.
    Achievements, Problems and Tactics in Implementing the Project of Conversion of Cropland to Forest
    ZHANG Hongwen
    2007, 0(3):  13-17. 
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    Achievements of implementing the project of conversionofcropland to forest are summarized systematically. Through implementing the project of conversion of cropland to forest, the ecological environment is improved,income of peasants and agricultural production capacity are increased, and alsothe traditional thinking of peasants is changed. In this paper, main contradictions and problems in implementing the project of conversion of cropland to forest are analyzed, and the tactics are suggested according to the overall principle of “improving policies, consolidating achievements, advancing project and ensuring quality”.
    The Dialectic Relationship between Conversion of Farmland to Forests and Protection of Farmland
    LIU Shuren, ZHAO Yutao
    2007, 0(3):  18-22. 
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    This article analyzed the dialectic relationship between the two policies: conversion of farmland to forests and protection of farmland. The authors point out that both these two policies are the important partsof the state land safety. The conversion of farmland to forest is a policy to improve the ecological environment and protect state land ecological security; while the protection of farmland is a strategic issue of ensuring the safety of statefarmland and food, therefore ensuring the stability of state overall situation.The protection of farmland provides the foundation of the conversion farmland toforest, while the conversion of farmland to forest ensures the successful landprotection. To reach the coordinated development, we should understand the dialectic relationship and deal with it in a correct way by overall planning, protect the farmer's right, and adjust all the measures according to local conditions.
    U-Model Theory of Forest Resource Changes
    ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2007, 0(3):  23-27. 
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    Through analyzing the forest resource changes in Chinaand some other countries and summarizing the rule of economic development and forest resource changes in various countries, the paper puts forward the U-modeltheory to explain the forest resource changes and the rule of the changes and then expatiates the U-Model Theory and points out that the economic development and the policies of forestry development are vital to the process of such changes.
    On The Legal Mechanism of the Forestland Resources Protection inChian
    GUO Huiling, XU Lan
    2007, 0(3):  28-33. 
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    From the view of the law,the paper analyzes the current situation on the forestland resources protection and management of our country, points out the problems existing at present and puts forward the strategies to solve the problems.
    Systematic Thinking on Ensuring the Effectiveness of Stand Improvement
    CHEN Shiqing
    2007, 0(3):  34-36. 
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    The establishment and implementation of the “Stand Improvement Project Planning in Guangdong Province (2007-2020)” indicates that the Guangdong Forestry has entered the new era of improving the quality of forest resources. The effectiveness of stand improvement must be supported by the stable management policy, the making of “three low forests” standards, and choosing the appropriate improvement practice and strengthening the stand improvement project management and so on. The stand improvement project shall be implemented scientifically, rationally and orderly. The relevant guidelines, standards, regulations for the planning, design and implementation of standimprovement shall be developed. The system of stand improvement monitoring andassessment shall be established to lay a solid economic and ecological foundation for the sustainable social and economic development in Guangdong Province.
    Analysis of the Present Status of China's Desert Industry Development and Discussion on Countermeasures and Thinking
    PAN Hongxing, YIN Junzhen
    2007, 0(3):  37-41. 
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    Based on the comprehensive review of the development of desert industry in past 20 years, this article exposes the main contradictionsconstraining desert industry development and puts forward some strategic ideasand countermeasures for the future development of China's desert industry.
    Investigation and Thoughts on the Follow-up Industry Development of the Conversion of Farmland to Forest Project in Hunan Province
    YANG Xiaoling, HU Jiping, LIU Nianyuan
    2007, 0(3):  42-46. 
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    The healthy development of the follow-up industries after the completion of the conversion of farm land to forest project is vital toeffective consolidation of the resules achieved by the project. Based on the investigation and study on the development of the follow-up industries after theaccomplishment of the conversion of farmland to forest project in Hunan Province, this paper highlights the good results and experience the follow-up industries have achieved, points out the major existent problems and puts forward some ideas for better development of the follow-up industries.
    Some Problems and Countermeasure about Criminal Investigation of Forest Police Administration
    ZHANG Gaowen
    2007, 0(3):  47-49. 
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    This paper deals with some primary problems in criminal investigation of forest police administration from the views of basic work at the grassroot level and criminal law enforcement procedures. Some countermeasures are put forward to improve the criminal investigation of forest police administration.
    Current Situation and Strategy of Wood Processing and Trading in Sichuan Province
    LUO Qiang
    2007, 0(3):  50-52. 
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    Research was made on the current situation and strategy of the wood processing and trading in four prefectures around Chengdu suchas Mianyang, Yaan, and Guangyuan. The result shows that there exist some issues of wood management in these areas. This paper tries to propose some strategyand measuresy by analyzing the legal system and improving the basic work to promote the wood processing and trading in Sichuan.
    Investigation and Study on the Development of Forest Certification in China
    CHEN Ke, ZHANG Yan, XU Bin
    2007, 0(3):  53-57. 
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    Based on the status of forest certification in China this paper tries to study and analyze the influencing factors concerning impetuses, conditions, resistances and ways of developing forest certification through the investigation of questionnaire, and then puts forward some suggestions to promote the development of forest certification in China.
    Summary of the Main Mode of Returning Farmland to Forest in Beijing
    LU Jinsheng, HU Shuping
    2007, 0(3):  58-61. 
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    The paper summarized the main mode of returning farmland to forest in Beijing, analyzed ecological, economic and social influence of different mode, and aimed at providing a reference for the further work of returning farmland to forest.
    Research on Functional Area Division of Coastal Wetlands for Ecological Tourism in Fujian Province
    ZHUANG Chenhui, YU Xi, LI Minli, ZHANG Huiguang, CHEN Xing
    2007, 0(3):  62-66. 
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    Based on the index system of functional division forcoastal wetland ecological tourism in Fujian province, the statistical softwareof ForStat 2.0 for clustering,analyzing and calculating was used. This paperadvanced three functional areas of coastal wetlands and proposed the key wetland resources for protection,the development direction and the products selectedfor ecological tourism.
    Study on the Recreation Quality of Dongping Forest Park in Chongming
    CHEN Xi, KONG Zhenghong, WANG Kaiyun, ZHAO Min, LI Hongqing
    2007, 0(3):  67-72. 
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    The paper tried to investigate the recreation qualityof Dongping Forest Park from two aspects-air health care function and forest aesthetics value. The air health care function was evaluated by two indexes: negative oxygen ion density and air quality coefficient. Four indexes including species richness, life pattern structure, view and admirable characteristic and spatial distribution pattern were chosen to evaluate the aesthetics value of the forest. After the investigation of 12 typical samples the result showed the recreation quality of Dongping Forest Park hasn't reached its best standard yet andimprovement needs to be done in area, species diversity and landscape pattern.
    Study on Species Abundance Distribution in Some Types of Forests of the Subtropical Zone
    LIN Qinqin, WU Chengzhen, HONG Wei
    2007, 0(3):  73-76. 
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    The log series model is used to calculate and inspectthe species abundance of communities in the Fairy Valley National Park in Sanming and the forest park of the scenic areas in Wuyishan of the subtropical zone.The results showed that species abundance of both tree layer and shrub layer of communities in the Fairy Valley National Park in Sanming obeyed a logarithmic series distribution,which suggested that each community was well developed,its stability was fairly good and its biodiversity was fairly high.
    Evaluation of the Forest Ecosystem Service Functions for Tourism in Wuyi Mountains
    XU Jiquan, ZHONG Quanlin
    2007, 0(3):  77-81. 
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    The ecosystem functions for water conservation, soil conservation, air purification, CO2 fixation and O2 release, tourismin Wuyi Mountains were first evaluated by the methods of opportunity-cost, market price, project shadow price. The result indicated that the general annualforest ecosystem service value in this area amounts to 135.3 million yuan(RMB)/a, of which 22.8 million yuan/a for water conservation, 75.53 million yuan/afor soil conservation, 16.9 million yuan/a is for air purification, 24.6 million yuan/a for CO2 absorption and O2 release, 63.4million yuan/a for tourism.
    Investigation on Rana chensinensis Resources in the Three Northeastern Provinces of China
    LIU Xin, ZHANG Wei, YU Baocheng, LIU Weishi
    2007, 0(3):  82-85. 
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    Based on the investigation of Rana chensinensis resources in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, the population, distribution and habitats of Rana chensinensis resources in the three Northeastern provinces of China were found out thoroughly. Major factors influencing dynamic changes of Rana chensinensis resources were analyzed. Suggestions on protectionand utilization were put forward.
    Study on Spatial Pattern and Regeneration of Spruce-fir Forest in Jingouling Forest Farm
    KONG Linghong, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2007, 0(3):  86-89. 
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    The T-square study on the spatial pattern ofSpruce-fir forest in Jingouling Forest Farm shows that two spruce-fir forests are separately in aggregate distribution and random distribution. And the results are tested by T-index and Z1. The stand of compartment 52 is in aggregatedistribution as it isn't renewed perfectly. But compartment 65 is in random distribution with special characters of the natural forest. With the data obtained from the research, it can be seen that the stand is in very good conditions ofregeneration.
    Study on the Growth Trend of the Basal Area and Volume of Larix olgensis Plantation
    LI Chunming, DU Jishan, ZHANG Huiru
    2007, 0(3):  90-93. 
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    With Larix olgensis plantation of the WangQing ForestBureau as an example, the paper studied the growth trend of the basal area and volume, calculated the average growth rate of the plantation by pressler formula,analyzed the effects of thinning on the basal area and volume. The result shows that in initial stages the basal area and volume of thinned plots is less than those under control, but the basal area and volume of thinned plots graduallyapproached to those under control with the increase of age; the growth rate willincrease with the increase of thinning intensity; the analysis of variance indicated the effects of thinning intensity on the basal area and volume is prominent.
    Influences of Eucalyptus urophylla × E.grandis Sprout Regeneration in Different Density Treatments on Primary Growth of Forest Stand
    YE Shaoming, ZHENG Xiaoxian, XIE Weidong, ZHAOLijun, LIANG Hongwen
    2007, 0(3):  94-97. 
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    The result of the growth survey about 3.2 year-old regeneration forest stand of Eucalyptus urophylla × E.grandis in different treatments showed that transplanting seedlings regeneration forest stand average breast diameter is 6.8% more than sprout regeneration's and the average single-tree volumeoftransplanting seedlings regeneration is 11.4% more than that of sprout regeneration. Sprout regeneation forest stand average breast diameter decreases with the increase of reserved density. In different density treatments, differencesin sprout regeneration forest stand average breast diameter of Eucalyptus urophylla × E.grandis are remarkable according to variance analysis. Sprout regeneration forest stand average single-tree volume decreases with the increase of reserved density. Sprout regeneration forest stand average single-tree volume inthe reserved density of 1110·hm-2 is 26.5% less than that in 2100·hm-2. In the same density of 1110·hm-2, transplanting seedlings regeneration forest stand volume per hectare is 23.1 % more than sprout regeneration's. Sprout regeneration forest stand volume per hectare increases with the increase of reserved density, and forest stand volume per hectare in forest stand density of 2100·hm-2 is 53.7% more than that in 1110·hm-2.
    Research on Resources Status and Conservation Countermeasures of Dongjiang Lake National Wetland Park in Hunan Province
    HUANG Xinmin
    2007, 0(3):  98-102. 
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    This paper firstly analyzed wetland resources status of Dongjiang Lake National Wetland Park including water resources, biological resources, landscape resources and culture resources, secondly systematically analyzed three compressive stresses coming from society, economy and culture, and then brought forward the strategies and countermeasures of conserving the wetland resources in Dongjiang Lake National Wetland Park.
    Forest Resources Monitoring and Management in Germany and Austria and Some Inspiration to China
    WANG Zhongren, HAN Aihui
    2007, 0(3):  103-108. 
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    General methodology for forest resources and ecological condition monitoring, sustainable use theory and near-natureforest management method under the same sampling system in Germany are deeplyreviewed. This paper also summarizes application of information technologies in forest resources monitoring and measures for development of high technologies in forestry monitoring fields in Austria. Compared with forest resourcesmonitoring in China, available approaches are further advised to strengthen thecountry's capacity in terms of enrichment of monitoring framework and indicatorsystem, establishment of forest resources and ecological condition monitoring system, application of high technologies, and promotion of national basic data sharing.