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    28 December 2008, Volume 0 Issue 6
    Management and Administration
    On Sustainable Forest Management in Forest Areas of Northeast China
    BAI Weiguo, WANG Zhuxiong
    2008, 0(6):  1-7.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.020
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    As one of main forest regions of China,the North-East forest areas present situations of increasing in forest area and forest coverage rate,decreasing in forest timber volume and forest quality,high proportion of young-to-middle age stand and deficiency in forest cultivation. This paper focuses on more essential factors of the matters particularly,i.e.,the lacking cognition of forest management,imbalance income in different managing phases and drives for investment,missing content in laws and unfit technical standards and regulations about forest fostering,defects of implementing policies in forest utilization and protection and faultiness in current forestry management mechanism.To promote the sustainable management of forest in the area,more pertinence thoughts and precise measures are given,i.e.,enhancing conception and faith in sustainable forest management,reforming the management mechanism by separating the authority of supervising governance from the duties of forest civiculture and utilization,constituting supportive policies about subsidy and reducing tax for forest fostering,activating the mechanism of market for forest cultivation,more investment in foundation establishment,clearer responsibilities about forest management in authorities,and initiating projects of high quality & efficient forest cultivation.The thoughts and measures can fit the forest management reality well,and can be easily carried out,and benefit the sustainable forest management in forest areas of Northeast China
    Classified Forest Management in China: Problem and Solution
    GONG Yumei, NI Yi, GU Zhenbin
    2008, 0(6):  8-11.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.021
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    An analysis of the classified forest management was reviewed from both theoretical and practical aspects.It is considered that attention should be focused on forest management itself but not forest classification,and models of forest management should be derived from the existing forest management practices.Reforms are needed to change the current management system of both ecological and commercial forests and to improve the market conditions and subsidy mechanisms for implementation of the classified forest management.
    The Discussion about the Problems and Countermeasures of the Reform of Collective Forest Property Right System in China
    XIAO Zechen, BU Rencang, HU Yuanman
    2008, 0(6):  12-17.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.022
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    In the paper,we reviewed the historical changes of reform of forest right in China.Then,we elaborated the content of the reform and summarized the primary effects and existing problems of collective forest property right reform and put forward the countermeasures.
    Discussion on Scientific Development Concept in Implementing Project for Conversion of Cropland to Forest
    LIU Shuren, ZHAO Yutao
    2008, 0(6):  18-22. 
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    The Project for Conversion of Cropland to Forest is a main measurement in implementing scientific development concept.The idea of scientific development runs through the whole project in terms of policy enforcement.The project management mechanism embodies the core of people-oriented outlook.Implementing the project steadily and consolidating the project achievements are the essential requirements of scientific development concept.
    Supportive Roles of Jiangxi Forestry in Construction of Ecological-economic Zones around Poyang Lake
    LIU Jihong, DENG Qinghua, ZHONG Ruihua
    2008, 0(6):  23-26. 
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    The article has analyzed the present situation and main issues of ecological emvironment of Poyang Lake and put forward some ideas about how forestry plays supportive roles in construction of ecological-economic zones around Poyang Lake.
    On the Question of Behavioral Offense in the Crime of Destroying Wild Animal Resources
    ZHANG Zhiping
    2008, 0(6):  27-30. 
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    The constitution and accomplishment of the crime of destroying wild animal resources are greatly affected by the theory of behavioral offense in academic circle.This article,in view of such elements of behavioral offense as the form of accomplishment,attempt,behavior feature and starting point of punishment,analyzes the crime and non-crime of behavioral offense of the crime of destroying wild animal resources,and inquire the unified rule in judicial practice.
    Mid-and Long-term Impacts of the Ice-snow Disaster on Forest Fire Prevention of Yanjing County in Southern China
    LI Shiyou, LI Jing, MA Changle, ZHANG Shaohui, WANG Haiyan, MA Aili, LIU Liang
    2008, 0(6):  31-34.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.003
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    The ice-snow disaster which happened at the beginning of 2008 caused a severe damage on forestry industry in southern China,which also brought critical forest fire situation to the affected region.Based on the data of forest inventory on the ice-snow damaged forests in Yanjing county,Yunnan province,the paper analyzed forest fire environment that changed after the disaster and the mid-and long-term forest fire situation of the damaged forest communities. Strategies and measures were proposed to improve the forest quality in the perspective of forest fire prevention.
    Science and Technology
    Study on Changes in Forest Biomass Carbon Storage in Shanxi Province
    YU Yanxia, ZHANG Jianjun, WANG Mengben
    2008, 0(6):  35-39.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.004
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    Based on the forest inventory data of 1995,2000 and 2005 in Shanxi province,China,the biomass forest carbon storage and its change pattern during this period were investigated by using the variable BEF (Biomass Expansion Factor) method.The result showed that the forest biomass carbon storage within these years increased steadily.The total forest biomass carbon storage increased from 35.1422×106Mg in 1995 to 45.0561×106Mg in 2005.Deciduous oaks,Pinus tabulaefomis and Populus spp.were the main dominant tree species,and they made more than 90% of the contribution to the total carbon storage.The carbon storage of young,middle-aged and premature forests accounted approximately for 90% of the total carbon storage of all forests.The percentage of carbon storage of man-made forests increased 5.28% in 2005.The average carbon density of the forests in Shanxi was 23.8933~26.3717MgC ha-1.
    Simulated Regional Forest Resources of Hunan Province by Using System Dynamics Model
    TANG Lixia, XIE Baoyuan, SUN Jing, ZHANG Zhiqiang, WANG Cheng, JIA Baoquan, YANG Yibo
    2008, 0(6):  40-44.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.005
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    On the basis of forest inventory data in 2004 in Hunan Province,we simulated the forest resources changes between 2006 and 2050 with the Visual Basic Code programming.The model simulated seven kinds of schemes based on three velocity variables including the artificial regeneration rate (R1),the new afforestated area rate (R2),and the project occupied area rate (R3).The result indicated that the basic scheme that takes Hunan Province’s realistic situation and the 11th 5-year plan of Hunan Province as the basis can reflect the rule of Hunan Province forest resources development.The basic scheme could be used for the optimal policy plan of sustainable forestry development in Hunan Province.
    The Effects of Different Mixed Treatments on the Growth of Eucalyptus urophylla and Acacia mangium Mixed Stands
    XIE Weidong, YE Shaoming, ZHENG Xiaoxian, YANG Mei
    2008, 0(6):  45-49.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.006
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    The growth of mixed stand of Eucalyptus urophylla and Acacia mangium with different mixed proportion were investigated in 3 year-old forest.The results showed that in the density of 1727·hm-2,the average DBH,height and single-tree volume were 9.27cm,14.50m,0.0514m3 respectively.And the mixed stand of Eucalyptus urophylla and Acacia mangium has the mixed proportion at 1∶1.6 and the above indexes were 13.50cm,15.97m and 0.1098m3,which increased 45.6%,10.1%,113.6% higher than that of Eucalyptus urophylla pure stand.The mixed stand with 98.00m3/hm2 forest volume was 10.3% higher than the pure stand with 88.83m3/hm2 forest volume.The different mixed treatments have significant difference in the average DBH,height,tree volume and ratio of diameter to height.
    Study on Interspecific Association of Dominant Tree Populations in Cerasus subhirtella var.ascendens Community
    FANG Yan, XIE Chunping, YI Xiangui, WANG Xianrong
    2008, 0(6):  50-54.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.007
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    Based on a 2×2 of contingency table,using of variance ratio (VR),x2 and the association coefficient (AC),the interspecific association of 10 major tree populations in the community of Cerasus subhirtella var.ascendens were analyzed.The result showed negative correlation of the association among 10 dominant tree populations in the C.subhirtella var.ascendens community; 4 species-pair and 3 species-pair were obviously positive association and slightly association respectively; the value of VR,x2 test and AC were similar,which proved that the characteristic of interspecific association was obvious independency and weak correlation all over the community.The interspecific association was friable or negative,which indicated that on the one hand the community was in the stage of secondary forest and on the other hand it may be related to the ecological characteristic of investigated species.Based on the results,it can provide scientific information for design of an appropriate conservation strategy andutilization plan for C.subhirtella var.ascendens.
    Study on Sustainable Management Pattern of Chinese Fir for Big-diameter Timber
    HE Qifa, YANG Funing, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2008, 0(6):  55-58.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.008
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    Using Jing’an County as an example,this paper puts forward the sustainable management pattern of Chinese Fir for big-diameter timber at the level of management for the first time. Goal trees of Chinese Fir in the forest land with site index 18 are selected and some measures such as reasonable tending thinning and forest fertilization used. Stand density is adjusted continuously to keep 1200 trees per hectare for reaching the goal of producing big-diameter timber. This paper provides some guidance for county-level forest management and improving forest management in collective forest areas in south China.
    Experimental Study on Transplanting Tissue-culture Cultivated Seedlings of Betula alnoides
    WU Xinglian
    2008, 0(6):  59-61.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.009
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    Research work was done on the effective ness of topdressing varieties applied during transplantation period on the tissue-culture cultivated Betula alnoides seedling growth and survival rate. The results show that the compound fertilizer of red subsoil, burnt soil and sawdust with the proportion at 3∶3∶4 plus calcium magnesium phosphorus (6km/m3) produces best result and use of 0.4% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer is best, which is proved much better than other treatments in terms of seedling survival rate and height.
    The Niches of the Main tree Populations of Natural Secondary Forest Communities in Mountainous Area of Beijing ——A case study of Wuling Mountain Nature Reserve
    SHI Yu, YU Xinxiao, YUE Yongjie, BaoYufeng
    2008, 0(6):  62-66.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.010
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    Niche characteristics of the two natural secondary communities which were chosen in Wuling Mountain Nature Reserve were analyzed by taking community composition types as one-dimension resource states.Niche characteristics of natural secondary forest were used to reveal the phases and the direction of the populations in the succession process on the basis of the substitution of time with space.The results showed: 1) The plant Community typeⅠand typeⅡare in the different succession stages of the same succession sequence,and typeⅡ is the later stage of typeⅠ.2) The Betula platyphylla presented the type of niche declining population; the populations of Tilia mongolica and Quercus mongolica presented the type of niche invasive population; all the populations of Betula platyphylla,Betula,dahurica,Betula albo-sinensis and Acer truncatum presented the type of niche stable population; the Ulmus macrocarpa presented the type of niche sensitive population.3)TypeⅡhave higher interspecies niche overlap value and more extensive competition than typeⅠ.4)The populations of birch of typeⅡwould decline in the succession process,and the community would become the mixed forest of Linden and Oak.
    Study on Age Structure of Vitex negundo Community in Miyun Reservoir Watershed
    BAO Yufeng, GAO Jiarong, HE Mingyue, ZHANG Jingrui
    2008, 0(6):  67-70. 
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    This paper studied Vitex negundo community on the sunny,valley,semi-sunny and semi-shady slopes after 25 years’ closure for reforestation in Chaoguan Xigou Forest Farm,analyzed the age structure,life table,and survival curve of the population.The results showed that Vitex negundo population in the area belonged to progressive type,with more young and less old individuals.Among the three habitats,sunny slope had the highest population density.The survival curve of Vitex negundo population was close to Deevey Ⅱtype,Vitex negundo population recovery better.
    Study on Diameter Structure of Overcut Spruce-fir Forest in Jingouling Forest Farm
    WANG Yanjie, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2008, 0(6):  71-74.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.011
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    On the basis of the data from four investigations between 1987 to 2003 of overcut spruce-fir forest in Jingouling Forest Farm,Wangqing Forest Bureau,Jilin province.The author analyses the number distribution characteristic at different diameter grades,and describes the diameter structure with two kinds of functions of Weibull distribution and negative index distribution.The results show that the diameter distributions are complied to the uneven-aged stand.Both Weibull distribution and negative index distribution can be used to describe the stand diameter structure of overcut spruce-fir forest and the former is better than the latter.
    The Method to Measure Tree-Ring Width Based on Digital Image
    QI Youxiang, ZHAO Tingning, SHI ZHenghua, WANG Baitian
    2008, 0(6):  75-79.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.012
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    On the basis of summarizing the measures of tree-ring width,this paper puts forward a new method to measure tree-ring width using digital image form flatbed scanner and computer.Five tree-ring discs were measured respectively with FSDI and Tree Ring Analysis System.According to TRAS,the result of verifying the precision of the new method shows that FSDI can satisfy the demand of tree-ring research.The synthetic comparison between both methods’ efficiency and economic cost also indicates that the new method has advantages of simple measure,easy availability of equipment,low economic cost and so on.
    Study on Adaptability to Water Stress of Exotic Garden Tree Species in Baotou
    CHEN Xiaoyan, TIAN Youliang, MAO Bin, HE Yanhong, GUO Liansheng
    2008, 0(6):  80-84.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.002
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    The photosynthetic rate,stomatal conductance and water potential of fourteen exotic garden species in Baotou were measured.The results indicated that the net photosynthetic rate water potential compensation point and the water potential at the critical variety point of stomatal conductance could be considered as the adaptability indexes for trees to water stress.According to the net photosynthetic rate water potential compensation point,the water potential at the critical variety point of stomatal conductance and osmotic potential at the initial loss turgor,the tested species were classified as five kinds by cluster analysis.The drought resistance (from strong to weak) of the tested species was showed as follows: Spiraea×bumalda ‘Gold Mound’; Spiraea×bumalda ‘Gold Flame’,Ligustrum obtusifolium,Acer negundo ‘Kellys Gold’,Philadelphus coronaries ‘Aurea’; Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Darts Gold’,Prunus×cistena ‘Pissardii’,Acer negundo ‘Aureo-marginatum’,Acer negun do ‘Variegatum’; Sambucus racemosa ‘Plumosa Aurea’,Weigela florida ‘Ziye’,Caryopteris×clandonensis ‘Worcester Gold’,Weigela florida ‘Variegata’; Weigela florida ‘Red Prince’.
    Characteristics of Landscape Pattern Changes in Typical Region of Cropland Conversion to Forest Land
    ZHAO Anjiu, HU Tingxing, LUO Longhai, YU Haiqing
    2008, 0(6):  85-91. 
    Asbtract ( 143 )   PDF (683KB) ( 58 )  
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    Landsat-5 TM images of 1990,2001,2006 and theforest resource distribution map of 1999 for Muchuan County were used as information sources. The supervised classification techique combined with the expert knowledge was used for classification with the accuracy reaching 81.42%,86.52% and 86.10% respectively.Besides,landscape analysis methods together with RS and GIS techniques were introduced for analysis of the LUCC (Land Use and Cover Change) of Muchuan County.The results demonstrated that farmland areas decreased gradually with the change of time.By 2006,farmland areas reached only 42.15% of the total study region.Bamboo forest had great change in forestry land from1999 to 2001.Newly planted bamboo forest from 1999 to 2001 had negative effect on landscape connectivity,and the fragmentized rate of landscape reached its maximum which strengthened the infiltration correlated with biological behavior or biological course.In those areas with high altitude,the project of farmland conversion to forestry land had less influence on farmland and the fragmentation of landscape got small.At the same time,human activities are main impacts on fragmentation of landscape in those areas at low altitude.
    Assessment of Landscape Resources in Jiulongzhuhai Forest Park in Yong’an of Fujian Province
    WU Jilin
    2008, 0(6):  92-96.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.025
    Asbtract ( 213 )   PDF (158KB) ( 156 )  
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    The quality of scenery spots and quality class of landscape resources in Jiulongzhuhai Forest Park in Fujian province was assessed.The results showed that Jiulongzhuhai Forest Park had 5 sorts including 63 scenery spots.There were 4 class-Ⅰ spots,32 class-Ⅱ spots and 27 class-Ⅲ spots.The score for landscape resource quality assessment of Jiulongzhuhai Forest Park was 40.53 according to the landscape resource standard of 1st class.Therefore,Jiulongzhuhai Forest Park has high value in terms of tourism development and its landscape resources.
    Effects of Different Culture Measures on the Soil Nutrient, Microorganism and Enzymatic Activity in Oiltea Camellia Stands
    HAO Yan, ZHOU Guoying, LIU Junang, Li He
    2008, 0(6):  97-101.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.014
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    The soil nutrient,microorganism and enzyme activity were studied and analyzed in Oiltea camelli plantations in Changning area.The results showed the differences of microorganism quantity among different types of soil was significant,so were the enzyme activity and soil nutrient.However,distribution of the nutrients and enzymatic activities in the soil profile was same.With the depth added,the soil nutrient,microbe populations and enzyme activities declined continually.The soil nutrient,microorganism and enzyme activity in the farming land were obviously higher than those in other types of soil.Moreover,it was revealed that the soil nutrient was closely related to the change of biological properties and among themselves.The correlation among soil microorganism quantity,enzyme activity and soil nutrient content is significant,it can be used as evaluation index of soil fertility.
    Study on Relationship between Forest Fires and Fractal Dimension of Geographical Factors in Fangshan District,Beijing
    TIAN Zhenkun, FU Yingying
    2008, 0(6):  102-106.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.015
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    Based on the forest fire data collected during 1988 to 2006 and related geographical data in Fangshan District of Beijing,this paper computed fractal dimensions of forest area,road,river and village by the method of box-counting and then discussed the relationship between these fractal dimensions and occurrence times of forest fires.The results indicated that the bigger the fractal dimensions of forest area and road were or the smaller the fractal dimensions of village and river were,the more forest fires happened.
    The Development of Forest Resources Archive Updating System of Liaoning Province Based on GIS
    LI Xiaoling, ZHOU Dinghui, WANG Ling, XIONG Jing, ZHAO Xuelei, LU Xiaohui, MA Yanhe, WANG Shuhai
    2008, 0(6):  107-112. 
    Asbtract ( 156 )   PDF (384KB) ( 65 )  
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    Forest resource archives updating system of Liaoning Province based on SDE version management adopts such GIS technology as the distributed geodatabase.The synchronous updating of provincial-level forest resources database is realized successfully.The paper describes the design principle briefly,then dwells on overall system framework and functions and pivotal technique of the system.It is put into use in the province and works well.
    Extension of the SFA’s LAN System
    ZHANG Shuoning, ZHONG Fei
    2008, 0(6):  113-116. 
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    This paper expatiates the insufficiency of the current LAN system and puts forward suggestions on improvement and extension of the LAN system of the State Forestry Administration.
    Protected Area Management in Australia and Its Implication to China
    WEN Zhanqiang, GAO Shangren, ZHENG Guangmei
    2008, 0(6):  117-124.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2008.06.016
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    This paper summed up the main successful experience and measures in the construction and management of protected areas in Australia,based on which some countermeasures were put forward for promoting sustainable development of nature reserves in China according to their current status.