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    28 April 2015, Volume 0 Issue 2
    The analysis onthe present situation,development stages and trend of the Chinese wolfberry industry
    CAOLin, ZHANG Ailing
    2015, 0(2):  3-8.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.002
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    In the last ten years, wolfberry industry had entered a stage of rapid development, and had shown the four characteristics including the rapid expansion of the scale of planting,the continuous optimization of planting structure, the gradually improving of level of processing and the regional differentiation of the level of industrial development. From the perspective of life cycle, the wolfberry industry of our country was in the transition period from growth stage to maturity stage, although each industrial sector was in the different stages of the life cycle. In future,the wolfberry industry would stay on the upswing,and at the same time, the growth would fall further, the optimization of industrial stricture would accelerate, and the level of industrialization would rise fast. It would be foreseeable that the wolfberry industry would show the following characteristics. Fist,the reversal of supply and demand would lead to more intense competition. Second, the innovation has become the new power of the innustry. Thirr, the ecologicalization would become the distinct characteristics. Fourth, the industry convergence would become the new growth point. The last, the industry chain would realize the divergence and reorganization. It would be expected to provide the decision basis for the district government in making the development strategy of wolfberry industry correctly by the analysis above.
    Review on industrialization system and operation strategy analysis of the Chinese biological industry tree,Idesia polycarpa Maxim
    LIU Dejing, YAN Ping
    2015, 0(2):  9-12.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.003
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    dsin polycuopon ,as an important oil crop, is highly adapable and widesped in China. In recemt yrsrselomen of lhe chemica producet based on lhe raw malera has been wlll poresee., while lhe ai culivaion lechnioe of 1. polyaopn had gou maure gadull For providing a busic da suppont for lhe feasblil of is insriaiain development, we introdue briely the econonie vaules and the nomal gouls of 1. polycarn and proped am inusririain system and buinenes strateg.
    Analyzing of the Influences of the Utilization of Forest Resources on the Forestry Sustainable Development 一Taking Guizhou Province as an Example
    TAO Zeliang, CHEN Weihong
    2015, 0(2):  13-19.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.004
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    Compared to the state situation, taking Guizhou province as an example,this paper analyzes the problem of forest resources use and forestry development and hence the cause of them by using synthetic data and dualistic Logistic model. Results:The land for forest in Guizhou province is relatively richer but the use ratio of it remains to enhance. As the mainstay of forest management-grassroots forest agencies have the weak strength to the management of land for forest. The following factors are obvious signifi-cance ,especially the quality of land for forest : The level of farmer education, forest quality, the scale of forest managing, the proportion of forest earning to total revenue, with or without suitable land for forest,government subsidies. The city,county and township government has inadequate attention to forest devel-opment and unreasonably use land for forest. To solve these problems above, the paper provides the coun-termeasure and advice.
    Research about the Strategy of Transnational Organised Wildlife Crime
    WANG Xinmeng, JIANG Nan
    2015, 0(2):  20-24.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.005
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    Transnational wildlife crime (TEC) is a type of crime with high profits and low risks, which drifted organised criminals involved transnational wildlife crime. TEC not only forces certain wild species closing to extinction and threats environmental security, but also threats national security through destroying border management system, Customs management system and financial management system. Combating TEC needs to perfect coordination mechanism between domestic law enforcement agencies, and international cooperation among range states.
    Survey on Illegal Trade in Endangered Medicinal Species in China’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Wholesale Markets
    YIN Feng, MENG Meng, XU Ling, LIU Dingzhen
    2015, 0(2):  25-31.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.006
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    In this survey ,a total of 10 Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) wholesale markets in China were visited and 1 ,082 pieces of data on trade volume, price and source of 15 endangered medicinal species were recorded. 15 endangered medicinal species are Aquilaria Spp. , Cordyceps sinensis , Cistanche Spp , Gekko gecko , Zaocys dhumnades , Aghistrodon acutus , Bungarus multicinctus, Hawksbill( Eretmochelys imbricata ) shell , Bear( Ursus thibetanus and U. arctos ) bile, Musk ( Moschus spp. ) , Tiger( Panthera tigris) bone, Leopard ( Panthera pardus, Neofelis nebulosa and Uncia uncia, ) bone , Rhino ( Rhinoceros spp. ) horn , Saiga( Saiga tatarica ) horn and Pangolin( Manis spp. ) scale. It is founded that the open illegal wildife trade is not serious , however;it is still common in Black market. Very little tiger bone , leopard bone and rhino horn was found ,only0.8% and 1. 4% dealers claimed to have tiger bone and rhino horn for sale ,all of them mentioned the 1993 trade ban. The implementation of Special Mark System of China Wildlife Management and Utilization has succeeded in decreasing the illegal trade in marked medicinal species. Some endangered medicinal species come from other countries. It is recommendation that amend laws or regulations , strengthen capacity building and improve law enforcement effectiveness, es-tablish the market and trade monitoring system and increase public awareness of wildlife conservation to reduce the illegal trade.
    Case analysis of endangered species and products smuggling -take the smuggling case seized by Xiamen Customs in nearly eight years as an example
    CHAI Zheng, WANG Zhen, ZHANG Wei
    2015, 0(2):  32-36.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.007
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    In this paper , we reviewed the endangered species and products smuggling cases seized by Xiamen Customs from 2006 to 2013 , and analyzed the number of cases, the nature of the cases ,and entry exit characteristics of the cases and other aspects. Further , the key reasons for smuggling endangered species and their products were explored. Then we put forw ard some countermeasures and suggestions to curb and fight smuggling endangered species and products.
    Discussion on the Necessity to continue advancing Coastal Shelter Forest System Project Development
    LUO Xifang
    2015, 0(2):  37-40.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.008
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    The second phase construction plan of national coastal shelter forest system will be ended in 2015. Through the second phase of planning and construction, great achievements of the project have been completed, but there is still a large room for growth and development potential. In order to implement the ecological civilization construction general requirements and further promote the development of the coast?al shelter forest,whose ecological economic and social benefits can be given fully play,this article discus?ses the necessities of continuing to push forward the coastal shelter forest system construction from eight aspects, the purpose of which is to draw great attention of the government departments at all levels and the whole society, so that they can introduce the later period relevant construction plan of coastal shelter forest system.
    Quality problems and countermeasures of forest resources in Guizhou province
    CHEN Ting,JIN Xiaoqi
    2015, 0(2):  41-44.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.009
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    The quality problems of Guizhou forest resources were summarized and the causes were analyzed. To strengthen the forest management in Guizhou province, the countermeasures were put forward to improve the quality of forest resources.
    Problems and Suggestions in Forest Resources Monitoring in Beijing Mountain Area-A Case Study in Yanqing, Beijing
    2015, 0(2):  45-48.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.010
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    Forest resources in Beijing mountain area play an important role in Beijing eco-city construction. According to the law inconsistent inside, long monitoring period, Inadequate use of high-tech and other problems, Make a series of rationalization proposals, such as monitoring system integration, standardization ,and continue to enhance the monitoring equipment and techniques and soon, which has important implications for improving forest resources dynamic monitoring system of Beijing mountainous area.
    Characteristics of Carbon Monitoring on LULUCF in China
    GAO Xianlian
    2015, 0(2):  49-54.  doi:10.13466/j.enki.lyzygl.2015.02.011
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    Focus on the green gas inventory of forestry in China , this thesis gives a brief introduction of the main points and criteria about the series guides proposed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of Unite Nation, and illustrates the progresses have been made in China , discusses the scenario that we would face about the carbon monitoring in the field of LULUCF. After discussing the works and experiences about the LULUCF green gas inventory made by advanced countries , such as US, Europe Unions , Canada , this thesis suggests two approaches dealing with the LULUCF carbon monitoring, one is developing on the Nation Forest Inventory sample plots system, the other is building a new large-scale LU LUCF plot-zone system,in the goal to promote the LULUCF carbon monitoring to the international level.
    Evaluation of Forest Carbon Sequestration Potential in China Based on Factor Analysis
    XU Shanshan
    2015, 0(2):  55-63.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.012
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    The author selected 14 original variables such as woodland area , forest area , afforestation area , controlling area of forest diseases, pests and forest rats and so on to evaluate forest carbon sequestration potential in China with the method of factor analysis. The author drawls the conclusion:he amount of forest resources is the most important factor that influences forest carbon sequestration potential, which is fol lwed by forest ecological construction factor, forestry industry development and investment factor, forest disasters prevention, control and climate factor. The 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions are divided into five gradients according to the comprehensive score of forest carbon sequestration development potential. As a result, the author puts forward corresponding measures to improve forest carbon sequestration potential.
    Study on Growth Model for Cunninghamia lanceolata Competition based on W_V_Hegyi Tree Competition Index
    FANG Xiaona, LI Jiping, SUN Hua, CAO Xiaoyu, ZHAO Chunyan
    2015, 0(2):  64-69.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.013
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    Based on the retest data of young ,half-mature and near-mature Cunningharnia lanceolata ecological forest in Fushoushan National Forest Park of Hunan,and the correlation among Hegyi,V Hegyi,W_V_Hegyi, the three competition index, the W_V_Hegyi which was the strongest one was chosed to construct individual competition tree model. According to the above, the weighted average tree height as the weight of DBH growth,then rebuilded the individual tree model. And quantitative analysis was carried out on the competition index of the diameter class,and the regression analysis method was used to build prediction model of diameter class competition index and diameter class growth model. The diameter class growth model was constructed based on the weight DBH growth and W_V_Hegyi competition index,in order to provida new way for simulation from individual to stand.
    Research of compatible One-Way and Two-way Tree Volume Models of Prunus armeniaca and Aspen in Gansu Province
    GUO Xinyu, CAO Zhong, FENG Zhongke, SHEN Dengeng, XuHaoxiang, FAN Yongiang
    2015, 0(2):  70-75.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.014
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    In order to establish the one-way and two-way tree volume models for Gansu province and improve their accuracy, the paper took Prunu sarmeniaca and Aspen as the research object and applied electronic theodolite to obtain precise data of standing tree in a nondestructive way. By using simultaneous equation of error variance, double-element tree volume equation NDBH duality standing tree volume equation and tree height diameter model were constructed, which provided scientific basis for the estimation of forest stock volume in relevant tree species. The compatibility of the standing tree volume equation was derived from the classic Yamamoto and Tibetan two-way tree volume models as well as index tree height model, followed by an overall evaluation of the newly-established model with six indexs. It was revealed by the result that both two-way tree volume models could yield good results. The average prediction error of two-way tree volume table and prunusarmeniaca DBH unitary-volume table is 2. 12% and2. 58% respectively. In terms of aspen binary volume table and DBH unitary volume table,the average prediction error is 1. 57% and 2. 01% respectively. Therefore ,the models of this article can be used to estimate the volume of prunusarmeniaca and aspen in Gansu Province.
    Study on Competition Stress Index of Quercus mongolica Secondary Forest
    LV Feizhou, LI Xinjian, FENG Qiang, LV Yong
    2015, 0(2):  76-82.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.015
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    To study the competition mechanism of trees,and optimize it,s structure and adjust thinning technology to Wangqing Quercus monyolica secondary forest, this article builds the crown model of the Quercus monyolica free-tree and the influential factor and the circle of influence symbiotic mode judgment factor. Based on the 108 of the Quercus monyolica advantages trees data,using regression analysis,adjusting the coefficient associated with the construction of crown and DBH model of Quercus mongolica advantage trees,the result for CW =0. 1094 +0. 2998 * D. Based on the definition of forest competition,the influential factor was used to determine the competition wood of the object wood. The symbiotic mode between the influence circle of objects wood and the influence circle of competition wood was divided into four types,the determine factors affecting the symbiotic circle FSI was used to judge the symbiotic mode and calculate the various symbiotic mode crown overlapping area. Based on different models, the corresponding competitive pressure index CSI measurement model was used to calculate the value. And the case was studied,the CSI value of the sample tree was 439.
    A Study on Stand Growing Rules of Pinus yunnanensisNatural Secondary Forest Stand in Yipinglang Forest Farm
    CHEN Jianzhen, HE Chao, XU Yanhong
    2015, 0(2):  83-88.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.016
    Asbtract ( 192 )   PDF (1397KB) ( 162 )  
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    The growth regularity of Pinus yunnanensis natural secondary forest stand in Yipinglang forest farm was studied, basing on the stem analysis data, with the methods of standard plot and stem analysis. Six theoretical equations :a power function type , parabolic type , logistic type , logarithmic curve type, michael schumacher type were used to established the growth model systems of average tree and dominant tree with MATLAB statistic software. Then the optimal mathematical growth models were chosen by regression analysis. The results showed that : the fitting precision of the optimal mathematical growth models between 96. 67% and 98. 97%. It was thus clear that the predicting effects of these models had good ftting precision and adaptabilty for the tree growth process ,so they could be used to predict the study area of Pinus yunnanensis natural secondary forest growth process There are two fast-growing period of average tree and dominant tree, which as 5- 10 years and 35 - 40 years. Proper intermediate cutting was suggested during the age of 10 -15 years ,40 -45 years ,so as to promote the fast growth of stand. . The current annual volume increment curve and mean annual volume increment curve didn’t meet in the 50 years, indicating that the forest didn't reach its quantitative maturity age , and its quantitative maturity stage was after 50 years. In the 50 years,the total volume increment and the current annual volume increment of the dominant tree are 4 and 5 times more than that of the average tree ,showing strong beneficial in artificial selection.
    Diversity analysis of keteleeria evelyniana forest community and population dy namics predict by time series at yunnan plateau
    SHU Shumiao, ZHAO Yangyi, Guan Pingao
    2015, 0(2):  89-96.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.017
    Asbtract ( 203 )   PDF (1445KB) ( 227 )  
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    In order to explore species diversity and population temporal variation of keteleeria evelyniana community in yunnan plateau, keteleeria evelyniana community of Yunan Forest-Nature Center Jindian Kunming were investigated and analyzed by typical sampling method. The results show that Keteleeria evely niana forest communities in the investigation of the total 70 species of seed plants , belonging to 38 families and 63 genera. Taking the important value of main treespecies of arbor layer as clustering variables, the P. keteleeria evelyniana community could be div ided into fore association types by means of hierarchical cluster analysis: Assoc. P. keteleeria evelyniana - heteleeria evelyniana + Camellia oleifera - Ageratina adenophora ;Assoc. P. keteleeria evelyniana - Camellia oleifera - Ageratina adenophora ;Assoc. P. heteleeria evelyniana - Camellia oleifera + Myrsine africana - Ageratina adenophora + Ficus tikoua; AssoC.P. keteleeria evelyniana - Myrsine africana - Ageratina adenophora. Overall each cluster Shannon diversity index , Simpson dominance index , Pielou evenness index and Margalef richness index have obvious change. Effect of numerical size by association coverage,existence time and position. Time series analysis show that the strong growth trend of Keteleeria evelyniana populations in next a period of time. So Keteleeria evelyniana community in the overall development stage.
    Spatial pattern of carbon density of the vegetation ecosystem with different restoration age on a mining site of Shouyun Iron Ore Mine, Beijing
    Yan Demin1, Zhao Fangying, Zhang Siyu
    2015, 0(2):  97-101.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.018
    Asbtract ( 173 )   PDF (1355KB) ( 152 )  
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    Adopt the method of space instead of time,we seleted the vegetation which was covered with caryi ng soil and ecologicoc vegetation campe during 9 years as rsereh oljets in Beiin Shouyum Iron Ore Mine. Spatial paltem of cahon density of vegetatin wih dfen rstoraion age was sudied The resuls show that the carbon density of boh aboveground and root decrased firsly and then increase with the years flwoe and it began lo slabli afer the 5th year. Liters cabhon densiy incresed floed restoraton ages .umil the 6th year it reached sabiliaion conditin. Soil organic carbhon of rstorartion vegetation system inre gral .and soil catom densit of natural veti aroumd was as2.07-2.87 times as that of each level of restoration vegelation. There is great onganic carhon sequstration plentita in soil of iron ore mine.
    Variation of Soil Organic Carbon Storage in fir Forests under the Grain for Green Program
    HE Xuezhi, CHEN Xiangang, ZHANG Rui, LI Xin, W ANG Yanxia, JIANG Lei
    2015, 0(2):  102-106.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.019
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    To get more informain about the impacl of lhe Grain for Green Program on soil organic carbon pol. ,soil samples were clele and ase also .from the fir forest in Snjingu lownship, Xingyi mnicipali .Guihou Province, icludin cmpland and six slands wih the difefen age . The resuht show that the soil buk densiy dereses wih stand age by an anmal raule of4. 27% in 0 ~ 60cm layer. The soil bulk density icrerses wih the deep of sol layer. The soil onganic cabhon suornge in fir foretis decraes wih sand age by an amal rate of9.27% in the first 5 years afer afortatio and icrses by an anmual rate of8. 44% from 6 lo 11 years. Bu the soil organie carhon suonge in he fir forest has nol egained that level in frmland at the 11 yer afer aorertitro The soil organice carbhon stornge in fir forets deres with the deep ouf soil layer.
    Regional ecological security dynamic asessment of Jiangxi Province based on RS and GIS
    YANG shanshan, Z0U changxin, SHEN weishou, SHEN rumping, ZUO huiting, Li zhongliang
    2015, 0(2):  107-115.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyxyel.2015.02.020
    Asbtract ( 195 )   PDF (1763KB) ( 129 )  
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    Based on RS and CIS technoo ,a regiona co-scoi assn sstem comsits of regiona ecological background, coystem structure and stabli,landscape structure and exemal inerferene combined wih cological securit asesnn and forest costem heath evaluation . In this study ,evaluation unit was a grid which is 250m x 250m With the spp of coficinie of vriaio metod AHP and comprehensive evaluation mechod,a set of regiona cologica scurit asesn was cnstncted The resuts analyzed the eological securit and is trend in Jiangxi povinice Fom 20000 to 2010. During this period,, ecological securit index mose from 63. 0794 to 63.2933. They showed that the co-securt indexes value was larger and the ecologicac security situation was in a reavl sate level which indicaed that this rgion was gra clolcal stale and securwe. the cological comlition of Jiangi prvine had improved. In the analysi of cological securit evaluation resuls of 11 cities in Jiangxi Province, we find that Fuhou City ,Jingdeche Ciy ,Ji' an City,Yichum City and Yingan City have higher levels of colocal scurirytwhmie the coloicac scurit le of Pingxing City ,Nanchang, Xingu City ,Shangao City and Ganzhou City is rlatively lower.
    Spectral unmixing of MODIS data based on improved endmember purification model application to forest type identification
    CHEN Li, LIn Huir, TA0Ji
    2015, 0(2):  116-124.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.021
    Asbtract ( 171 )   PDF (2648KB) ( 91 )  
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    Because of high spectral and lempora rsoluionus arge coverage ,and low cosl,MODIS(Moderale Resoution Imaging Serordioionere da has ben widely lused lo quickly extral information of for est types aul regional ,naina and global scales. However is coase spaial resouio ofen leads lo mised pixels and low cssisatio acuracy of forest types. Using seta ummixing can,to some extent,incrase the acurce of casisaio But, how 1lo acurately entract pure endmembers for a study area ofenei an great callnge. The seleion of liner or non-linor sectra unmixing algoritim is anoher callnge. In this study ,a merhod 1 extraet endmembers from MoODIS images was developed. In this mehod the time sries of MODIS derived vegetation index was fist derived and the phenologca variaio of forest trpes were analyed. Decisio treee casificsit ion was then conducled and the obuaine resuls were used lo ex-.trnct endmembers. In adino fo comparson, the casictio was also made using a widely lused clasi fier - maximum ielihoo. Theee impie that liner spetal umming was the best reanlss of wih and without cosrainsns then maximum ikelihoo casicati and nm-liner speral ummixing.
    Framework of dynamic analysis and modelling forest above-ground biomass by multi-mode remote sensing information
    SHI Jun, TIANXin, YAN Min
    2015, 0(2):  125-132.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.022
    Asbtract ( 199 )   PDF (1376KB) ( 153 )  
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    Forest dominates the global carbon cycle and forest above-ground biomas(ACB) has been the critica index for carbon seuestratio capaciy,the main parameler of cabhon budgel, he maleria basis for oher ecogical functions. However,any individual mehod such as fores-inventory -based mehod remooesensing-baned melhlod, lrobsovaron-baind method and clogicl-mooe mehod, canmon describ the forest AGB and its dynamic information eficienl.l In orler lo geneat uhe hih-prcision time-space-se-ries,physielcuanli sy nery forest AGB and is dynamic produces , this study proposes the new idea and methodology for improving the space-time series modeling forest AGB , that is , the framework of the remote sensing dynamic information model will be established by use of new -prototype and multi-mode remote sensing data and their products , by the knowledge of dynamic information of forest ecological process and the characteristics from various observation data ,and by data assimilation algorithm.
    Physiological responses of wetland vegetation in salt stress environment
    Wei Wei, Li Shengnan, Zhu Yaojun, Guo Jia, Yu Yilei
    2015, 0(2):  133-137.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyxygl.2015.02.023
    Asbtract ( 184 )   PDF (1377KB) ( 93 )  
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    Comparing the ion content, biomass, soil PH, total salt quantity etc. of three plants species in the higher salt conditions of 3. 5% NaCI solution, Suaeda glauca , Sedum spetabiles and Puccinellia tenuifolia showed stronger salt tolerance in salt stress environment in their growth process. Among them , Suaeda glauca displayed a stronger ability to collect Na+ and K + in the plant while it produced a large
    Study on Status and management strategy of Forest Health in Shisanling Forest Farm in Bejjing
    PENG Qiang,YUAN Shibao,0U Yang ,XU Chengyang ,GAN Jin
    2015, 0(2):  138-146.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyxygl.2015.02.024
    Asbtract ( 185 )   PDF (1131KB) ( 193 )  
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    This sludy firsaly analyes problems existing in the Shisanling Foret Farm,such as lack of tree specis divesitl and imblance of forel slrucure. An evaluaion syslem for heah of foresl eosystsm is develped, uilding on finding from prevou sudie; Baed on survey data, health evaluation for forest resources of 40 compartments ,798 sub-compartments in an area of 8504. 88 hectares were conducted at comprment and sub-ompatment level rspeptivly According to the evaluation resuls,forest health management solutions put forward.
    Review on forest pest disaster losses assessment
    LIANGQianling, LIU Ping, CHENMeng, LIUZhongun, SHENGZhaohu, SU Tinge
    2015, 0(2):  147-153.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.025
    Asbtract ( 195 )   PDF (1087KB) ( 119 )  
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    In recent years, the sustaining severe forest pest disaste in China,has seriously endangered the forest heath. Soienic ascsmsn on the loss of forest pest distses, which is the theorcial foundaion for the dsase prevention and mitigat ion decisions,is of great sgnficance to the sutaiable developmen of oesry. This arile dlears the concete content of forest pest distser . amnd makes an itroution o the recareh pogress, including the indicaos, methods of the assnne on forest pest disaster lose. Furhemore dirctios are given to the further research on the basis of a better understanding of the research status.
    Discussion on the Abandoned Quarry Vegetation Recovery And Reuse in Resource-exhausted City 一Taking the Retrieved Green Project of the Northern Side of Huangingshan in HuangShi City As an Example
    ZHANG Qifeng ,SHI Zhangsheng ,ZHU Jin,FAN BoLin
    2015, 0(2):  154-158.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.026
    Asbtract ( 251 )   PDF (1094KB) ( 178 )  
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    0pencast mine is a kind of lad-ue type which cause major damage to the cological environ ment and waste of land resources, such areas have beome one of the most serious damage to the ecologo cal eniomn of the region. A lare mumber of nining in oerpi mining made hunghi huanghi into the rorcr-eshausne dity .for the abandoned quary imlenemin of vegtation reconer and reuse has become one df the imporant contens of the cologica emv imment consmuctio in HuangShi ciy. Taking the rtrieve green projiet of the nothem side of Huanginghan mountain in Huanghi city as an example. .based on deailed ivnviate and analyses odf he pmjiect area prsent cndi and is bad inu-ece putn foward the pinil of alandoned quary vetaton recover and reuse,aking vegton reorain measure acoci tio the dfifent slope and melod of rutliaio uf linenini n pro. vide nfernc for other abandoned quary vegtation recover and rmuses of rsurce-xtauted crie.
    The Natural Regeneration and its influencing factors of Korean Pine Population in Xiao Xing ’ an mountains
    ZHANG Haijun, ZHANG Shulan, WANG Changbao
    2015, 0(2):  159-162.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.027
    Asbtract ( 225 )   PDF (1067KB) ( 178 )  
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    the natural regeneration of Korean pine species has always been an imporant ise concemed by vegetation coloils To deep undestn uhe naural regen ion proces of Koran pine, is naural update status and influencing factrs are summaried and discussesd from the Korean pine sees,sedling bank,populala ion structure and dynami and comiy structure and diversiy. Now ,the reserves of Kore,am pine seed and seling bunk are fling due lo picking pine nus .and the natul reratin of Kore.an pine populaion is mainly inluene by the ecological fcor,s uch u birds and animals,forest canopy densit,forest gap and deoresatn To protet and mainai the developmen and stbili updatle of Korean pine commumiy ,the measures is recommended by controlin lo pick pine nus protcn widie, moderately cutin or seleiie ctingn,plating conifer and precin broad - leaved tree, and s80 om.
    Study on Status and management strategy of Forest Health in Shisanling Forest Farm in Bejjing
    PENG Qiang,YUAN Shibao,0U Yang,XU Chengyang,GAN Jin
    2015, 0(2):  163-170.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.028
    Asbtract ( 176 )   PDF (1164KB) ( 199 )  
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    This sludy firsaly analyes problems existing in the Shisanling Foret Farm,such as lack of tree specis divesitl and imblance of forel slrucure. An evaluaion syslem for heah of foresl eosystsm is develped, uilding on finding from prevou sudie; Baed on survey data, health evaluation for forest resources of 40 compartments ,798 sub-compartments in an area of 8504. 88 hectares were conducted at comprment and sub-ompatment level rspeptivly According to the evaluation resuls,forest health management solutions put forward.
    Difference of carbon storage in latex of rubber tree in different years
    WANG Chunyan, LI Jianhua, LIU Hanwen, PENG Zongbo, JIiANG Jusheng
    2015, 0(2):  171-175.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.029
    Asbtract ( 216 )   PDF (1821KB) ( 208 )  
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    0bjecive of this study was to inestigate carbon storage in latex of rubber of 11 a, 16 a,21 a, 26 a,31 a-old of clone PR107 during 2011 -2013.. Resuls showed that : monhly mean carbon storage of different age of rubber treee latex was beween 96.03 ~ 193. 22 kg hm -2;with increase of the year,carbon storage declined. Clear dfferenceof of monthly carbon storagein the latex was observedin difference age of rubber tree in different year. And the lowest were appaered in April and December. Dynamic of monthly carbon storage in different year showed different trendin difference age of rubber tree. But the highest carbon storage in the latex basically appeared in the 16 a.21 a .26 a-old rubber tree.
    Research on soil seeds bank of Larix gmelini community in Da Higgan Mountains
    GUO Xin,ZHOU Hai,feng,LU Li na,HE Xiao hui,LI Wei xiang,YANG Hongwei
    2015, 0(2):  176-180.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.030
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    The density ,qualit and verica dstrbuin liter layer ,soil layer 0~5 cm and 5~10 cm)of soil seed bank of13 dfefe cuting type( virgin fores sucesisie cuting forest .dler-eutin foresls )on maturation of Larix gmelini pure forest in Da Hign Moumtains were inestigaued. The resuls showed that cuting forest growuh slatus detemines soil seed densties,scesse cuting forest had the largest seed reserves and clear-cuting forest was minimum; the seed qualities were low and almost 70% seeds were emply in each sland ;soil seeds concentrale distrbution in liter layer, and each stand both had undersory seedings which indicated that the soil seed bank of Larix gmelini pure forest had certain potential of germination.
    Discussion on Characteristics of Forestry Good Governance in Japan Based on Japanese Forest Planning System Vand Forest Owners’ Cooperative System
    WU Shourong, WU Huizhong, Nrihiko Shiraishi
    2015, 0(2):  181-186.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2015.02.031
    Asbtract ( 201 )   PDF (1226KB) ( 80 )  
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    In the theory and pracie of forest reource managemen, Japan has been laking is place in the front ranks of the world. Japanese forest planning system and forest ow ners' cooperative system are the important support for the forest resource management system and maintain scientific ,democratic and highefcien management of forest resources. This paper analyzes forest planning syslem and foreslt owners' copralve system from uhe perspective of forest gvemance ,discuses caraclersis of foresry good governance in Japan, so as to provide references for perfecting our forest resource management system.