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    28 April 2022, Volume 0 Issue 2
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    2022, 0(2):  0. 
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    Problems and Recommendations of Conservation and Restoration of Natural Forest in Yangtze River Economic Belt
    HE Yating, XIE Hesheng, HE Youjun
    2022, 0(2):  1-9.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.001
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    Natural forest is one of the most important ecological elements in Yangtze River Economic Belt,and the conservation and restoration of the natural forest has important significance for constructing the ecological security shelter in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Based on the data of the 9th National Continuous Forest Inventory(2014—2018),this paper analyzed the current situation,the existing problems and proposed the targeted recommendations in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The results showed that the forest coverage rate was 44.38%,14 percentage higher than that in the early stage of the natural forest project,while the area of natural forests and the stock increased by 14.18 million hectares and 1 368 million cubic meters,respectively. However,there were still problems such as lack of overall planning,high pressure on natural forest protection,the low quality of natural forest resources and weak management and protection ability,incomplete subsidy policy,failure to establish a long-term fund guarantee mechanism. It is suggested that long-term mechanisms such as top-level design,resource management and conservation,fund investment,and ecological compensation should be established,so as to lay a solid ecological foundation for high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

    Forest Resources Status and Management Strategy in Beijing Plain Area
    WEI Yankui
    2022, 0(2):  10-18.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.002
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    The plain area of Beijing is the main carrying area of the core capital functions and the urban functions. The forest in the plain area plays an important role for the health of residents and the development of various undertakings in the capital. The development of forest resources in Beijing plain area experienced recovery period,wandering period,steady development period and rapid development period. The present situation of plain forest resources was analyzed from the aspects of forest area,stock,forest species,age group and tree species composition. The change trend of plain forest area,stock,forest coverage rate and tree species composition from 2009 to 2019 was analyzed. It was concluded that the ecological pattern of the plain was basically formed,the resource structure of "more forest belts,less forest patches" was changed,the uniformity of ecological spatial distribution was improved,and the richness of forest landscape was increased.The situation and requirements of forest management in plain area in the new era were analyzed from three aspects:requirements of new urban general regulations,citizens' demand for beautiful environment and high-quality development of landscape in the new era.Through analysis and discussion,countermeasures and suggestions were put forward for forest management in Beijing plain area.

    Analysis on Development Strategy of Pu'er City National Reserve Forest Based on SWOT-AHP Method
    SONG Zhiwei, ZHOU Hongbin, ZHU Liyan, WANG Hailiang, LU Fei, WU Luojun
    2022, 0(2):  19-26.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.003
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    City belongs to the subtropical coniferous forest management area in Yun-Gui Plateau,one of its management direction is to build the National Timber Strategic Reserve Base. Taking the development of the national reserve forest in Pu'er City as the research object,using the SWOT-AHP analysis method,14 evaluation indexes were constructed from four aspects of the development advantages,disadvantages,opportunities and challenges of the National Reserve Forest,so as to analyze the influencing factors and strategic choice of developing national reserve forest. The results showed that Pu'er City could make full use of its own advantages and external opportunities to actively develop the national reserve forest. In addition,in view of its own shortcomings and challenges,this paper put forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions,in order to provide basis and reference for research and decision-making in Pu'er City and other regions to carry out national reserve forest construction.

    Application Prospect of BD-3Navigation Satellite System in Forestry and Grassland
    LIN Zepan, WU Honggan
    2022, 0(2):  27-31.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.004
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    Based on technological requirements of gridded and refined resource management in forestry and grassland,this paper systematically analyzed the diversity characteristics of spatio-temporal data in management of forest,grassland,wetland and desertification,comprehensively introduced the advantages of China's BD-3 GNSS,and explained the current situation and problems of Beidou applications in forestry and grassland. The significance and prospect of large-scale application of BD-3 system in forestry and grassland were explained.

    Spatio-Temporal Error Correction for Accurate Monitoring of Annual Growth Rate of Forest Volume in Zhejiang Province
    TAO Jixing, XIE Binglou, JI Biyong, ZHANG Guojiang, WANG Wenwu
    2022, 0(2):  32-38.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.005
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    In order to reduce the influence of error value caused by spatio-temporal difference in forest resources monitoring,a spatio-temporal error correction method of annual growth rate of forest volume (AGRFV) was studied in this paper. Both the date of AGRFV from 2004 to 2014 in the Zhejiang Province Forest Resources Survey and the date of AGRFV from 2014 to 2019 in the Zhejiang Province & Eleven Cities Forest Resources Survey were collected and analyzed. The monthly growth rate of forest volume (MGRFV) and the AGRFV of all 12 groups,which are divided into different groups according to the breast high were statistically analyzed and estimated.The results showed that:(1) on the time scale,for all the 4 tree species,the ratio of monthly growth rate to annual growth rate (RMGRAGR) in April or October was 7%~10%,the RMGRAGR in May,June,July,August or September was 10%~17%,and the RMGRAGR between November to next March was lower because of the low growth rate; (2) on the spatial scale,except for Jiaxingin special situation,the ratio of AGRFV in each of other 10 cities to the provincial average value were between 0.95~1.06; (3) for the temporal error,it was better to set the correction base month as June,July or August,and the steps of calibration process were firstly original survey data correction and then statistical summary; (4) the spatial error can be corrected after the temporal error correction of the original survey data,and then the statistical summary data of eachcity can be corrected.

    The Application of Satellite Based Differential Positioning in the National Forest Inventory
    LI Jiande, XIE Yalin, FENG Liang, ZHANG Zhiming, LEI Xiangdong
    2022, 0(2):  39-44.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.006
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    The National Forest Inventory is a major infrastructure project of the natural resources survey. The satellite based differential positioning has been applied to the National Forest Inventory since 2020.This paper introduced the basic principle of satellite based differential positioning system,compared the previous positioning and resetting methods of continuous inventorying permanent sample plots.It also analyzed and summarized the advantages of satellite based differential positioning in the forest resources inventory of Hubei Province in 2020 that:1) The satellite based differential positioning had high precision and fast speed. The positioning error was generally less than 2 meters,and the fixed-solution couldbe acquired in 1min. 2) It had wide coverage area without distance and regional restriction. 3) It had strong anti-interference ability. The range of positioning error was generally maintained at 1.00~1.50m under the interference of other factors,such as canopy density,slope,and slope position. The study results provided a basis for the application more widely and deeply of the satellite based differential positioning in the National Forest Inventory.

    Carbon Storage Status and Carbon Sequestration Potential Prediction of Arbor Forest in Hebei Province
    ZHOU Zhifeng, WANG Yao, JIA Gang, YU Shiyong, GU Chenglong
    2022, 0(2):  45-53.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.007
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    Based on the data of the eighth and ninth national forest resource inventory,the biomass and carbon storage estimation methods guided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) were used to estimate the carbon storage of arbor forests in Hebei Province,and the carbon density and carbon sequestration rate were analyzed. Based on the data of "Hebei Land Greening Plan(2018—2035)",the carbon sequestration potential was predicted by model method. The results showed that the carbon storage of arbor forest in Hebei Province in 2018 was 61.6749 million tC,the average carbon density was 16.88 tC/hm2,the average carbon sequestration rate was 0.31 tC/(hm2·a),and the carbon sequestration potential of the new forest was 0.7363 million tC by 2035. The research results contribute to estimate the progress of carbon neutralization and evaluate the implementation capacity of Hebei Province. Through the analysis of this paper,it is expected to enrich the research results of forest carbon sinks in China,and provide scientific basis for the macro management of carbon sinks.

    Research of Dynamic Monitoring and Evaluation System Construction of Forest Resources for Management Unit
    LI Hong, TU Hongtao, YAO Xingbo, MA Guoqiang, ZHANG Rong, YANG Shuyu
    2022, 0(2):  54-60.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.008
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    In order to improve the management efficiency of forest resources management units,scientifically guide the preparation of forest management plans,and realize the whole process of forest management informatization,this paper conducted research and discussion on the construction and related technologies of the dynamic monitoring and evaluation system of forest resources. Through integrating various forest resources survey databases over the years and various scattered thematic archive data,this paper intuitively analyzed the spatial distribution characteristics and dynamic changes of forest resources in the management unit area. At the same time,by combining closely the forest multi-functional management evaluation and forest resource monitoring,introducing model analysis method and establishing index system of different source items,it evaluated and analyzed the multi-functional management such as silviculture,forest harvesting,non-wood resource utilization and forest recreation,forest health and protection,etc,so as to automatically extract priority development areas,and output visual evaluation results to provide data support for forest multi-functional management and regulation measures. The practical results demonstrated that the system had strong reliability and practicability,which could satisfy the multi-dimensional needs of forest resource management,and would provide decision-making basis and scientific practical guidance for sustainable forest management.

    A Study on Method of Data Coupling in Forest Inventory and Monitoring
    ZENG Weisheng
    2022, 0(2):  61-66.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.009
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    It is the development trend of forest resources inventory and monitoring in China to conduct integrated monitoring and realize data combination of sample plot survey and sub-compartment survey. Based on the pilot data of national annual forest resources monitoring and assessment in Beijing in 2020,the basic idea of revising and updating forest area data from verification plots and estimating forest stock data from ground plots by stratified sampling was put forward,and the specific algorithm and calculation formula were presented. The results showed that the precisions of forest area and arboreal forest area estimates based on the combination of sample plot survey and sub-compartment survey were more than 99%,and those of three forest stock statistics (volume,biomass,and carbon storage) were about 95%. The following conclusions can be achieved:(i) it was feasible in practice to revise and update forest area data based on verification plots and to estimate forest stock data based on stratified ground plots; (ii) when estimating forest area and arboreal forest area based on verification plots,only two strata of forest and non-forest,or arboreal forest and non-arboreal forest were needed; and when calculating the mean and variance for each stratum,the unequal cluster sampling method should be used.

    Effects of Site Conditions on Yield and Quality of Green Dendrocalamopsis oldhami Shoots in Northern Fujian
    FU Chengjie, GAO Wei, WU Zhibin, FANG Donglong, LU Huahui
    2022, 0(2):  67-74.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.010
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    In order to explore the effects of site conditions on yield and quality of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami shoots and provide scientific basis for site selection and improvement of bamboo shoot quality in the process of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami shoot forest cultivation,this paper studied the yield,shape index and nutrient content of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami shoots on three sites with relatively consistent management measures (low mountain and hilly land,farmland and alluvial land),and the soil factors affecting the shape and nutrient composition of bamboo shoots were determined by redundancy analysis (RDA). The results showed that:(1)the soil fertility of farmland was better than that of low mountain and hilly land,and significantly better than that of alluvial land; (2) The amount of bamboo shoots in farmland cultivation was the highest (16 990 kg/hm2),the 3-year-old green bamboo and non standing bamboo underground bamboo stumps had almost no ability to produce bamboo shoots; (3)The shape indexes of bamboo shoots in low mountain and hilly land and farmland were better than those in alluvial land. The weight,shelled net weight and edible rate of commercial bamboo shoots in low mountain and hilly land were the highest,and the basal diameter and length of bamboo shoots in farmland were the highest; The shape indexes of 1 and 2-year-old shoots in the three sites were significantly better than that of 3-year-old bamboo shoots; (4)The nutrition of bamboo shoots in low mountain and hilly land was the highest,the total amount of soluble sugar,crude protein and amino acids in low mountain and hilly land and farmland cultivated land were significantly higher than those in alluvial land,while the content of crude fiber was significantly lower than that in alluvial land; (5) RDA analysis indicated that the contents of total N (the contribution is 27.3%),total K (the contribution is 22.2%),available K (the contribution is 11.0%) and alkali hydrolyzed N (the contribution is 10.7%) in soil were the main factors affecting the shape components of bamboo shoots,the total soil P (the contribution is 89.6%) and pH (the contribution is 4.3%) were the main factors affecting the nutritional indexes of bamboo shoots.

    Study on Remote Sensing Extractions of Burned Areas in Greater Khingan Mountains
    HAO Shuai, WANG Xing, ZHANG Qiuliang, WANG Bing, TIAN Yuan
    2022, 0(2):  75-81.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.011
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    Fire is an important influencing factor of forest ecosystem. The development of remote sensing technology provides a powerful technical means for forest fire monitoring and loss estimation. Based on Landsat images,the extraction abilities of seven common remote sensing indexes (NDVI,EVI,GEMI,BAI,NBR,dNBR,NDSWIR) for the burned area in 1987,2003 and 2015 of Greater Khingan Mountains were compared and analyzed,so as to select the best remote sensing index suitable for the extraction of burning areas in Greater Khingan Mountains. Through the comparative analysis of the remote sensing indexes and the separation index,the following results were obtained:(1) after the fire,the spectral characteristics of vegetation changed correspondingly. The remote sensing index based on near-infrared band can distinguish the burned area from the normal vegetation. (2) The dNBR was the best remote sensing index for extracting the burned area in Greater Khingan Mountains,followed by the NBR,BAI and NDSWIR,the NDVI and EVI were the worst. (3) The areas of three burned areas based on dNBR were 3 145.23,197 726.67 and 48.06 hm2,respectively.

    Study on Phenotype and Adaptability Evaluation of Cold-Tolerant Fern in Beijing
    HE Guoxin
    2022, 0(2):  82-90.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.012
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    The main problems existing in Beijing plain area are as follows:the landscape of uniform tree species is lack of vertical layer especially in ground cover plants,let alone pay attention to species diversity and density,as well as seasonal colors.There are few ground cover species in high canopy forests,and the phenomenon of understory blank is prominent.To enrich the diversity of ground cover plants under forests,10 cold resistant fern varieties were introduced to carry out adaptability research tests such as cold tolerance,negative tolerance and cold tolerance. Four varieties of fern,including Mexicans fern,Banas fern,Japanese color leaf fern and Ostrich fern,suitable for understory planting in Beijing Plain were selected.The evaluation indexes and methods of the adaptability of the introduction and cultivation of cold resistant fern were summarized. The screening and evaluation experiment of cold resistant fern enrich the species of ground cover plants,and provide more choices for high-quality landscape construction of the capital.

    Spatiotemporal Variations and Topographic Differentiation of Fractional Vegetation Cover in Minjiang River
    GAO Qianqian, CHEN Can, LIU Hena, LUO Qian, LI Xia, LIN Yongming, WU Chengzhen
    2022, 0(2):  91-99.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.013
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    In order to reveal the influence of the complexity of the regional topography on the vegetation coverage and to provide the basis for formulating reasonable economic and environment protection strategies in the basin area,this paper used the mixed pixel decomposition method to estimate the vegetation coverage,and analyzed the temporal and spatial characteristics of vegetation coverage and the topographic differentiation characteristics of vegetation change based on the Landsat TM and Landsat OLI images of the Minjiang River Basin in Fujian Province in 2003,2009,2014 and 2019 respectively. The results showed that:1)TheFractional Vegetation Cover (FVC) in the Minjiang River Basin increased from 0.72 in 2003 to 0.81 in 2019 and the FVC in the mountainous area was better than that along lakes and rivers. 2)The basin as a whole was developing in the direction of restoration.,and the vegetation coverage grades I,II,III,and IV transformed to grade V. Except for the expansion of grade V,the area of all grades had contracted,and the contraction area was IV (0.43)> III(0.39)> II(0.36)>I(0.17).3) The vegetation coverage of flat land was the smallest.With the elevation and slope increasing,the vegetation coverage of the Minjiang River Basin increased. In the range of elevation < 377 m and slope < 30 °,the degraded area was larger than the repaired area. The stability of vegetation coverage on flat land is the lowest. The analysis showed that the vegetation coverage of Minjiang River Basinwas affected by topographic factors. When formulating vegetation restoration policies,topographic factors should be fully considered.

    Estimation of Forest Parameters of Guangxi Eucalyptus Plantation Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning
    XIE Xiansheng, SU Hongxin, YANG Yuanzheng, LI Chunhai, LU Feng, LUO Weisheng, XU Zhanyong
    2022, 0(2):  100-108.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.014
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    Using ground real data as a control,this study applied terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) to scan eucalyptus plantations at different stand ages(2,5,10 a)in Guangxi State-owned Gaofeng Forest Farm,assessed the ability of TLS in individual tree identification and extraction of tree parameters and further explored its feasibility for extracting forest parameters. The results showed that:1) TLS had a strong ability to identify individual tree in eucalyptus plantations,with an overall recognition rate of 93.45%. Its extracted tree parameters of various types were significantly different among different stand ages (P<0.05),which was consistent with the measured trend. 2) In the 2a eucalyptus plantation,there was no difference between the measured values and the estimated values of DBH,basal area,tree volume by TLS. At the same time,it was found that the method of reconstructing tree models based on TLS combined with AdQSM was feasible,and it had a very significant linear correlation with the results calculated by the standing tree volume model (P<0.01,R2=0.96,MAE=0.05 m3). 3) At the stand level,the estimation accuracy of TLS were 94.69%,93.75%,89.66%,and 84.22% for the average diameter at breast height,average tree height,stand basal area,and standing volume,respectively,with superior estimation ability. The study showed that the application of TLS can rapidly estimate the forest parameters of eucalyptus plantations at the sample plot scale.

    Prediction of Shrubbery Fire in Central Yunnan Province Based on the Adaptive NeuroFuzzy Inference System
    WEI Jianheng, ZHAO Heng, GAO Zhongliang, WANG Hechenyang, MA Zenan, WANG Qiuhua, SHU lifu, YANG Hongmei
    2022, 0(2):  109-116.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.015
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    The original vegetation in central Yunnan has been seriously damaged,leading to the continuous growth of flammable shrubbery. With the intensification of global warming,forest fires occur frequently,mainly in shrubs. Therefore,the prediction of forest fires is of great importance to the protection of forest resources in central Yunnan. Based on the data of shrubbery fire and its corresponding meteorological data from 1999 to 2019 in central Yunnan,China.Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) and Logistic Regression (LR) were selected,using MATLAB,SPSS 25 and other software to establish a prediction model of forest fire in central Yunnan based on meteorological factors(70% of the data),then the remaining 30% of the data was tested.The results showed that nine meteorological factors were formed into three principal components by principal component analysis. As the input factors of ANFIS model,3 principal components could explain 77.663% of the information of 9 meteorological factors. According to the multicollinearity test,the VIF of the LR model was less than 10,and the precipitation at 24 o'clock,the average 2-minute wind speed,the average daily relative humidity and the daily minimum relative humidity could be obtained,then they were inputted into the model as independent variables of the LR model. According to the screening results of meteorological factors of the two models,the main influencing factors of shrubbery fire in central Yunnan were temperature,wind speed and humidity. By comparing the results of ANFIS and LR model,the accuracy of ANFIS training set was 12% higher than that of LR model,and the accuracy of test set was 10% higher than that of LR model. The ANFIS training set value was 0.96,the test set AUC value was 0.88,and the LR model AUC values were 0.875 and 0.816,respectively. The results showed that the ANFIS model had better adaptability to the model of forest fire in central Yunnan. Results of the research can provide some scientific basis for shrubbery fire prediction in central Yunnan.

    Study of Adaptability of the Primary Afforestation Species in Chongyi County,Jiangxi Province Based on Random Forest
    HUANG Jincheng, LIU Hongsheng, NING Jinkui, OUYANG Xunzhi, ZANG Hao
    2022, 0(2):  117-125.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.016
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    Based on forest management inventory data and five primary forestation species (Cunninghamia lanceolata,Pinus massoniana,Schima superba,Melia azedarach and Choerospondias axillaris),the adaptability models of forestation species were constructed to predict adaptability for afforestation sites in Chongyi County,Jiangxi Province. The input variables contained elevation,slope,aspect,position,soil type,parent rock,soil thickness,and thickness of soil humus,the output variable was growth adaptability. The results showed that the training accuracy of adaptability models for 5 forestation species were 88.69%,93.13%,95.54%,93.86% and 98.92%,respectively. In addition,the generalization accuracy of adaptability models for 5 species were 72.79%,84.18%,77.99%,81.22% and 80.56%,respectively. Site factors greatly affecting the adaptability of coniferous species were thickness of soil humus,elevation and soil thickness,while the driver factors for broad-leaved species depended on species. The species adaptability models based on random forest could analyze the adaptability for forestation species,and extract the comfortable growth environment. Thus,the established models could provide support to the problem of matching species to sites and the improvement of regional forest quality.

    Inversion Research of Forest Stock Volume Using the Red Edge Bands of Sentinel-2A
    LONG Zhihao, LUO Peng, XU Dengping, LI Zhen, DAI Huabin
    2022, 0(2):  126-134.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.017
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    Accurate and efficient estimation of forest stock volume is useful for measuring forest health and evaluating the carbon sequestration capacity of forests. The red-edge band is sensitive to vegetation chlorophyll changes,but its validity in forest stock volume estimation needs further verification. To explore the feasibility of red-edge band in estimating forest stock volume,the Xingning district of Nanning City was used as the study area,and different sets of modeling variables were constructed based on Sentinel-2A images to extract common band reflectance,red-edge band reflectance,common vegetation index and red-edge vegetation index,and the forest stock volume was estimated by multiple linear regression and random forest algorithm. The forest resources planning and design survey results data was used as the actual measurements for model accuracy evaluation. By comparing the modeling effects of the models and variable sets,the influence of the red-edge band on the estimation accuracy of the forest stock volume was analyzed. The results showed that the red-edge vegetation index was significantly correlated with the forest stock volume (P<0.01),and the forest stock volume estimation accuracy of the red-edge vegetation index variable set was significantly better than the other variable sets in different variable sets; among the two estimation models,the random forest model was more effective,and the accuracy of the random forest model was better than that of the multiple linear regression model in all variable sets. The random forest model using the variable set 4 achieved the highest estimation accuracy with R2,RMSE,and RRMSE of 0.66,28.63,and 23.54%,respectively. It can be concluded from the study that the red-edge band information of Sentinel-2A can be effectively used for remote sensing estimation of forest stock volume,which can provide a reference for efficient monitoring and management of forest resources by remote sensing.

    Soil Physicochemical Properties of Betula platyphylla Secondary Forest Under Different Disturbances in Daxing' anling
    SA Rula, HU Richa, YU Xiaoyu, WANG Zirui
    2022, 0(2):  135-140.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.018
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    Soil physical and chemical properties directly affect forest growth and forest ecosystem health and stability. This research took Betula platyphyllain northern Daxing'anling with forest fire disturbance,the cutting interference and artificial stripe interference as the research object,selected a total of 11 indexes of soil physical and chemical properties,such as pH,soil organic matter,etc,used the subjective and objective comprehensive assignment method combining analytic hierarchy process (ahp) and entropy weight methodto determine the synthesis weights,and at the same time,by applying the method of grey correlation,the soil fertility status was evaluated by calculating the comprehensive indexes of each soil. The results showed that soil available P and soil organic matter accounted for 0.233 and 0.165,respectively,which indicated that soil available P and soil organic matter were important factors affecting soil fertility. Soil values from big to small were in the order of 0.88 (artificial stripe interference),0.74 (the cutting interference),0.65 (interference) on fire,showing the birch forest soil fertility was the best in artificial stripe interference,the birch forest soil fertility was the worst in fire interference,showing that reasonable moderate artificial measureswouldbe conducive to the birch forest soil fertility improvement. The results will provide a scientific basis for the formulation of effective measures to improve the ecological function of Betula platyphylla secondary forest in Daxing'anling.

    Effects of Short-Term Simulated Warming on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of Pinus tabulaeformis Plantations in Daqing Mountain
    FENG Ru, HAO Chenyang, MA Xiuzhi, LI Yiqian, LI Changsheng, ZHANG Zhijie
    2022, 0(2):  141-148.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.019
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    Climate warming has an important impact on the structure and function of forest ecosystems. The effects of warming on soil physical and chemical properties of Pinus tabulaeformis plantations in Daqing Mountain of Inner Mongolia were studied by open top chamber (OTC) to simulate temperature rise,and the possible mechanism of global warming on soil ecosystem was revealed. The results showed that :1) After simulated warming for 1 year,the atmospheric temperature of the OTC device increased by 0.65℃ on average compared with the control,with the largest increase in summer (1.18℃) and the smallest increase in winter (0.24℃). Atmospheric humidity increased 0.83 % compared with the control,with the largest increase (1.75%) in autumn and the smallest increase (0.12%) in winter. 2) Soil temperature at 5,10,20 and 40 cm depth increased by 1.07,1.41,1.12 and 0.59℃,respectively. The warming led to the decrease of soil moisture in each layer,in which the soil layers at 5,10 and 20 cm were 4.26%,3.86% and 6.5% lower than those of the control,respectively. The soil moisture in the lower 40 cm layer increased by 1.37% compared with the control. 3) Warming increased soil pH,0~10cm soil layer increased by 0.07,10~20cm soil layer increased by 0.9.4) Warming decreased the contents of soil carbon and nitrogen in the growing season,and the contents of soil organic carbon,readily oxidized organic carbon and total nitrogen in the surface layer of 0~10cm were 12.79%,11.28% and 5.32% lower than those in the control,respectively. These indicators in the 10~20cm soil layer decreased by 8.57 %,11.43%,1.79% respectively. Warming also reduced soil C/N ratio,in which 0~10 cm and 10~20 cm decreased by 10.47% and 9.14%,respectively.

    Characteristics of Soil Moisture and its Response to Seasons in Typical Grassland in the Loess Plateau of Northern Shaanxi
    XIANG Ting, AI Ning, LIU Guangquan, LIU Changhai, YANG Ni, JIA Yuru, GU Mengyi
    2022, 0(2):  149-156.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.020
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    In order to clarify the soil moisture characteristics of grassland in the loess region of northern Shaanxi and its response to seasons,this paper selected the grassland of Jinfoping Watershed in Wuqi County as the research object,and analyzed the soil moisture characteristics of grassland in the research area by using positioning monitoring method. The results showed that:1) there were significant differences in soil moisture content in different seasons (P<0.05),and the general pattern was spring>autumn >summer. 2) The soil water content of grassland had obvious fluctuation with the seasons,especially in the 0~100cm soil layer,and the change was small and relatively stable below 100cm soil layer. The drying intensity of grassland soil in different seasons was light drying,and the drying index ranged from 0.21% to 1.03%. 3) The deficit degree of water storage in autumn showed a trend of first increasing and then decreasing,and gradually decreased with the increase of soil depth,while the deficit degree of soil water in spring showed a trend of fluctuation decreasing and tended to be stable with the increase of soil depth. 4) The precipitation supplemented the soil moisture of the grassland below 100cm,and the performance of different slope direction and slope position was different.

    Effects of Forestry Drought Stress on Leaf Structure Traits and Leaf Pigment Content of Agriophyllum squarrosum
    ZHANG Jiaqi, ZHENG Dongmei, ZHU Kai
    2022, 0(2):  157-163.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.021
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    The annual herb Agriophyllum squarrosum is an important economic herb for vegetation restoration and construction in the arid area of Northwest China. At present,the impact of drought stress on the functional properties of its leaves has not been fully clarified,which limits the application scenario and ecological use of it to a certain extent. Taking A.squarrosum as the research object,this paper set up four pot water control experiments with water gradients (CK,LD,MD and ED treatments were 90% ± 5%,70%±5%,50%±5% and 30%±5% of the field water capacity respectively),to explore the response characteristics of structural characters of upper and lower leaves and photosynthetic pigment content of A.squarrosum to different degrees of drought stress. The results showed that:1) the response of leaf traits of A.squarrosum at different leaf positions to drought was basically the same. With the increase of drought stress,the specific leaf area (SLA),leaf relative water content (LRWC),total chlorophyll content (Chl) and chlorophyll a content of A.squarrosum leaves decreased significantly,but the time difference of light drought treatment (LD treatment) was not significant. 2) Although the leaf tissue density (LTD) and dry matter content (LDMC) increased gradually with the degree of drought stress,the difference among the treatments did not reach a significant level. 3) The content of chlorophyll b (Chl b) decreased only slightly under drought,and the content of carotenoid (Car) changed little among drought treatments. 4)Under the four water treatments,there were significant differences in leaf position between SLA and LRWC of A.squarrosum leaves,the SLA of upper leaves was 12.34% higher than that of lower leaves,and its LRWC was 4.37% lower than that of lower leaves. There was a significant interaction between drought stress and leaf position on LRWC in A.squarrosum leaves. Therefore,when selecting A.squarrosum for large-scale vegetation restoration,the relative water content of leaves can be used as an important physiological index to measure the individual adaptation of A.squarrosum to soil water changes. The results can provide a theoretical reference for vegetation restoration and sustainable ecological management of forest and grass in sandy areas.

    Assessment and Optimization of Recreation Value Perception in Forest Parks in the Context of National Parks: A Case Study of Horseshoe Temple Forest Park
    LI Lanli, YANG Ali, WANG Jiyun
    2022, 0(2):  164-171.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2022.02.022
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    Guided by the theory that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,recreation has become one of the sustainable utilization ways of national parks. The evaluation of recreation value is helpful to optimize the planning of recreation utilization of national parks and promote the construction of ecological civilization of national parks.Horseshoe Temple Forest Park in the pilot area of Qilian Mountain National Park was used as a case site,and its recreation value evaluation system was constructed by drawing on the research results of other scholars on recreation value,so as to comprehensively evaluate the recreation value of forest parks. The five value factors (the recreation value of resources endowment,the recreation value of ecosystem,the recreation value of transportation network,the recreation value of infrastructure,and the recreation value of park management) of the "Horseshoe Temple Forest Park Recreation Value Evaluation Index System" were perceptually scored,and the results showed that the recreation value of ecosystem> the recreation value of resources> the recreation value of infrastructure> the recreation value of park management.The recreation values of these aspects were in the range of 3.5 to 5.0,and all belonged to positive perception; the recreation value of transportation network was the lowest,which was a neutral perception. Through discussion and analysis,relevant suggestions were made on the recreation value in five aspects,in order to provide new ideas for the assessment of the recreation value of national parks and provide effective strategies for the high-quality development of national parks.