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    28 August 2012, Volume 0 Issue 4
    Management and Administration
    Accelerating the Establishing Process of China's Forestry Carbon Sequestration Standard System for Improving the Administration of China's Forestry Carbon
    LI Nuyun, LI Jinliang, YUAN Jinhong, CHEN Xutu
    2012, 0(4):  1-6. 
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    Beginning from the carbon sequestration functions of forests and the international regulations about addressing climate change and trading carbon, this paper introduces the present situation and the development trend of forestry carbon sequestration standard system at home and abroad. Based on summarizing experiences in both the trial and the research on the establishment of China's forestry carbon sequestration standard system, some thoughts and suggestions about establishing China's national standard system of forestry carbon are put forward.
    A System Design and Application Analysis for the Management Effectiveness Evaluation of Nature Reserves
    TANG Xiaoping, LI Yun
    2012, 0(4):  7-12. 
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    The scale of development of China's nature reserves exceeds the world average,but the pressure on biodiversity conservation increases,which has resulted from the low management effectiveness.Nature reserve management objects are different from those of other regions,mainly based on natural ecosystems. Management effective evaluation shall focus on the effectiveness of population security,conservation,community harmony and three levels of achievement of objectives. The evaluation system design emphasizes the management infrastructure,mechanisms,decision-making,implementation,monitoring of five key aspects. and includes 16 indicators and 44 assessment factors.1394 national and local nature reserves are selected for the application,and initial results achieved.
    Study on Countermeasures of Sustainable Development of Construction Project of Coastal Protective Forest System in China
    CHEN Huochun, LOU Yi, ZHENG Yunfeng, LUO Xifang
    2012, 0(4):  13-16. 
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    The paper analysed the status quo of the construction project of coastal protective forest system,pointed out major problems for sustainable development of the construction project,put forward countermeasures for sustainable development of the construction project.
    Evaluation of Ecosystem Services: Current Status, Challenges and Prospects
    HUANG Guilin, ZHAO Fengxia, LI Renqiang, XU Ming
    2012, 0(4):  17-23. 
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    Quantification of ecosystem services is an important tool for the sustainable management of ecological system and natural resources,and has become a hot topic in the fields of ecology,ecological economics,and environmental economics.This paper reviews the definition and the relationships of ecosystem services and ecosystem functions. The research progress on valuation of ecosystem services at home and abroad is summarized. Finally, we put forward the prospects and main study trends of valuing ecosystem services based on the discussion of the main research challenges in this field.Hopefully,this paper would constantly promote the theory and method for evaluation of ecosystem service.
    To Promote Ecological Civilization for Beijing Social Development by Constructing the Urban Forests
    LU Yuanchang, GAN Jing, WANG Xia, LIU Xianzhao, JIANG Jun
    2012, 0(4):  24-28. 
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    Urban forest is the main body of urban ecosystem as an effective carrier of ecological civilization. Aimed at putting forward the support of forest on the sustainable development of ecological environment in the city of Beijing, this paper discusses five close-to-natural construction models for the sustainable afforestation and management of the urban forest in Beijing, and discusses also methods of monitoring and evaluating the results and influences of urban forest construction. These models and methods will serves as scientific foundation for urban forest construction and ecological civilization for Beijing social development.
    Protection Values of Taiyue Mountain Forests in Shanxi Province
    WANG Xiqun, WANG Zhiming, WANG Zhanqin, GUO Baoxiang
    2012, 0(4):  29-32. 
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    Taiyue Mountain located in the core area of the Loess Plateau-Sichuan and Yunnan Ecological Barrier in China,is the throat from North China plain to Shanxi plateau,which is one of the best forest ecosystem preservation transitional regions from warm temperate zone deciduous broad-leaved forests to temperate grassland in our country.It includes the best preservation Pinus tabulaeformis forest and Quercus liaotungensis forest,which is one of important guarantee of ecological safety in south-middle part of Shanxi and even north China.It should be protected and researched for natural conservation and region forestry ecosystem in north China.
    Thinking on the Reform and Development Path of Forest Farms of Returned Overseas Chinese in Southwest Frontier Minority Areas
    LI Xueyan
    2012, 0(4):  33-38. 
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    After decades of efforts,the forest farms of returned overseas Chinese in southwest frontier minority areas have achieved a amount of development,but have difficulties.We should make efforts in system reform,management improvement, making clear of land ownership,and so on.And it is needed to strengthen policy support.
    Benefit Analysis of the Project of Conversion from Farmland to Forest Land in Miyun County
    ZHANG Jinming, HUANG Xiang
    2012, 0(4):  39-42. 
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    The grain for green project is an important part of the management project of source of sandstorms in Beijing and Tianjin.The main forestation modes include ecological economic forestation mode,economic forest mode,agricultural ecological traveling mode,fast-growing and high-yield plantation and water source protection forest mode (barren mountain forestation mode).Based on the project of returning farmland to forest, ecological benefits were investigated and analyzed in Miyun.The project of returning farmland to forest has achieved good results in cleaning air,reducing the harm of sand blown by wind,water and soil conservation and other various aspects.
    Science and Technology
    The Objective Stand Vertical Structure of Watershed Forests in Liupan Mountains
    LI Jinliang, ZHENG Xiaoxian, LU Yuanchang
    2012, 0(4):  43-47. 
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    In order to meet the needs of the watershed forest management practice in Liupan Mountains,based on the continuous forest inventory data from 120 fixed sample plots in this area,the law of watershed forest canopy density impact on the growth of the undergrowth shrub and herb was analyzed,the related mathematical models were established,and an objective stand vertical structure of watershed forests in the area was put forward in this study.The results show that,1)canopy density has impact on the growth of the undergrowth plant,the undergrowth shrub and herb coverage decrease with the increasing of canopy density;2)a distinct arbor-shrub-herb vertical structure can be formed when the canopy density is kept in the range of 0.5~0.8,and accordingly the relationship between ecological and economic functions will be well coordinated;3)the objective stand vertical structure in the area shows that the canopy density is kept in the range of 0.5~0.8,each shrub and herb coverage kept in the range of 35%~45%.Therefore,the result provides scientific support for the structure regulation of the watershed forest stands.
    Community Structure and Diversity of Vatica mangachapoi Forest at Different Altitudes in Hainan Island
    HAO Qingyu, LIU Shuju, ZHONG Qiongxin, XIN Kun, LIU Qiang
    2012, 0(4):  48-54. 
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    A total of 13 temporary sample plots with a total area of 2800 m2 were surveyed with typical sampling method to investigate Vatica mangachapoi dominant communities at different altitudes in Hainan Island.The effects of different altitudes on species composition,structure,and community characteristics of Vatica mangachapoi dominant communities were analyzed.The analysis results showed:there were significant differences on dominant species composition of Vatica mangachapoi communities at different altitudes; the changes of Vatica mangachapoi important value and community diversity for trees (DBH≥5cm)showed opposite trends as the altitude increases; tree number distributions of Vatica mangachapoi (DBH≥5cm)at different altitudes all showed inverted J-curve distribution among diameter classes,but the difference among them was significant and inverted J-curves tend to be much more flatr as the altitude increases; Vatica mangachapoi tree numbers,ratio and basal area (DBH≥5cm)decreases as the altitude increases,but average diameter of Vatica mangachapoi at breast height increases as the altitude increases.
    The Interspecific Association of the Main Plant Population of the Barren Hillsides in the Arid Valley of the Upper Reaches of the Minjiang River
    YANG Zisong
    2012, 0(4):  55-61. 
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    In the barren hillsides of the arid valley of the upper reach of the Minjiang River,the interspecific association of the main pant populations was studied .The data displayed that the overall correlation of all plant species is significantly positive,the interspecific association is common but not significant between the species and the number of the positive was obviously less than the not.
    Study on Spatial Structure of Tilia mandshurica in Secondary Forest in Mopan Mountains
    QIU Zhi, JIN Chuan, YU Shiyong
    2012, 0(4):  62-65. 
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    Based on investigation data from a permanent secondary forest plot of 1ha in Mopan Mountains,Jilin city,the structure of Tilia mandshurica population was analyzed.Ripley's K function was used to analyze spatial patterns of T.mandshurica population at different growth stages (saplings,small trees and big trees).The results showed that DBH structure of T.mandshurica presented a reverse “J” distribution and small age individuals accounted more.The spatial pattern of T.mandshurica population was clump for all stems,saplings and small trees,but random for big trees; spatial associations between different stages were repulsed .It indicates that seed dispersal and regeneration mechanism was a key factor to spatial pattern.
    Branch and Leaf Phenotypic Diversity of Artificial Xanthoceras sorbifolia Population in Gansu
    QI Jianli, CHAI Chunshan, LU Juan, WANG Ziting, XUE Rui, WANG Sanying, CAI Guojun
    2012, 0(4):  66-69. 
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    Based on the branches and leaves of artificial Xanthoceras sorbifolia population in Dingxi district of Gansu,5 phenotypic traits were investigated for 59 X.sorbifolia samples in trial area.Phenotypic variation was studied by using variance analysis and variation coefficient,between various individuals,different sections of branch and different branch types.The results showed that there was extremely significant difference (P<0.01)among various phenotypic traits of leaves and there was greater variation among different individuals of X.sorbifolia in trial area,but the variation degree of various phenotypic traits was different and the sequence of variation coefficient of traits is as follows:length of leaflet(18.70%)> width of leaflet(17.96%)> length of compound leaf(17.04%)> pair number of leaflet(14.14%)> amount of leaflet(13.07%); between different sections of branch,the phenotypic traits of leaves had no obvious differences and coincident change law,and only the indicators of width of leaflet,pair number of leaflet and amount of leaflet had very significant differences(P﹤0.01); between the different branch types there was obvious differences among phenotypic traits of leaves,and had significant differences (P﹤0.05)or very significant differences(P﹤0.01)except for pair number of leaflet.Besides,the type of branch was closely correlated to the ability of resisting disease and insects of X.sorbifolia,and the individuals with velutinous scarlet branch strongly resisted diseases and insects,whereas the individuals with brown branches but no velutinous had very serious diseases and insects,these characteristics can be treated as an important indicator for preliminary selection of fine individual of X.sorbifolia.
    Preliminary Study on Growth Conditions and Population Reproduction of the Wild Poacynum hendersonii in the Qaidam Basin
    Fei Donghong, Dong Dehong
    2012, 0(4):  70-73. 
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    The distribution of wild Poacynum hendersonii communities in the Qaidam Basin was investigated,analyzed and studied.The preliminary information of the distribution of habitats,distribution and reproduction of the growth conditions and population had been gained, which provides a theoretical basis for rational and efficient use and rational resource recovery of wild Poacynum hendersonii.
    The Impacts of Intermediate Felling on the Soil Physicochemical Characteristics and Microorganism of Chinese Pine and Larix spp in Manhan Mountains
    LÜ Jingbin, ZHANG Qiuliang, YU Nannan, WANG Dongzhi, MO Rigen, ZHANG Zhihui
    2012, 0(4):  74-79. 
    Asbtract ( 85 )   PDF (973KB) ( 164 )  
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    With Chinese Pine and Larix spp. as the research object this paper mainly talks about the tending felling effects on soil physicochemical characteristics.The research results shows:(1)Aerobic and anaerobic bacterium in tended Chinese pine and Larix spp plots are more than checked sample plots.(2)There is obvious increase of the soil PH value after tending,soil organic matters are increased.(3)Tending has promoted the increase of P,K.Soil pondage,capillary moisture capacity and total porosity obviously after tending.
    Study on the Relationship between Understory Species Diversity and Soil Properties for the Casuarina equisetifolia Coastal Protective Forest
    ZHANG Caifeng, YANG Xiaobo, LI Donghai, MO Zhenzhang, YE Fuhong
    2012, 0(4):  80-85. 
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    The understory plant species diversity and soil physical and chemical properties were investigated,and their relationship of the Casuarina equisetifolia coastal protection forest with different stand structure explored in Haikou.Results showed that the understory plant species composition of the Casuarina equisetifolia forest was simple,with 52 species attributed to 29 families and 46 genera.The species richness index(S),Simpson index(D)and Shannon-wiener index(H')were low,and species richness decreased with increase of human disturbance.The soil water content,soil nutrients including organic matter,available potassium and available phosphorus were very low.The results of correlation analysis showed that soil organic matter,available nitrogen and available potassium were significantly correlated with S,H' and D.The strong correlations between soil properties and plant species diversity demonstrate that organic matter,available nitrogen and available potassium are the most important soil factors impacting understory plant species diversity for the Casuarina equisetifolia coastal protective forest.
    Analysis on Canonical Correlation between the Growth of Platycladus orientalis and Climatic Factors in Beijing
    CHEN Ying, YANG Hua, LI Wei, XU Junli, WANG JinZeng
    2012, 0(4):  86-90. 
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    The relationship between the growth of Platycladus orientalis(GPO)and climatic factors(CF)was analysed by the canonical correlation analysis method in Beijing.The results showed that Platycladus orientalis was a kind of tree which responds sensitively to CF.There were mutual effects among CF,and CF effect GPO together.The annual average temperature and the average temperature from March to May in previous year were the dominant meteorological factors affecting the diameter growth of Platycladus orientalis.The increment of height was affected mainly by the annual precipitation and the average precipitation from June to August in previous year.And the average precipitation and average temperature from December of previous year to January of current year were the important factors influencing the volume growth.It was concluded that the most important CF that affects the GPO were the temperature and the precipitation.
    Using “3S” Technology to Monitor Rodent Damage in Cakcayr (Haloxylon ammodendron)Natural Forest Distributed on Alxa Desert in Inner Mongolia
    CHA Muha, MA Guoqing, A li gu en, WU Xiaodong, FU Heping, ZHANG Xiao Dong, YUAN Shuai, ZHANG Fushun
    2012, 0(4):  91-95. 
    Asbtract ( 90 )   PDF (1366KB) ( 59 )  
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    The damage of Great gerbil(Rhombomys opimus)to Cakcayr (Haloxylon ammodendron)natural forest distributed on Alxa desert in Inner Mongolia of China was surveyed using the method of plugging hole and checking opening hole in autumn and spring from 2009 to 2010.Multiple regression method was used to analyze the relationship between Great gerbils abundance and environmental factors.Meanwhile,damage levels of Great gerbils were overlaid with Cakcayr forest distribution map (1∶2200000)to divide 4 grades based on damage conditions by 3S technology.The results indicated that Great gerbils abundance was positively correlated with Cakcayr biomass,soil moisture and monthly precipitation,negatively correlated with Cakcayr density.The correlation of Great gerbils abundance with monthly precipitation was the most significant one among all of factors.During two years,Great gerbils damaged areas were mainly distributed in the north and east of Alxa desert,and damage in autumn was more serious than spring.The "3S" technology not only reflects cakcayr forest distribution and Great gerbils damage levels accurately,but also provides an effective tool for monitoring and comprehensively managing pest rodents in Cakcayr forest.
    Prediction of Incidence Rate of Forest Diseases, Mice and Pests Using Meteorological Factor
    ZHANG Naijing, JU Hongbo, JI Ping
    2012, 0(4):  96-101. 
    Asbtract ( 88 )   PDF (962KB) ( 66 )  
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    Based on some meteorological factors, prediction was made on the incidence rate of forest diseases,mice and pests by simple linear regression(SLR),multiple linear regressions(MLR),simple non-linear regression(SNLR)and BP neural network(BP).The results show that the determination coefficient(R2)and root mean square error(RMSE)of MLR are better than that of SLR,the R2 and RMSE of BP are better than that of SNLR.According to the quality of models,BP model is the best of all,and SNLR is better than MLR and SLR.The conclusion is that the relations between meteorological factors and incidence rate of forest diseases,mice and pests are not linearity,non-linear model could effectively explain the incidence rate of forest diseases,mice and pests.
    High Spatial Resolution 3D Visualization Short-term Forecast of Forest Fire Hazard Rating in Lianyungang Huaguo Mountains
    GAO Xiangwei, FEI Xianyun, ZHUANG Wenfeng, WANG Hongbo
    2012, 0(4):  102-107. 
    Asbtract ( 134 )   PDF (1147KB) ( 62 )  
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    In this paper,Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area in Lianyungang was chosen as study region.Forest hazard zone,weather and fire resource were used as the factors for fire hazard rating forecasting.Hazard zone was obtained according to forest vegetation types and their characteristics,topography.Weather factor was obtained by weather forecast every day.Fire source danger rating was obtained by buffer analysis of various roads in the study area.Using above three fire factors,real-time forecast model was established by weighted overlay method.By GIS 3D visualization technology,the forecast result was showed in the visualization form based on DEM and SPOT5 image.Through this study,the short-term fire rating forecast was realized in the range of compartment and was showed in the form of 3D visualization.The study result could provide basic platform for forest fire real-time monitoring system and would lead to more scientific,rational management of forest fire in the study area.
    Model of River Corridor Landscape Optimization in Huiji District,Zhengzhou
    MA Guoqing, HUANG Guilin, ZHANG Yujun, TANG Xiaoping
    2012, 0(4):  108-112. 
    Asbtract ( 80 )   PDF (1720KB) ( 86 )  
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    The river corridor landscape optimization models and strategies for the water system features of Huiji District were proposed..Natural type riverbank revetment treatment shall be adopted as far as possible to maintain the river's natural state with the cultivation of plants to achieve the purpose of protecting the river banks.water plants such as willows,poplar,reed and iris shall be used to stabilize the embankment.This paper also explained ecological revetment technology from Japan.
    Comprehensive Evaluation of the Economic Development Level Based on AHP and TOPSIS Model—Case Study of the State-owned Forest Region in Heilongjiang Province
    JIANG Liwei, LI Wei, HU Changru
    2012, 0(4):  113-117. 
    Asbtract ( 127 )   PDF (970KB) ( 49 )  
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    This article,by analyzing the economic development present situation of the state-owned forest region in Heilongjiang province,constructs the economic development level comprehensive evaluation index system of the state-owned forestry region in Heilongjiang province based on economic, ecological and social development.It analyzes 2010 data of the state-owned forest region in Heilongjiang Province by applying AHP and TOPSIS model and shows that the economic development comprehensive evaluation index of the state-owned forest region in Heilongjiang Province is 0.6314.The result indicates that its economic development is at crucial stage.Finally,the article proposes to accelerate the pace of economic development through the fiscal policy adjustment and substitution industry construction. There is a big gap between the reality of the ecological and social development level of the state-owned forest region in Heilongjiang province and the anticipated goal.
    Research and Establishment of the Integrated Forest Fire Control Application System for Guangdong Province
    ZENG Qingfeng, ZHAO Chen
    2012, 0(4):  118-122. 
    Asbtract ( 159 )   PDF (1501KB) ( 104 )  
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    The integrated forest fire control application system is a comprehensive application system which consists of daily office work,forest fire monitoring, early warning of fire danger and forest fire killing operation commanding. Using the up-to-date technalogies such as computers,remote sensing,GPS and GIS, the system excercises a highly effective management of such information on satellite monitoring of forest fire,early warning of fire danger,monitoring feedback, reporting of fire development, location of fire, data inquiry, commanding and scheduling, and statistical analysis. This has improved work effeciency and facilitated scientifically the forest fire killing operation commanding and decision making process.
    New Developments in Other Countries
    Inspiration from Forest Management in Japan
    BAI Weiguo
    2012, 0(4):  123-126. 
    Asbtract ( 127 )   PDF (917KB) ( 74 )  
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    This article focused on forest management,policy,subsidy,biodiversity protection,and industry in Japan. Some acquaintances about forest development in Japan were presented and some advices were put forward for forest development in China.