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    28 December 2012, Volume 0 Issue 6
    Management and Administration
    Building up Safeguarding System of Farmers' Rights in the Reform of Collective Forest Tenure
    ZHU Fengqin, QI Xin, WEI Ya
    2012, 0(6):  1-6. 
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    The reform of collective forest right system equally endows farmers with the contractual management right of collective forestland,the property right and disposition right of forests,the usufruct of products and the right of operation autonomy and ecological benefit compensation.Some farmers have suffered benefit loss due to several reasons,including:the contradiction between the property right attribute and the social attribute of contractual management right,the defects lying in the distribution mechanism of forestland income,the design deficiency of ecological benefit system and the lack of healthiness in the market of forestland circulation.This paper puts foward a thorough system to protect the farmers' interests.The protection system should cover the social security system maintaining the farmers' interests;the legal system ensuring farmers' rights of full disposal,the administrative mechanism to guard and respect farmers' right of operation autonomy and labor income and the complaints service mechanism for improving the farmers' overall interests.
    Discussion on Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation of Forest Management
    LIU Xiaoli, ZHANG Shougong, XU Bin, HUANG Wenbin
    2012, 0(6):  7-11. 
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    The paper discussed the relevance of sustainable forest management and integrated monitoring and evaluation,analyzed the requirements of an international sustainable forest management certification FSC standard,and explored the methodology and theory of establishing an integrated forest monitoring and evaluation system to provide a basis for the further discussion on this issue in China.
    Discussion on Multiple Relationships of the Mechanism Establishment for the Value Saturation on Forest Resources Property
    ZHOU Bohuang, WANG Zhimin
    2012, 0(6):  12-16. 
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    The establishment of the mechanism for the value saturation on forest resources property is closely related to the new round of forest tenure reform and purposes.This will focus on clarifying the multiple relationships of the establishment of the mechanism for the value saturation on forest resources property,defining the property rights and the power of the forest resources,balancing ecological and economic values,coordinating the relationship between the collective and personal interests and fusing the advanced legislative concept and choice of folk customs reasonably to lay a solid theoretical foundation.for establishing the forest resource value of saturation mechanism.
    Study on the Collective Forest Tenure Reform in Zhejiang Province
    FU Xinghui, SUN Lu
    2012, 0(6):  17-21. 
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    This paper expounds the contents and the achievements of Collective Forest Tenure Reform in Zhejiang Province,and analyzes the problems in the process of Collective Forest Tenure Reform in Zhejiang Province,such as evaluation of forest resources,forestry property mortgage,forest insurance and the construction of forest resources management system.At last,some recommendations are given on how to improve the circulation system of the forest resources,promote the forestry investment and financing reform,create new type of forestry cooperation organization and construct the better service sector for forest resources trading.
    Analysis on Forest Resources Development of Zhejiang Province Based on the Goal “Double Increments in China's Forestry”
    DU Qun, XU Jun
    2012, 0(6):  22-25. 
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    Based on continuous forest inventory,the author analyzes the most serious problems of Zhejiang forest resources development from the perspective of forest resources development,combined with the goal “double increments in China's forestry”.Based on this,the author also puts forward the following two advices.Firstly,the promotion of the forest area in Zhejiang should take the growth of the economic woody forest and patch forest in plain area as a breakthrough.Secondly,the improvement of the forest quality has an emphasis on the promotion of the forest tending and the adjustment of tree species structure.
    Study on Supervision of the Preparation Phase of Forestry Ecological Project Construction
    XIONG Lian
    2012, 0(6):  26-28. 
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    The preparation phase of forestry ecological project construction is an important foundation of the whole construction process.In this paper,we focus on how to begin the supervision of the preparation phase,to address the issues currently existing in China.
    Research on Criminal Reconciliation of Forest-related Criminal Cases
    WU Junxia, XU Taihua, XIE Xiaoli
    2012, 0(6):  29-33. 
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    In order to protect forest environment and keep stable social order in forest region,the concern of criminal justice of cases involving forest should change from general retribution and prevention to ecosystem restoration and protection of the interests of victims,and it is necessary to pursue criminal reconciliation actively in cases involving forest.According to the characteristics of the cases involving forest,the criminal reconciliation involving forest of criminal cases should take different ways from other criminal cases.At the same time,the corresponding supporting systems should also be established and improved.
    Analysis on Development State of Spotted Deer's Breeding and Use Industry in Jilin Province
    SHI Yan, LI Guohua, FANG Huailong, ZHAO Ting
    2012, 0(6):  34-38. 
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    In order to learn about the current developing state of spotted deer industry,a study was carried out on breeding areas of spotted deer in Jilin Province,from which we have known the present management situation of breeding enterprises,and meanwhile proposed the relevant countermeasures for spotted deer's living conditions and policies of cultivation and use industry.
    Discussion on Forest Land Protection Based on Perceived Value
    ZHOU Wei, DAN Weiyu
    2012, 0(6):  39-42. 
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    This paper expounds that the values of forest land include economic value,ecological value and cultural value.It proposes a number of recommendations on protection of forest land on the basis of these values.
    Preliminary Study of the Metropolis Nature Reserve System Building and Planning
    LIU Jiakai, LIU Jinglan, HUANG Haofeng, XIA Yang, ZOU Dalin, NAN Hailong, HU Yumin, ZHANG Zhenming
    2012, 0(6):  43-46. 
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    The paper illustrates the current development of the metropolis nature reserves at home and abroad and sums up the metropolis nature reserve system construction method.At the same time,it proposes the principle and theoretical basis of nature reserve planning.The research will provide some theoretical direction for the metropolis nature reserves.
    Discussion on the Functional Zoning of Forest Ecosystem Nature Reserve
    TAO Jing, ZANG Runguo, HUA Chaolang, WEN Qinzhong
    2012, 0(6):  47-50. 
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    Existing issues of nature reserve functional zoning techniques were analyzed in the paper,and thinkings for functional zoning of forest ecosystem nature reserve was proposed based on the analysis.Main points included:identifying forest sub-compartment as basic zoning unit,improving index system of discriminant analysis and enhancing the participation of stakeholders in zoning process etc.
    Science and Technology
    Estimation and Analysis of Forest Carbon Sinks in the Yangtze River Delta
    NIE Xiangyong, YAO Shunbin, LOU Yi, HE Shizhen
    2012, 0(6):  51-56. 
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    On the basis of the national forest inventory data,the forest biomass and carbon storage of the Yangtze River Delta are estimated with the methods of regression model and carbon content factors.The regional forest carbon sink structure,distribution and growth potential are analyzed as well.The construction of regional cooperation mechanism and related suggestions about regional carbon sink forestry development are put forward.
    Analysis on the Spatial Structure of the Evergreen Broad-leaved Mixed Forest in Yeshan Forest Farm
    LI Jie, HUANG Qingfeng, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2012, 0(6):  57-60. 
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    Based on experimental investigation and species composition,stand spatial structure of evergreen broad leaved mixed forest was investigated by using three structure parameters(mingling,neighborhood comparison,and uniform angle index-neighboring tree distribution pattern).The results showed that the average stand of mixed is 0.3718,main tree species-Quercus acutissima mostly single gathered,the mixed proportion of remaining species about 96%.The average neighborhood comparison is 0.4936,P.massoniana in a dominant state and the rest of the species differentiation seriously on the stand spatial configuration.Average neighborhood pattern is 0.5189,the stands were found to be a clumped distribution in this community.
    Estimation and Characteristics Analysis of Artificial Vegetation Biomass Based on CASA Models
    SUN Shu, WANG Ranghui
    2012, 0(6):  61-66. 
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    Using the improved CASA(Carnegie-Ames-Stanford Approach)model,combining with Landsat TM remote sensing image and meteorological data,the net primary productivity(NPP)of Yulin aerial seeding forest was estimated in July 2010.By use of the measured vegetation biomass,the estimation results of CASA model could be verified.The results indicated that CASA model can be applied to estimation of the NPP in the Yulin aerial seeding forest.The differences of the NPP among different areas which are estimated by CASA model were marked,the highest NPP found at the junction of Henshan and Yuyang,the value is between 233.21 and 414.15gCm-2;Ecological system of Yulin aerial seeding forest belongs to low productivity ecological system.The level of Salix psammophila NPP is the highest,In the artificial forest land,the planting pattern of biomass of Korshinsk Peashrub,Salix psammophila and Dester Wormwood is the largest.In addition to Salix psammophila,Hedysarum scoparium and Dester Wormwood,there is no significant correlation between plant biomass and water content.There exists close correlation between biomass and the factors which include water content,soil nutrient and climate of the same vegetation in different aerial years.
    Assessment of the Forest Ecosystem Services in Pingdingshan City
    ZHOU Junpu, LU Yong, ZHENG Xiaoxian
    2012, 0(6):  67-70. 
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    In this assessment,we use the value evaluation method. The value of the forest ecosystem service is divided into direct economic value and indirect economic value.Based on the frame of the《Specifications for assessment of forest ecosystem services in China》,the value of the forest ecosystem service in Pingdingshan city was assessed.The results show that the total value of the forest ecosystem service in Pingdingshan city is 10070.4501 million yuan.One of direct values accounts for 5.61%,about 565.45 million yuan;About the indirect value,the largest part is the economic value of water conservation function,accounting for 45.15% of the total value;fixing carbon and releasing oxygen service value accounts for 36.41%;Purifying environment function makes up the total value of 5.40%;The economic value of the function of keeping the soil accounts for 7.43%.
    Ancient Trees' Health Evaluation in Beijing
    XIE Yuanyuan, WU Hailong, HUANG Haofeng, LIU Jinglan, WANG Nali, CAO Jun, ZHANG Zhenming
    2012, 0(6):  71-75. 
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    In the principle of scientificalness,representativeness,operability and systematicness,11 indexes such as gradient of stem,injury degree from stem,branches,leaves,roots,plant diseases or insect pests and growing environments were chosen for evaluating 358 ancient trees distributed in Xiangshan,Qingwangfen,Mingyongling,around the second ring road and Ditan in this study.The result indicated that the trees were mainly subhealthy with a percentage of 60.89,the healthy trees were 33.80,5.31 percent trees were unhealthy and no trees were dying.According to the different places,healthy trees were the main part in Ditan and Qingwangfen with a percentage of 100 and 77.36 respectively;and sub-healthy trees were the main part in Xiangshan,around the second ring road and Mingyongling with a percentage of 87.5,81.25 and 71.96 respectively.
    Research on the Dynamic System of Ecotourism Sustainable Development
    DENG Chaoying, ZHANG Jianping
    2012, 0(6):  76-80. 
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    Based on the four-body theory,tourism system theory,self-organization theory,System dynamics theory,the author builds the dynamic system of ecotourism sustainable development,which contains five subsystems including demand system,attract system,intermediary system,support system and supervision system.Discussion was made on its operation way and the influence on the ecotourism practice so as to promote ecotourism sustainable development.
    The Niche of the Plant Community of the Barren Hillsides in the Arid Valley of the Upper Reach of the Minjiang River
    YANG Zisong, QUAN Qinmei
    2012, 0(6):  81-86. 
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    Some work about the measurements of the niche breadths and niche overlaps of the plant population of the barren hillsides was carried out in the arid valley of the upper reach of the Minjiang River.The results are as follows.(1)The Simpson index and the important values are more suitable for measuring the niche breadths and the Pianka niche overlap index and the summed dominance ratios are more suitable for measuring the niche overlaps.(2)The community is co -dominated by Selaginella pulvinata,Allium sikkimense,Carex lanceolat,Sedum multicaule and Capillipedium parviflorum.Their niche breadth values were 32.34,25.89,29.30,22.92 and 25.77.(3)Niche overlap exist in most species pairs of the plant community of the barren hillsides of arid valley in the upper reach of Minjiang River.But many values of the niche breadth are very small.It indicated lower niche differentiation without enough level of interspecific association such as competition,reciprocity etc.
    Assistant Classification Feature of Pinus yunnanensis in Shangrila Based on Remote Sensing Technology
    ZHANG Chao, WANG Yan, YUAN Hua, DU Xiaoying, WU Yue
    2012, 0(6):  87-91. 
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    The assistant classification feature of Pinus yunnanensis in Shangrila was studied by using the data of forest management inventory in the year of 2006.The study was carried out including the aspects of spatial distribution characteristics,vegetation index characteristics,and pixel DN characteristics.This article is aimed at putting forward some suggestions on the classification of Pinus yunnanensis based on remote sensing technology.
    Analysis on Monitoring Potential of Individual Trees Based on WorldView2 Image—A case study of west mountain areas in Hangzhou city
    WU Honggan, TU Qiong
    2012, 0(6):  92-96. 
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    This article made a preliminary analysis on remote sensing monitoring potential of individual tree based on WorldView2 multi-spectral image data.The results show that near-infrared,red edge and red-band data(2 meters)can better distinguish tree growing or health status,and identify some special species.
    Study on the 3-Dimension Coordinate Research Method Based on Branch Line Control Survey Method
    JIANG Xian, ZHANG Huaiqing, JU Hongbo, ZHOU Haojie, QIN Yangping
    2012, 0(6):  97-100. 
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    Total station could build square sample plot.At first reference point and the traverse are set to survey the location(X,Y,Z)of trees by total station and lens.Then with the Chinese fir artificial stand in Huangfengqiao Forest Farm,Hunan,as the research subject,S0 is set as the chief site in the plot,then S1,S2,S3 are set as the first class site,at last,all the survey data are taken to generate plot map.The result shows that the survey data and the real data are the same.So the branch line control measure method is an efficient way in the forest survey.
    Study on Extraction and Analysis of Tree Measure Factors Based on Point Cloud Data
    GAO Shaowei, FENG Zhongke, WU Lulu
    2012, 0(6):  101-104. 
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    In this paper,three-dimensional laser scanner has been used to scan trees to get point cloud data of trees.After format conversion,separation and extraction,the measurement and analysis are conducted to measure such factors as DBH,tree height,crown and timber volume.These factors can be calculated by point cloud data.Through experimental analysis,it can be drawn that with the improve of measurement techniques,the leaf area index of canopy is better to reflect the physiological significance of the crown;stem volume calculated by irregular polyhedron triangulation is more accurate and convenient than that by the average basal area and the central stem basal area in calculating volume.
    Characteristics Study of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Runoff Loss in Different Bamboo Forests
    CHEN Xiaobing, WANG Keqin
    2012, 0(6):  105-111. 
    Asbtract ( 143 )   PDF (1137KB) ( 93 )  
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    Three typical types of bamboo forests with Phyllostachys sulphurea,Neosinocalamus affinis(Rendle)Keng f and Fargesia fractiflexa Yi in West Mountain of Kunming were used to study nitrogen and phosphorus loss of surface soil in artificial rain-runoff simulator.The results showed that the amount of runoff and sediment followed the order as Neosinocalamus affinis(Rendle)Keng f > Phyllostachys sulphurea> Fargesia fractiflexa Yi under the same rainfall condition.The main form of nitrogen and phosphorus loss were suspended particulate nitrogen(PN)and suspended particulate phosphorus(PP)in runoff water.Nitrogen loss occurred mainly in runoff water and phosphorus loss in sediment in the whole rainfall process.The rate of nitrogen and phosphorus loss followed the order as Neosinocalamus affinis(Rendle)Keng f > Phyllostachys sulphurea> Fargesia fractiflexa Yi from surface soil.The highest water conservation fuction was Fargesia fractiflexa Yi.
    Analysis on Soil Physical Properties of oriental arborvitae (platycladus orientalis) in Beijing Ditan Park
    CHENG Lixia, LIU Jinglan, HUANG Haofeng, YAO KekanZHAO Guangliang, YAO Yonggang, WANG Ling, ZHANG Zhenming
    2012, 0(6):  112-114. 
    Asbtract ( 175 )   PDF (939KB) ( 152 )  
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    The study regards ancient trees platycladus orientalis in Beijing Ditan Park as the research objects.By using cutting ring method and drying method,soil physical properties were analyzed.The results showed that:(1)average soil water content(SWC)was 14.5%;(2)the mean bulk density of soil samples was 1.59 g/cm3;(3)the average total porosity,mean capillary porosity and medial non-capillary porosity of soil samples were 26.9%,40.2%,13.3%,respectively;(4)mean soil compaction was 0.51 kg/m2.
    Research of Growth Character on Seedlings of Taxus wallichiana in Kunming Arboretum
    WANG Lei, CAO Jianxin, MA Saiyu, LI Yongpeng
    2012, 0(6):  115-117. 
    Asbtract ( 207 )   PDF (999KB) ( 240 )  
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    The Kunming Arboretum was selected for the field experiment of the seedlings of Taxus wallichiana,which were cultured in the open.With the continual observation and data collection,changes of morphological indexes of the seedlings were compared and analyzed. The results are as follows:1)the optimum period of the seedlings' height growth was August to September; 2)The lateral expansion of the seedlings was prosperous;3)There was the most significant positive correlation between height and diameter of the seedlings and there was a significant positive correlation between the branch length and the diameter;4)The excentric crown phenomenon of the seedlings was slight.
    The Vertical Continuous Index of Forest Inflammable Fuel
    WANG Liming, JIANG Liwei, NIU Shukui, LIU Dongming
    2012, 0(6):  118-120. 
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    On the basis of the definition of the forest fuel and its vertical continuity in space,the vertical continuous indexes of forest inflammable fuel of 12 types in 6 groups have been analyzed and summed up in the paper.And we have obtained vertical continuous index model of forest inflammable fuel,and tested and verified the model used for measured data.The results show that the model is reasonable and reliable.
    Experiment and Analysis on Combustion Efficiency of the Combustion Block of Solidago canadensis L.
    CHEN Geping
    2012, 0(6):  121-123. 
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    Experiments were conducted on combustion efficiency of the combustion block of Solidago canadensis L.with different pressures and different temperatures.The results indicated that it had difference among different pressures.It had a great difference among different temperatures.But it had no difference between two factors.Multiple comparisons showed that it had best compaction effect with 60℃ and different pressure.The outhor holds that the combustion block of Solidago canadensis L.takes account to the dual goal of integrated control and gets economic,social and ecological benefits.
    Analysis and Forecast of Conversion from Open Forest Land to Forest Land in Shanxi Province
    FENG Jiancheng
    2012, 0(6):  124-127. 
    Asbtract ( 159 )   PDF (985KB) ( 81 )  
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    In this paper,the sample-plot method was employed to conduct a comprehensive survey of 179 fixed sample plots of open forest land for the continuous forest inventory in Shanxi Province in 2005 and 2010,respectively.The dynamic changes of open forestland were analyzed during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period,and the trend and potential of the conversion to forest land forecasted.
    New Developments in Other Countries
    Comparison of Forest Recreation Policies Between China and the United States
    ZHANG Yiming, LI Jian, LIU Huimei
    2012, 0(6):  128-134. 
    Asbtract ( 215 )   PDF (1022KB) ( 152 )  
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    The paper briefly describes the development process of forest recreation industry both in China and the USA.It compares Chinese forest recreation policy with the America's in nine aspects,namely management system,operation rights and management rights,legal construction,planning and design,sources and use of funds,participation of non-profit organizations,personnel management,protection of forest recreation resources and implementation of environmental education,and summarizes the lessons in the development process.Eventually,according to the status quo of our forest recreation industry,reform and development countermeasures are put forward.