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    28 June 2014, Volume 0 Issue 3
    Integrated Management and Administration
    The Investigation on Sattlement of Forest Ownership Disputes in Six Provinces of East China
    HE Meicheng, ZHANG Minghui, WANG Jufang, XU Geng, ZHANG Xiaoxi
    2014, 0(3):  1-6.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.001
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    Based on the settlement of forest ownership disputes in six provinces of east China,the reasons of forest ownership disputes are analyzed,and the good experiences are summarized.Furthermore,in light of the principles,processes and difficulties encountered in settlement of forest ownership disputes,solutions and practice are generated and formalized and recommendations and advices are also made accordingly.
    Legislative Thinking on Indiscriminate Eating of Wildlife
    RUAN Xiangdong, GAO Mingfu
    2014, 0(3):  7-10.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.002
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    This paper outlined the difference between indiscriminate eating of wildlife and legal eating of wildlife and analyzed why indiscriminate eating of wildlife always happened and its harm,also the relevant provisions of the law,and the existing weak points of legal level and understanding level.Suggestions for perfecting the legal system of wildlife conservation and severe punishment on indiscriminately eating wildlife were made. The scope of protection of Wildlife Conservation Law of P.R.China shall be expanded and the policy of universal protection of wildlife implemented. The correct scientific idea of wildlife conservation shall be made clear and the thought of absolute protection avoided. The legal definition of indiscriminate eating of wildlife shall be made clear,the rights and interests of the legal users protected. The management of utilization of wildlife to ensure the use of wildlife of legitimate sources shall be strangthened and the development of wildlife domestication industry encouraged and supported. Efforts shall be made for a total change from the use of field wildlife resources to the use of artificial breeding resources. The provisions of popular science education shall be strenghened and the correct wildlife conservation concept established.
    The Status and Suggestions of Giant Pandas Residing Abroad
    ZHONG Yi, ZHANG Ling
    2014, 0(3):  11-13.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.003
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    Since the first long-term collaborative project of giant panda research and conservation was implemented with Japan in 1994,China has exported 38 Giant Pandas to 18 zoos in 13 countries for the same purpose.42 panda cubs were born overseas,32 were alive and 22 cubs were sent back to their hometown China.The 20 years cooperation made great effects in captive breeding,which strengthened the scientific collaboration with foreign countries,but there still existed some points for improvement.This paper reviews the 20 years progress in Giant Panda cooperation,analyzes the present status and exsistent issues and gives some suggestions for the future cooperation.
    Thinking on Ivory Trade Characteristics and Management System in China
    MENG Meng
    2014, 0(3):  14-17.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.004
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    Based on the elaboration of the conflicts and contradictions between ivory carving art inheritance and elephant protection,this paper emphatically analyzes the traditional ivory trade history,contradiction,complexity and international characteristics.It comprehensively elaborated present situation of the ivory management system,issues of strict control and smuggling trade,public legal consciousness and serious illegal trade for ivory carving profits,sculpture art inheritance raw material shortage and serious problems such as confiscation stock.This paper gives some suggestions about establishing regional international joint law enforcement,strengthening laws and regulations on the management of ivory,establishing the confiscated ivory auction system and strengthening the publicity and transparency of the tagging system,etc.
    Realization Dilemma and Breakthrough of the Saturation Value of Forestland Use Rights
    ZHAO Fa, ZHOU Bohuang, LI Fei
    2014, 0(3):  18-23.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.005
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    The value saturation value of forestland use rights is referred to the relative maximization of the benefits of the transferor,transferee and the ecological benefits on the basis of fair trade.Its precondition of the forestland use rights saturation value is to achieve the standardization,market-oriented,rational and effective technology of forestland use right transfer.Meanwhile,there are many difficulties existing in the implementation of the forestland use rights saturation value,such as the constrains of traditional forestry theory,the circulation and the construction of circulation trading market which is not in place,the transfer price and information disclosure which is not transparent and so on.Through the analysis of the difficulties in its implementation,this paper gives suggestions in the construction and perfection of the forest-related legal system,the improvement of the non-forest employment security system and the definite pricing power.
    Consideration on the Critical Problems of the Forest Resources Management of the State-owned Forest Area in Heilongjiang Province
    WAN Zhifang, ZHANG Qi
    2014, 0(3):  24-26.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.006
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    With the background of the strategic shift and the reform of the state-owned forest right(experiments),this paper discusses the critical forest management problems of the state-owned forest area in Heilongjiang in two aspects.Firstly,from the view of the state-owned forest reform,the critical managament problem is the change of the management object;secondly,from the view of the classification management,the critical management problem is the change of the management purpose.According to the problems,the forest management practices of the state-owned forest area shall be reselected.
    Discussion on Wetland Ecological Compensation Modes
    WANG Qingyao, MA Yongshuang
    2014, 0(3):  27-32.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.007
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    Wetland ecological protection and ecological compensation are an important content of China's ecological protection.Reasonable wetland ecological compensation is directly related to the establishment of long-term mechanism of ecological compensation.Starting from the transfusion eco-compensation and the hematopoietic eco-compensation,the paper analyzes the impact of wetland ecological compensation methods for ecological compensation,discusses the types of wetland ecological compensation of different wetland protection modes.The hematopoietic eco-compensation should be strengthened and combined with the current central financial transfer payment to achieve diversification of wetland ecological compensation modes.
    On Forest Police Propaganda and Cultivation of the Public Awareness of Ecological Civilization
    LU Weiying, JIANG Nan
    2014, 0(3):  33-36.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.008
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    This article expounds the important role of forest police propaganda on the cultivation and improvement of public awareness of ecological civilization,and the insufficient effort in improving public awareness of ecological civilization.It tries to find out the way of enhancing the capacity of publicity work and raising the awareness of ecological civilization,such as theoretical study,function perfection,and strengthening collaboration with related organizations.Suggested solutions are put forward to improve the capacity of forest police propaganda and to cultivate public awareness of ecological civilization.
    Existing Problems and Countermeasures for the Domestic Enterprises Investing in Overseas Forestry
    SHENG Li, JING Tao
    2014, 0(3):  37-41.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.009
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    The Chinese enterprises carrying out the overseas forestry investment is the actual requirement and inevitable choice of meeting the economic globalization,using world resources,expanding international market,accelerating the development of the modern forestry,and promoting the sustainable forest management in the world.The paper introduces the situation of the overseas forestry investment in China.It analyzes the major problems of Chinese enterprises carrying out the overseas forestry investment,and puts forward some relative countermeasures.
    Methods for Improving the Quality of NFI in Inner Mongolia
    GAO Mingfu
    2014, 0(3):  42-44.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.010
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    This paper introduces the National Forest Inventory(NFI)preparations and technical points,field investigation,database building,the operation process of statistical analysis,and quality control.
    Scientific Research
    Study on the Stand Spatial Structure of Pinus massoniana Ecological Forest in Fushou Forest Farm
    CAO Xiaoyu, LI Jiping, FENG Yao
    2014, 0(3):  45-50.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.011
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    In order to optimize spatial structure of the ecological forest,make full use of multiple functions of the ecological forest,the paper took Pinus massonianaecological forest in Fushou as a study object,and analyzed the spatial structure characteristics with five indexas of stand spatial structure including uniform angle index,mingling index,neighborhood comparison,story index and open degree of stand.aiming to provide the basis for the optimization of the spatial structure of the ecological forest of Pinus massoniana.The results showed that the average value of mingling degree of the stands was 0.29,belonging to the transitional type of weak and moderate mingling,mingling degree of tree species was low,and the stability of the stand structure was weak.the average value of neighborhood comparison of DBH of the stands was 0.53,belonging to moderate state,which indicated the number of trees in diameter classes was roughly equal.the average value of uniform angle index was 0.52,which was aggregated distribution,but close to random distribution,the average story index of stand was 0.39,which indicated canopy structure of stand was relatively simple,the average open degree of stand was 0.29,which indicated the trees in the stand were lack of growth space.
    Ecological Restoration and Landscape Construction of the Abandoned Quarries in Beijing
    DAI Na
    2014, 0(3):  51-55.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.012
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    Combined with the Beijing quarry restoration project,this paper studies the quarry types,quarry site transformation,plant species selection and color matching,restoration landscape series expansion and scenic spot design,with an aim to provide experiences for ecological restoration and landscape construction of abandoned quarries in Beijing.
    Differences and Evaluation of Soil Anti-erodibility under Different Defarming Patterns in Typical Karst Region
    JIANG Liwei, TANG Fukai, CUI Ming, FANG Jianmei
    2014, 0(3):  56-61.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.013
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    Soil structure and anti-erodibility under five vegetation restoration types including abandoned farmland(AF),Zanthoxylum bungeanum(ZB),Dodonaea viscosa(DV),Toona sinensis(TS)and Vernicia fordii(VF)were studied in Huajiang canyon demonstration area,Guizhou province with a farmland(CT) as control.The results showed that soil anti-erodibility was improved obviously compared with farmland.All the five de-farming land increased soil organic matter,aggregate reunion condition and reunion degree,while decreased dispersion rate.Aggregate structural damage rate decreased compared with farmland except Dodonaea viscosa.The anti-erodibility index was evaluated by fuzzy membership model,and the order of anti-erodibility with different vegetation restoration types was:TS>AF>VF>DV>ZB>CT.It is suggested that soil anti-erodibility and ecosystem function under restored vegetation is better than that under farmland,natural restoration without human disturbance could be the more adaptive type of vegetation and the better measure for soil erosion control in karst regions.
    Analysis on the Water Conservation Forest Diversity of Badaling Forest Farm
    ZHANG Linyu, LIANG Jing
    2014, 0(3):  62-65.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.014
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    We studied the diversity index of species richness,diversity and uniformity of 16 types of water conservation forests in Badaling forest farm.Results showed that the diversity index change in Xigou pine forest and shaw and black birch forest is in the form of shrub>herb>tree,in other communities it is same with the richness index;in secondary forest of Platycladus orientalis,Robinia pseudoacacia Cotinus coggygria mixed forest,pine forest,Acer truncatum and Huashan pine forest,the diversity index is in the order of herb layer>shrub layer>tree layer,the species diversity among all levels of larch forest community is shrub layer>herb layer>tree layer.
    Analysis on the Correlation between Population Properties and Geographic Variables of Berberis nummularia in South Side of Tianshan,Xinjiang
    YEERJINAG.Baiketuerhan, GULIBAYINA.Abudukapaer
    2014, 0(3):  66-70.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.015
    Asbtract ( 132 )   PDF (1053KB) ( 60 )  
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    Based on temporary data plots in Hora Mountain of Yanqi County,we carried out research on population properties of Berberis nummularia ,analyzed the correlation between Berberis nummularia and geographic variables.The results show that the average population density of Berber is 75.6 / hm2.The sunny slope with an altitude of 750 ~ 920 m is the main habitat distribution.Its spatial distribution pattern is between random and group distributions.Growth vigor has obvious difference in different habitats,which is best in the valleys.Berberis nummularia grows well in the gradient habitats.Community abundance is affected significantly by altitude,slope.Crown width size has a certain gradient change trend with different slope position.
    Relationship between Neighborhood Comparison and Diameter Growth of Secondary Poplar-birch Forest in the Mountains of North Hebei
    HUANG Longsheng, HUO Yanling, JIN Hui, LI Yongning
    2014, 0(3):  71-76.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.016
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    Taking the secondary poplar-birch forest in the mountains of north Hebei as test objects,the reference tree and 4 closest neighboring trees as the spatial structure unit,the width of the tree ring is used for determining the diameter growth to study the relationship between neighborhood comparison and diameter growth.The results show that the most competitive time of the forest trees is 10~20a,which is the best time to manage the forest stand and readjust the density.The reason for formation of Betula platyphylla neighborhood comparison mainly depends on the conditions of the forest growth at its early stage and their competitive ability.Compared with the three neighborhood comparisons,the dominant trees grow better,the middle trees have no obvious growth advantage to the bad state trees.The lower the advantage of the trees is,the lower the relationship between diameter growth and external environment condition is.
    Study on Caloric Values and Carbon Contents of Three Species of Castanopsis in Niumulin Nature Reserve
    LIN Mingchun, YOU Longhui
    2014, 0(3):  77-81.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.017
    Asbtract ( 156 )   PDF (1056KB) ( 65 )  
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    Ash contents(ASC),ash free caloric values(AFCV)and carbon contents(CAC)of different organs from three species of Castanopsis in Niumulin Nature Reserve experimental region were comparatively studied and carbon stock and standing crop of energy of each tree species plantation,simultaneously,estimated.These three 22-year-old species of Castanopsis were Castanopsis fissa,Castanopsis fargesii,Castanopsis lamonteii.The results showed that ASC increased in the order of leaves,root,branch,trunk for these three species of trees,average ASC of these three species of trees increased in the order of C.lamonteii,C.fargesii,C.fissa.AFCV increased in the order of leaves,branch,trunk,root for these three species of trees,average AFCV of these three species of trees increased in the order of C.lamonteii,C.fissa,C.fargesii.CAC increased in the order of trunk,branch,root,leaves for these three species of trees,average CAC of these three species of trees increased in the order of C.fissa,C.fargesii,C.lamonteii.Difference of ASC,AFCV and CAC were significant among different organs of these three species of trees by t test(P<0.01).In addition to the fact that CAC and AFCV were extremely significant positive correlation,other indexes had no significant correlation.Carbon stock and standing crop of energy of these three species plantation increased in the order of C.lamonteii,C.fargesii,C.fissa.
    Study on Biomass and Carbon Storage of Betula platyphylla in Typical Mixed Coniferous and Broadleaf Forest
    LIU Liying, MA Yan, ZHANG Shaoxuan, REN Jiajia, LI Yongning
    2014, 0(3):  82-86.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.018
    Asbtract ( 96 )   PDF (1154KB) ( 61 )  
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    Taking the mixed coniferous and broadleaf forest of Beigou forest farm in Mulan Forestry Bureau as a research object,we carried out a detailed investigation of Betula platyphylla.The biomass of Betula platyphylla was measured by using stratified method for establishing the growth model and calculating the Betula platyphylla biomass and carbon storage in forest. The result shows that (1)Power function is the optimal model of Betula platyphylla biomass.(2)According to the optimal model of Betula platyphylla biomass the total biomass of Betula platyphylla is 43 921.27 kg/ha in stand and carbon storage is 21 433.58 kg/ha. The carbon storage of each organ is respectively 49.72%(trunk),21.04%(Branch),6.14%(leaf),23.10%(root) of the total carbon reserves ratio.Carbon storage distribution is stem>root>branch>leaf in the stand.
    The Carbon Storage Estimate and Forecast of the Shrubbery in Gansu Province
    GONG Wen, GONG Yinxi, XI Cunwa, GONG Jingpin
    2014, 0(3):  87-90.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.019
    Asbtract ( 121 )   PDF (1152KB) ( 54 )  
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    Based on the approaches of the regression analysis,the Markov prediction and the sampling statistics,the study of the development potentials,the forest planting area,the productive forces and the carbon storage potentials of the shrubbery in Gansu province were carried out.The results are as follows:(1)the area of the shrubbery will potentially reach 5,715,000 hm2 till 2050 and non-forest areas will be the potential areas for the development of the shrubbery in the future;(2)the shrubbery is featured by the weak productive forces and the great differences;(3)the shrubbery possesses the abundant carbon storage,which is revealed by the storage of 11,400,000tC in 2011and 23,100,000tC in 2050 respectively and the average carbon density will increase to 4.0421tC.hm-2 from 3.1609tC.hm-2,which benefits from the increase of newly planted shrubbery with the better productive forces.
    Study on the Forest Biomass and Carbon Density under Different Cutting Patterns of Dahurian Larch Forest
    GAO Xiaowei, ZHANG Qiuliang, BAO Ye, WANG Xiaohong, LI Dayong, SHI Xian
    2014, 0(3):  91-96.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.020
    Asbtract ( 120 )   PDF (1118KB) ( 79 )  
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    In this paper,biomass method with different harvesting ways(gradually cutting,clear cutting) 800 Larix gmelinii forest was used to study the original forest harvesting carbon density and its spatial distribution characteristics.The results showed that Larix gmelinii virgin forest aboveground carbon density was 109.60 t/hm2,intermediate cutting forest 58.94 t/hm2,clear cutting forest 47.50 t/hm2,in which the proportion of the tree layer is the largest,followed by litter,herbs and shrubs;tree layer of virgin forest carbon density was 78.63 t/hm2,intermediate cutting forest 33.61 t/hm2,updated forest clear cutting minimum 31.70 t/hm2;shrubs the virgin forest carbon density is 1.12 t/hm2,intermediate cutting forest 0.63 t/hm2,clear cutting forests 0.38 t/hm2;herb virgin forest carbon density is 1.02 t/hm2,intermediate cutting forest was 1.88 t/hm2,clear cutting forest 0.65 t/hm2;virgin forest litter carbon density is 28.84 t/hm2,intermediate cutting forest 22.83 t/hm2,clear cutting forest 14.77 t/hm2.
    Simulation of Soil Moisture Evaporation for Different Types of Bushes in Guizhou Karst Plateau
    TANG Yupin, YANG Rui, DAI Quanhou, YU Lifei
    2014, 0(3):  97-100.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.021
    Asbtract ( 102 )   PDF (1132KB) ( 86 )  
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    To probe the effect of different plant roots on dynamic change of soil moisture and its evaporation process,soil moisture evaporation under several thickets was compared in Guizhou karst plateau.The results showed that as for the change of soil water holding capacity,roots had no significant difference between Berberis aggregate and Cotoneaster horizontalis var.perpusillus,and the maximum soil water holding capacity was Berberis aggregate=Cotoneaster horizontalis var.perpusillus>Cotoneaster dammerii>no bushes;Soil water holding capacity was reduced with the passage of time gradually but its moisture effect was not consistent for different plant roots.With the change of soil moisture cumulative evaporation,it increased with passage of time gradually but its change was different for different plant roots.10 days of the total soil water evaporation in several bushes had the same change trend with the soil maximum moisture capacity.Based on the exponential function model for soil water characteristic curve in several bushes,there was a good correlation between soil water content and soil moisture evaporation time,and the degree of fitting was higher.
    Soil Nutrient Characteristics in Different Aged Pinus massoniana Plantations
    YANG Zhixun, QIN Liangang
    2014, 0(3):  101-104.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.022
    Asbtract ( 113 )   PDF (1042KB) ( 92 )  
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    The nutrient characteristics were studied in view of different aged Pinus massoniana plantations.The results showed that the physicochemical indexes were significantly different at different ages in addition to the pH value of soil.The soil bulk density is the lowest for 1.16 g/cm3 in the mature forest soil,but the water content,available nitrogen and organic matter content of the mature forest soil are the highest,respectively 167 mg/cm3 and 20.17% and 19.38 g/kg;The soil available phosphorus,available potassium,total nitrogen,total phosphorus,total potassium content of near mature forest are the highest,respectively 18.01 mg/cm3,67.86 mg/cm3,1.33 g/kg,0.67 g/kg and 28.18 g/kg;There is a significant relationship between different fertility indexes;According to the calculation results,soil fertility of different aged Pinus massoniana plantations is in such an order from high to low as near mature forest>mature forest>middle age forest>the young forest.
    GAP Analysis-based Study on Hainan Partridge Conservation
    QIU Shengrong, DING Changqing
    2014, 0(3):  105-108.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.023
    Asbtract ( 135 )   PDF (1204KB) ( 127 )  
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    According to Hainan Partridge's distribution,topographic and vegetation data,we used GIS technology to determine its suitable habitat,investigation gap and conservation gap,and then figure out Hainan Partridge's protection status and analyzed its protection gap.The results showed that the suitable habitat of Hainan partridge is mainly distributed in central and southern mountainous regions.The whole distribution area was 13900 km2.The suitable habitat area was 12280 km2,but only 1,140 km2 distributed in these reserves,just occupied 8.2% of the total distribution area.The conservation gaps mainly distributed in the north-central mountainous regions in Hainan Province.
    The Comparative Study on Habitat Selection of Four Ungulates
    YUE Jianbing
    2014, 0(3):  109-112.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.024
    Asbtract ( 206 )   PDF (1033KB) ( 153 )  
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    In this study,we investigated the difference of habitat selection patterns among four ungulates,Takin(Budorcas taxicolor),Serow(Capricornis sumatraensis),Goral(Naemorhedus goral)and Tufted deer(Elaphodus cephalophus)living in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve,Gansu Province.This investigation involved 3336 pieces of effective habitat selection data(vegetation,land form and distance from residential area).We used Vanderloge and Scavia indexes to analyze these data in order to conclude a habitat selection preference of these four species.Our results indicate that small species prefer low-altitude habitat.In terms of topography,Goral prefers ridge,Tufed deer prefers valley,Serow prefers slopes and valley,while the selection pattern of Takin is at random.Except Tufted deer,all the rest three of these four species avoid using habitat less than 5 km away from their residential areas.Habitat selection patterns of these four species reflected the differentiation of their niches.
    Dynamic Effects of Light System on Seedling Growth of 22 Kinds of Picea
    XU Na, CAO Yongxin, ZHAO Wenying, ZHANH Jiangtao, JIANG Ming, MAJianwei
    2014, 0(3):  113-117.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.025
    Asbtract ( 122 )   PDF (1191KB) ( 100 )  
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    With 2a seedlings as test materials the height and growth rhythm of 22 kinds of spruce biennial seedlings were measureed.The results showed that the growth of 22 kinds of spruce trees is at a slow-fast-slow growth rhythm.By logistic curve equation fitting,the correlation coefficient of high growth process is more than 0.91,the equation of regression test is of significant water quality(P< 0.01),the process of growth of 22 kinds of spruce trees showed an obvious S type curve.The starting time and duration for high growth of the different kinds of spruce seedlings have significant difference,causing some difference in accumulated seedling growth.Finally,such 8 kinds of spruce as Picea smithiana Picea Norway spruce Picea mariana Picea Likiangensis Picea pungens Picea baifouriana Picea spinulosa and Picea asperata used for fast-growing species were chosen through clustering methodology.
    The Information Dimension of Spatial Patterns of Population Distribution of Lilium regale
    YANG Zisong
    2014, 0(3):  118-121.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.026
    Asbtract ( 127 )   PDF (1041KB) ( 86 )  
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    The study results of correlation dimension of spatial patterns of population distribution of L.regale by information dimension show that:(1)There exist great information dimensions and clear fractal characters;(2)The information dimension is so low ranged from 0.1077 to 0.843 6,indicating poor unevenness of individual distribution,poor dominant species in the communities;(3)Low scale variation degree of pattern intensity with inflection point ranged from 1.099 0m to 1.831 7m;(4)Information dimension has clear relevance to latitudes and longitudes and a trend of increasing with longitudes.
    Study on Characteristics of Leaf and Berry of Different Cultivars of Seabuckthorn in Ulan Buh Desert
    CHENG Hailing, LIU Fang, Luo Hongmei, HAO Yuguang, XU Jun, DUAN Na
    2014, 0(3):  122-125.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.027
    Asbtract ( 190 )   PDF (1145KB) ( 56 )  
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    Characteristics of leaf,berry and Photosynthetierate of 5 Different Cultivars of Seabuckthorn in Ulan Buh Desert were analyzed in order to study the adaptability.The results were summarized as follows,the yield of Wulanshalin,Zhongguoshaji and Shenqiuhong is higher than that of other 3 seabuckthorn varieties.With lower stomatal conductance and higher water use efficiency,they have the advantages of big fruit and strong stress resistance,which can be used as the eco economic types for local promotion.
    Technical Application
    The Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Forest Inventory
    LIANG Ziyu, SUN Yuan, LI Weizheng
    2014, 0(3):  126-133.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.028
    Asbtract ( 126 )   PDF (2075KB) ( 98 )  
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    The study establishes a simulated scenario of forest inventory in plots by using three different sizes of the sample plots and scanning resolution.Point cloud data are acquired by terrestrial laser scanning,and the data are processed by least square method to fit a circle.The diameter of the fitted circle is the top diameter at the specific height.The results show that the accuracy of the estimation of top diameter is highest when the radius of the sample plot is 10m and the scanning resolution is middle.The research aims at setting a reference calibration of forest inventory using TLS,achieving high accuracy and low operational and time cost,taking full advantage of TLS in forest inventory.
    A Review of Forest Pest and Disease Monitoring Based on the Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image
    WANG Sheng, PAN Jie, ZHANG Heng, LIAO Zhenfeng, Gu Xiaoli
    2014, 0(3):  134-140.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.029
    Asbtract ( 198 )   PDF (1127KB) ( 190 )  
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    This paper introduced the mechanism of hyperspectral remote sensing and operational processes of monitoring of forest pests and diseases by using hyperspectral remote sensing image.On this basis,the research status of using hyperspectral imaging to monitor the plant pests and diseases was presented.Finally,the inadequate aspects of monitoring the forest pests by using hyperspectral remote sensing images were analyzed and the research trend in the future was discussed.
    Study on the Modes of Sustainable Forest Management in Liaodong Mountainous Areas —Taking Qingyuan as an example
    LIU Shengli, LIU Shuren, DUAN Xiumei
    2014, 0(3):  141-149.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.030
    Asbtract ( 154 )   PDF (1756KB) ( 68 )  
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    The lessons derived from forest management in recent years were summarized,and five model groups of sustainable forest management were integrated in a systematic way according to the current situation of forest management in Qingyuan County.The five groups included 17 sustainable models of forest management.All the models of sustainable forest management can offer paradigms of sustainable forest management for forest areas in east Liaoning Province and northeast China.
    Evaluation of Ecological Effects of Different Categories of Forests in the Project of Conversion of Cropland to Forest
    WANG Hongxia, WANG Bing, LI Baoyu, NIUXiang, WANG Xiaoyan, LU Shaowei, LI Shaoning, SHI Hexiong, CHEN Bo
    2014, 0(3):  150-155.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.031
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    The ecological effects of ecological forest,economic forest and shrubbery in the project of conversion of cropland to forest of Hebei,Liaoning,Hubei,Hunan,Yunnan and Gansu provinces were assessed by using the distributed measurement method.The results show that the total ecological effect of ecological forest is the best,followed by that of forest and shrubbery which is the worst.The effect of ecological forest is the best for carbon fixation and oxygen release,nutrient accumulation,atmosphere environmental purification and biodiversity protection. The effect of shrubbery is the best for soil conservation. The effect of ecological forest is better than that of shrubbery for water conservation.
    Consideration on Beijing Daxing Airport Visual Area's Landscape Building
    QIAO Yongqiang, LI Jilong, JIANG Liwei
    2014, 0(3):  156-158.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.032
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    On the basis of analyzing the relationship between the airport visual area's landscape building and other development aims in the same area,and discussion of the airport visual area's landscape structure,identification scale,tree species selection,landscape characteristics and effects etc,the paper proposed some advices on how to build the airport area's landscape and pointed out some problems to be dealt with.
    Study on Nalin Lake Wetland Ecosystem Protection and Restoration Planning
    ZHANG Shu, ZHANG Yuan
    2014, 0(3):  159-162.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.033
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    This article introduces the current situation of Nalin Lake wetland resources in Inner Mongolia,and analyzes the adverse effects of the water contamination,soil salinization exacerbated and the spread of desertification and other disasters,threats,and gradually increasing human activities on the Nalin Lake.Nalin Lake wetland ecosystem protection and restoration planning are also explored.
    Comparison of Three Calculating Methods of Stand Volumes and Species Composition
    CHENG Ruichun
    2014, 0(3):  163-166.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.03.034
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    Based on the survey data of permanent sample plots at Wangyedian Forest Farm in Chifeng,the results of the stand volumes and species compositions were compared,which were calculated with three methods including the average experimental form factor(AEFF)Formula method,the AEFF and Mean Tree method,and One-Way Volume Table method,and linear relationships were found among the three different stand volume figures.In mixed stands,the inconsistent results of species composition were not significantly different at the 0.05 level with the sign test based on the classifications according to the coefficient difference of the dominant tree species(if they were the same,species less than 5% used).So,the average experimental form factors could be used to measure stand volume and species composition.To forest farmers or family forest farms,the AEFF Formula method might be more useful than the others.