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    28 June 2009, Volume 0 Issue 3
    Management and Administration
    Some Thoughts on Improvement of“Three Total Volumes”Inspection
    ZHANG Songdna
    2009, 0(3):  1-4. 
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    Significant results have been achieved since the “Three Total Volumes”inspection was started in the northeast and Inner MongolianRey state-owned forest areas 19 years ago. In this paper, the “Three Total Volumes” inspection process and role were systematically reviewed and its important significance was stated. It was pointed out that the “Three Total Volumes”inspection was to meet the needs of excercising administration by law and implementing the scientific development concept, and to meet the needs of protection and sustainable management of forest resources under the current management system. Besides, this paper also presents an analysis on the current situation and existing problems, and puts forward relevant guiding principles and ideas and measuresfor improvement as well.
    An Exploration on Problems and Countermeasures in Management and Eco-benefit Compensation Mechanism of Non-Commercial Forest in Fujian Province
    JIANG Zhengquan, FENG Shuqing, WU Manyuan
    2009, 0(3):  5-8. 
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    After the collective forest ownership reform, the forest farmers have been obtaining more benefits from commercial forest management, but less from non-commercial forest management, which has caused pressure in itsprotection.In perspective of the current situation of non-commercial forest inFujian province, some main problems in protection and compensation mechanism ofnon-commercial forest were analyzed, and suggestions for improving its management and compensation mechanism were provided.
    Conversion of Cropland to Forest and Collective Forest Tenure Reform
    DU Jishan
    2009, 0(3):  9-12. 
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    There is a correlative and mutual promotive relationship between the project for conversion of cropland to forest and collective forest property right reform.The project forest land from cropland is an important part in the tenure reform.The project achievements can be consolidated based onthe reform.Meanwhile, the experience of implementing and managing the project is helpful to the tenure reform. Under the new situation of tenure reform in theproject areas, we should highligh forestry role in local economic andsocial development, plan the layout of forest-land use, improve forest-land benefits, enlarge forestry industry, make new investment and management mechanisms, strengthen science and technology application, constitute supportive policies, and realize sustainable forest management.
    The Status and Combating Countermeasures of Stony Desertification in China
    ZHOU Jiemin
    2009, 0(3):  13-16. 
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    Base on the status, characteristics and cause of stonydesertification in China, the main problems and hazards are analysed and relevant countermeasures are put forward.
    Distribution of Chinese Bamboo Forest Ecosystem Research Stations
    DENG Wanghua, FAN Shaohui, GUAN Fengying, QI Lianghua
    2009, 0(3):  17-21. 
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    Bamboo forests have an extremely important position inour country forest resources composition.The research on forestry ecosystem localization research network in the world is reviewed and introduced.Accordingto China's bamboo resources distribution and the main types of bamboo forests, China's bamboo eco-station layout program is put forward.And it will be used to provide a reliable reference for long-term bamboo ecological research.
    Study on the Status of Conservation and Management and the Suggestions on Countermeasures for the Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve
    XIE Yi, YANG Shibin, WEN Yali, SU Wenba
    2009, 0(3):  22-26. 
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    The authors made a review on developmental proceduresofthe Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve and its administration organ.Themanagement situation was systematically discussed from aspects of conservation management, scientific research management, propaganda and environmental education management, and community management.The authors analyzed three existing management problems:1) administration organ was lack of independence and at a low executive level; 2) the organ had not sufficient capability to execute the law andimplement management and conservation; 3) the organ had not strong software andhardware.Finally, countermeasures, such as improving institution and management measures, are put forward to enforce management.
    The Practice and Exploration of Forest Insurance in Hunan Province
    SHI Yan, FANG Huailong, TANTAI Linlin, CHEN Jiancheng
    2009, 0(3):  27-30. 
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    This paper introduced the forms and methods of forestinsurance development in Hunan Province, and the situation of insurance in 2000-2007.The problems in the practice of forest insurance are analysed and appropriate countermeasures and suggestions are put forward.
    The Influence of the Natural Disasters of Freezing Rain and Snow on the Larix kaempferi and the Proposals on Restoring and Reconstructing the Vegetation——Take Enshi City of Hubei Province as an example
    WANG Lin, YU Xiaoguang, HUANG Guangti
    2009, 0(3):  31-33. 
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    In this paper Enshi City of Hubei Province was used asan example.Base on the extent of the damage of Larix kaempferi after the freezing rain and snow in 2008, the cause, characteristics and influence factors of the disaster were analyzed.Proposals were put forward about the restoration andreconstruction of the vegetation.
    Science and Technology
    Analysis on Dynamic Changes of Land Use and Desertification in Bashang Area
    ZAN Guosheng, WANG Junhou
    2009, 0(3):  34-37. 
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    In Bashang, an area with very fragile eco-environmentin north China, three typical sub-areas, south of Duolun, west of Weichang and north of Fengning, were selected.Using Landsat TM satellite images of 1987, 1999 and 2004, supervised classification and transfer matrix were applied to studythe dynamic changes of land use and soil desertification in this area.The results show that eco-environment has dual nature—deterioration and reversion, and active ecological construction can effectively deter the deterioration of eco-environment.From 1987 to 1999, eco-environment continued to deteriorate and soil desertification was extended.Since the Project of Jing-Jin Sand-Storm SourceControl, which was centered on ecological construction, carried out in 1999, the trend of eco-environment deterioration has been inhibited significantly.
    Study on Uniform Angle Index of Larix principis Plantation
    CHEN Fengjuan, GU Jiancai, HUANG Dongmei, LIU Tao, CHEN Fengyan
    2009, 0(3):  38-41. 
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    The authors studied the influence of a thinning intensity on uniform angle index in Larix principis Plantation in Saihanba mechanicalforest farm of Chengde.The four different treatments of thinning intensities are 225 trees/hm2, 600 trees/hm2, 900 trees/hm2 and 1350 trees/hm2 respectively. The higher frequency distribution of uniform angle index was 0.25 in very heavy thinning group(A), heavy thinning group(B) and mid-thinning intensity group(C). Their average uniform angle index was less than 0.475. The result showed that they were equality distribution in the three different treatments of thinning intensities of Larix principis Plantation. The higher frequency distribution of uniform angle index was 0.75 in light thinning group(D) and control area(E) and their average uniform angle index was 0.477 and 0.5.The result showed that the forest trees were in random distribution in light thinning group (D)and control area (E).The average uniform angle indexes were 0.3929 and 0.25in mixed wood and coniferous mixed forest.It showed that forest trees were distributed uniformly in mixed forests.
    Floristic Analysis on the Introduced Plants in Beijing
    JI Huiying, LIU Yanhong
    2009, 0(3):  42-46. 
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    In order to define the actuality and flora characters of the introduced plants in Beijing, based on the feedbacks of the questionnaires and field survey, this article analyzed their components and spatial distribution patterns.The results showed that there are 965 species(including the varieties) of introduced plants in Beijing, belonging to 86families and 179 genera, among which 134 species are from the other countries, occupying 38% of the flora in Beijing. The introduced species are mainly distributed in North Temperate, East Asia &North America and Pantropic zones, and the distribution patterns of families are characterized by Cosmopolitanand Pantropic.The obvious dominant families have 197 species, occupying 55.97% of the total.The introduced plants in Beijing are mostly used for the landscape (61%) and ecological protection (16%).Haidian District, Chaoyang DistrictandChangping District take the advantage of the introduced plants in the spatial distribution.
    Establishment of the Assessment Index System and Division of Functional Zones of Ecological Environment in Jilin City
    FU Xiao, GAO Jixi, HAN Yongwei, WANG Xuejun
    2009, 0(3):  47-50. 
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    Biological diversity, ecological capacity and the loadof environment pollution are used as main factors and the index system of ecological environment assessment is developed. Integrated assessment method and clustering method are used for division of functional zones to support decision making for regional development and environment protection.
    Analysis and Thoughts on Wetland Resources in Beijing
    DU Pengzhi
    2009, 0(3):  51-55. 
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    According to the investigation of Beijing wetland resources in the year of 2007, the total wetland area in Beijing was up to 51434.1km2, mainly located in Miyun, Tongzhou, Fangshan District, etc.There are 393species of wetland vertebrate animals belonging to 89 families and 36 orders, accounting for 75.6% of the number of animal species in Beijing.There are 1017species of wild advanced plants belonging to 503 genera, 127 families, accounting for 48.7% of the number of plant species in Beijing.The article analyzesthe threat and problems of Beijing wetlands.It proposes some suggestions.For example, we should strengthen the protection of legislation and establishthe institutions of the wetland conservation.We need to establish a stable investment mechanism of wetland conservation, and draw up plans of the conservation and development planning for the whole municipality.
    Seasonal Changes of the Nutrient of Litter-soil of Artificial Forest of Liquidambar formosana
    WEN Shizhi, LUO Jia, WEN Juan, LUO Zhong, YANG Lili
    2009, 0(3):  56-60. 
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    Study is conducted on the seasonal changes of the nutrient of litter-soil of artifical forest of Liquidambar formosana.The result shows that the order of the quantity of micro-elements of litter storey in seasonsis summer>autumn>winter>spring, and the content is the scope of 25.055 ~37.115 g·kg-1.The content of the macro-elements decreases in Layer A in spring andreaches the nadir in summer, and then starts to rebound in autumn. Soil nutrient content changes in Layer B is undee. The impact of the litter soil on the soil nutrient content becomes smaller with the depth of soil and the soil nutrientbecomes more stable. With the impact in seasons of litter storey, Layer A's micro-element change is undee. Layer B's micro-element change shows upward trend in the year.
    Effects of Shading on the Photosynthetic Characteristics and Growth of Magnolia sieboldii
    DING Lei, HU Wanliang, WANG Wei, LIU Zhengde, LI Guosheng, YAO Rongsheng, ZHANG Yupeng, WANG Gang
    2009, 0(3):  61-65. 
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    The effects of different shading treatments(A:0, B:25.8%, C:61.3%, D:90.3%)on the photosynthetic characteristics and growth ofMagnolia sieboldii were examined.The results showed that the basal diameter, height and biomass at B treatment were higher than those at other shading treatments.The light compensation point(LCP), light saturation point(LSP) and dark respiration rate(DP)of the Magnolia sieboldii were at a low level, the value of which decreased with the increasing of shading degree.The daily variation of netphotosynthetic presented a bimodal curve under four shading treatments.The netphotosynthetic rate was B>A>C>D.It is obvious that B treatment can provide the most suitable condition for Magnolia sieboldii among four shading treatments.So we can conclude that moderate shading could increase the leaf photosynthesis and plant growth of Magnolia sieboldii.
    The Nitrogen Cycling Model of Rubber Plantation Ecosystem
    ZHAO Chunmei, JIANG Jusheng, CAO Jianhua
    2009, 0(3):  66-70. 
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    Based on nitrogen(N) nutrient cycling of the rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantation of Clone PR107 under different ages(4a~24a)and bymeans of systematical dynamics principle, the models of three compartments including rubber tree, soil and litter were constructed. Meanwhile, the storage, flux and rate of the nitrogen cycling were measured in each compartment.It showed that: 1) the nitrogen storage in the compartment of soil, rubber tree and litter was 3069.61 kg/(hm2·a), 580.22 kg/(hm2·a), 62.94 kg/(hm2·a), respectively.And the trend of the nitrogen storage was increased after declinedin the soil, but keeping increasing in the plant and litter;2)there was a different flux rule in the three compartments.It was that the nutrient absorption, litter decompose and return increased with age growth, while the loss of nitrogen in the rubber latex was related with the production of the rubber latex;3)theflux rate of nitrogen cycling was different in the soil, rubber tree and litter.The absorption coefficient rose with increasing age and ranged from 0.0640~0.1588. In addition, the return and decompose coefficient was 0.1335 and 0.6621, the loss coefficient of rubber latex just was 0.0279, which suggests relatively small loss of nitrogen in the rubber latex. Moreover, the research could provide important basic data for nutrient management of this type of plantation.
    Study on the Introduced Seedling of Pinus pinaster Ait.in Shandong and Zhejiang Provinces
    SI Jiyue, ZHAO Xue, XIE Rui, LEI Niya, LIN Xia, ZHENG Jian, LIU Zuwen, LI Junqing
    2009, 0(3):  71-76. 
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    The objective of the paper is to study the breeding and forestation of the introduced seedlings of Pinus pinaster Ait.The results showed that sowing density had little effect on the seedlings of P.pinaster in the first year.However, moderate shading (80% transmittance) was beneficial to seedlings of P.pinaster.P.pinaster grows better in the acid and high nutrient soil.As for the height growth and ground diameter growth, seedlings in Zhejiang Province were obviously higher than those in Shandong Province.The survival percentage after forestation with container seedlings was higher than that of bare-root seedlings.P.pinaster grew better in the city of Haiyang than in Penglai and Yantai after forestation in different coastal zones in Shandong Province.
    Research on Container Seedling Cultural Techniques of Light Media for Dalbergia odorifera Chen
    LIU Dechao, XU Yang
    2009, 0(3):  77-80. 
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    Through 4 factor 2 horizontal orthogonal test design, the research was conducted on different root growth promoters (A), different densities (B) differentvegetal periods (C) and cuttings with different diameters (D) and the influenceon cutting root growth (E). The result indicated that root growth promoter touse ABT-1# (A1) + the density to use 600mg/kg (B2) + cutting growth period with 12 months (C2) + cutting diameters with 1.0~1.3cm (D1), namely A1B2C2D1 combination is best. The high cutting growth rate is achieved, reaching 86.7%. The comparative test of the container cuttings with 8 different types oflight media shows that the proportion of pent soil, sawdust, bark and red subsoie is 3∶3∶3∶1(E0) which proves to be the best. Cutting root growth rate ishigh with large numbers of roots.
    Comparison Study on Regeneration of the Three Types of Forest in Jingouling Forest Farm
    LI Tingting, WANG Junfeng, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2009, 0(3):  81-84. 
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    The research objects are primitive broad-leaved Korean Pine, over-cutting forest and artificial-natural larch mixed forest in Jingouling Forest Farm, Wangqing Forest Bureau, Jilin Province.The investigation dataare complied for the variance/average value ratio law and other kinds of aggregation index.We found that the number of regeneration seedlings in primitive forest is the most, the over-cutting forest is the second, the artificial-natural mixed is the least.The size-class structure of the natural regeneration seedlings both in the primitive forest and in the over-cutting forest belongs to the stable structures of the population, the artificial and natural larch mixed stand belongs to the declined structure of the population.All of the spatial patternsof seedlings in the three forest types are aggregate distributions.And by the degree of aggregate distribution the highest of the three forest types is the over-cutting forest, the artificial-natural mixed forest comes second, the primitive forest third.This study provides the basis for the natural management of artificial forest.
    Comparative Analysis and Research on Pine Resin Tapping Resources in Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces
    DONG Jingxi, ZHANG Jian, GUO Huijun, ZHAO Yuanfan, LI Peng, WU Xia
    2009, 0(3):  85-87. 
    Asbtract ( 153 )   PDF (218KB) ( 62 )  
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    Resin producing species, forest resources, resin producing timber forests in Yunnan and Guangxi were compared and analyzed. The origin of timber resin production, ownership and storage of the composition of pineresin was also analyzed, which is helpful to the development of resin productionbusiness in Yunnan Province.
    Summary of the Effects of Natural Ecological Factors on Taxol Production of Taxus media
    SHI Peng, ZHAO Tianzhong, WU Ying
    2009, 0(3):  88-91. 
    Asbtract ( 90 )   PDF (196KB) ( 49 )  
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    The effects of natural ecological factors on Taxus media is summarized, and the possible ways in which the ecological factors affectthe physical activity of Taxus media are speculated in order to explore how thenatural ecological factors affect the Taxol production.
    Air Pollution and Its Biological Control in China
    CHENG Yuan
    2009, 0(3):  92-94. 
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    This article analyzed air pollution situation in Chinaand its causes, and put forward biological measures for control of air pollution.
    Research on Countermeasures and Formation Mechanism of Saturated and Overloaded Scenic Areas——Taking Tianzhu Mountain National Scenic Area as an example
    ZHANG Mansheng
    2009, 0(3):  95-98. 
    Asbtract ( 117 )   PDF (165KB) ( 102 )  
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    From the view point of time and space, this paper divides the saturated and overloaded scenic areas into four types: long-term, short-term, integral and partial.In accordance with the supply and demand theory, using tourism resources space capacity and practical number of tourists as indicators, the present paper discusses reasons of the saturated and overloaded formation comprehensively and systematically with Tianzhu Mountain national scenic area as an example.Countermeasures are also proposed as to specific saturated and overloaded type.
    The Relationship of Forest Landscape and Site Factor in Beijing Mountainous Area
    ZHANG Zhenming, YU Xinxiao, LIU Shuyan, XI Caiyun, GAN Jing, WANG Xiaoping, LI Jinhai
    2009, 0(3):  99-105. 
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    According to the forest resources survey data of Beijing mountainous areas, the relationship of forest landscape and site factor werestudied.The results showed that altitude distribution of 18 forest landscape types was at an alevation of below 1800m.Distribution of plantation was in low altitude, while the distribution of natural forest was in high altitude.Slope wasfrom 26° to 35°.In term of aspect, they were mainly distributed in the north.Soil depth was from 10 to 20cm for most plantations and from 20 to 30cm for natural forest.
    Analysis on Landscape Pattern Changes and Driving Factors of Ecological Forest in Sanming City
    ZHAN Guoming
    2009, 0(3):  106-109. 
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    This paper presents an analysis on changes and driving factors of ecological forest in Sanming city.The result indicates that in Sanming area, the diversity index, evenness index and shatter index of forest landscape are low and the dominance index is a little higher.This reflects that thereexist the dominant landscape types (stocked land) in this area, and the whole forest resource landscapes are comparatively integrated.This makes it clear thatecological forest protection engineering construction is better.
    Remote Sensing Study on Urban Green Space Distribution in Shenzhen City
    WANG Xue, ZHOU Rong, CUI Zhixin, HUANG Wenlong
    2009, 0(3):  110-112. 
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    The paper mainly studied the spatial distribution of green spaces in Shenzhen City using the NDVI.The results showed that spatial distribution of green spaces is relatively disproportional in the whole city, andvegetation distribution is obviously different in different districts.
    Design and Development of the Management Information System of Central Financial Discount Interest Funds for Forestry
    ZHU Yan
    2009, 0(3):  113-116. 
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    This paper mainly focused on an engineering project on the design and development of the management information system for central financial discount interest funds for forestry. This system utilizes web-based Browser/Server architecture, employing Oracle database system as a platform and ASP as application development tool.It has a convenient, simple, and secure interface for data input, management, audit and export.It can meet all the requirements of the State Forestry Administration, P.R.China.The accomplishment of this project can be used as a reference for other departments that use the central financial discount interest funds.
    Design and Implementation of A PDA-Based Forest Resources Data Collection Software
    LIU Xin, ZHANG Shaochen, MENG Qingxiang, LI Yun
    2009, 0(3):  117-120. 
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    Design and realization of a PDA-based forest resourcesdata collection software was completed.The system not only provides the data input functions, but also presents an overview of statistical data in the form of graphical reports for investigators.At the same time, the system supportsoutput of a variety of data formats, including databases, XML, CSV, which meet the needs of different users using different software.
    Development of the Information Management System for the key Non-commercial Forest Projects in Guizhou Province
    CHEN Dongwei, NING Xiaobo, CEN Gang, XIAO Ling, CAI Lei, YIN Xinfu
    2009, 0(3):  121-124. 
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    Construction of the information management system forthe key non-commercial forest projects in Guizhou Province is an important part of digital forestry and digital Guizhou. The system can inflect the changes of the non-commercial forests so quickly and precisely that we can estimate thebenefit of the non-commercial forests in Guizhou more conveniently and do information-based management.It also provide a valuable technique for information-based management of the key non-commercial forest project information management inother regions.