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    28 August 2014, Volume 0 Issue 4
    Integrated Management and Administration
    Looking back at China Forest Resources Inventory for Planning and Improvement Opinions
    ZHOU Changxiang
    2014, 0(4):  1-3.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.001
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    The paper discussed China forest inventory classification system,looked back mainly at forest planning inventory history and analyzed the current conditions.It focused on the problems existing in forest planning inventory,such as blurred inventory contents,backward inventory skills and unsysnchronized inventory phases.Improvement opinions are put forward.
    The Status and Trend Analysis of Rocky Desertification in Southwest China
    TU Zhifang, LI Mengxian, DAN Xinqiu
    2014, 0(4):  4-7.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.002
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    Based on the results of the 2nd national rocky desertification(RD) monitoring,this essay introduces the status of RD Land at Karst area in southwest China,analyze the trend of RD and its causes,focuses on the serious situation of RD control.Finally,this essay gives some suggestions on combating RD.
    Integrated Management and A dministration
    The Analysis of Population Capacity in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Based on Its Ecological Footprints
    MENG Qinghua
    2014, 0(4):  8-13.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.003
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    The ecological footprint analysis method was used to calculate the population capacity of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in 2012.The results showed that the ecological footprint was 3.266 hm2 per capita,and its ecological carrying capacity was 0.444hm2 per capita,theoretical population capacity was 13.18 million people,but the present permanent population was far beyond the theoretical population capacity,the ecological situation is extremely serious.According to the regional ecological deficit,Beijing needs to transfer the population size of about 4.11 million people.Focus on ecological protection and construction in this area is to construct the integration pattern,delimit ecological red line for forest land,farmland,wetland,marine and grassland,and improve the regional ecological capacity.
    Integrated Management and Administration
    Exploration and Practice of Integrated Annual Forest Resources Monitoring at Both Municipal and County Levels in Hangzhou
    TAO Jixing, ZHANG Guojiang, JI Biyong, HE Weiping, WANG Wenwu, WANG Jianwu, YE Jinwu
    2014, 0(4):  14-18.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.004
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    For continuous monitoring of the changes of forest resources at both municipal and county levels and the exploration of methodology in integrated monitoring of forest resources,an integrated monitoring system of forest resources was built for Hangzhou by the application of permanent sample plot monitoring,archive updating,supplementary investigations,re-measured investigations and model projections,Markov transition model estimation,linear regression estimation and other monitoring methods.The time sequence is divided into basic and general years,and the spatial sequence is divided into one city collectivity and eight County Sub-collectivities.A monitoring system is establisged which includes 6 task systems as the evaluation index,sampling points,information collection,data processing,quality control,information release to carry out the annual monitoring and information announcement of forest resources from 2008 to 2012.With the city-county synchronized monitoring system of forest resources,synchronous monitoring of forest resources is realized integrated monitoring of forest resources of city and county and a set of integrated data of city and county achieved.The monitoring results have good sampling accuracy control,results after the announcement made great social repercussions.Therefore,to establish a system of annual city-county synchronized monitoring system of forest resources can meet the needs of government decision making at the two levels and information requirement of the public,and provide a reference for the integration of national forest resources monitoring.
    Thinking on the Sustainable Management of Forest Resources in Xinjiang
    GUO Yuanping
    2014, 0(4):  19-22.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.005
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    This psper describes the important role of the natural mountainous forests,desert forests and valley forests,plain plantation in the sustainable ecological environment in Xinjiang and analyzes the main problems in sustainable forest resources management.It puts forward some counter measures for solving the problems,to provide some reference for sustainable management of forest resources in Xinjiang.
    Some Problems about Forest Management Technology in China and the Ways to Further Improve
    FENG Zhongke, GUO Xinyu, DING Xiuzhen
    2014, 0(4):  23-28.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.006
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    The current forest management system still has many problems and blanks in the adoption of new science and technology,which hinders the innovation and advance of forest management industry and forestry science in China.According to the development of society,economy,science and technology in China and the need of forest resource management,we studied the present situation and existing problems of our forest management technology to analyze and seek countermeasures.
    Integra ted Management and Administration
    Discussion on Some Problems of Administrative Law Enforcement in the Wild Animal Protection—with undocumented domesticated gold Python administrative dispute case as the angle of view
    XU Lan
    2014, 0(4):  29-33.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.007
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    This paper analyzes an undocumented domesticated gold Python administrative dispute case and finds some problems existing in the process of administrative law enforcement,especially the administrative penalty in the wild animal protection,and then put forward some suggestions.The main problems are as follows:the concept of wild animal is not clear,the advanced registration and preservation of evidence is not enough,the administrative law enforcement personnel does not have the administrative compulsory measures in wild animal protection,and it takes too long time to handle an administrative penalty case.
    Integrated Management and Administration
    Some Discussion on the Conviction and Sentencing Standard in Criminal Cases of Wildlife in China
    MENG Meng, WANG Zhen
    2014, 0(4):  34-38.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.008
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    Several controversies on conviction and sentencing standards in wildlife criminal cases was discussed in this article,including ill-defined concept of wildlife and its products,the large difference between two kind of sentencing standard—the number of individual animals and the values of their products,application of protection level and value standard of the species in CITES appendix.These problems mainly result from the mutual non-convergence between the relevant judicial interpretation and the authorities’ value standard of wildlife and its products.For these questions,some specific adjustment measures were presented,such as clearly defining the scope and value standard between wildlife itself and its products,adjusting the standard of individuals number according to the value of wildlife,clearly declaring the appliance of different protection levels,and define the value standard of species in CITES appendix etc.
    Analysis of National Wetland Park Construction and Development
    YANG Yongfeng
    2014, 0(4):  39-45.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.009
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    Protecting China’s wetland ecosystem is of great significance to ecological security,regional economy,social sustainable development and construction of ecological civilization.National wetland park is an important part of China’s wetland protection network,which has attracted widespread attention from the whole society,and achieved extensive development.Through the analysis of the geographical distribution,types of China’s national wetland parks and the current problems existing in the development of the wetland park,this article puts forward establishment of wisdom wetland park management system,attaching great importance to the protection of wetland culture and discovering and exploring multi-channel investment mechanism and so on.
    Discussion on the Establishment of A National Park Management System in China
    CHEN Junzhi
    2014, 0(4):  46-51.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.010
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    This paper introduces the conception and development process of the national park system,and summarizes three national park management models in USA,Germany and Canada.Through compartively analysing these models,this paper introduces some experiences.Furthermore this paper analyses the status of China’s protection system,and points out some existing problems in this system.Based on the above analysis,this paper gives some proposals for establishing a national park management system in China,which includes establishing the special legal system and the unified management mechanism,moderately separating the rights of ownership,management and marketing,innovating and expanding funds rising methods,building national park pilots with supports from the forestry administration,encouraging the public participation as well as adopting scientific decision-making mechanism.
    Scientific Research
    Study on Remote Sensing Model for Biomass and Carbon Storage of the Larix Prinicipis-rapprechii Plantation
    WANG Qingmei, BAO Liang, ZHOU Mei, WEI Jiangsheng, ZHAO Pengwu, ZHANG Qiuying, WU Xian
    2014, 0(4):  52-57.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.011
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    The main subjects of the study for this article are Larix prinicipis-rapprechii plantation,research on biomass and carbon storage of Larix prinicipis-rapprechii plantation in Saihanwula Forest Ecosystem Research Station.This paper employs TM images for extracting bands of TM images and related vegetation indexs.Univariate regression analysis between bands,vegetation indexs and biomass is conducted and the unitary regression model is constructed,and the models are scientific and rational;The correlation analysis between bands,vegetation indexs and biomass is done.Step wise regression is used and equation of multiple linear regression established.Comparative Research on multiple regression model and unitary regression model is conducted.The best multiple regression model is selected,and establishment of carbon storage model developed.
    Modeling of Standing Tree Biomass for Main Species of Trees in Guangxi Province
    CAI Huide, NONG Shengqi, ZHANG Wei, JIANG Jinfeng, XIONG Xiaofei, LIU Feng
    2014, 0(4):  58-61.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.012
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    A total of 333 trees from China fir,masson pine,eucalyptus,Hard broad-leaf and soft broad-leaved species growing in Guangxi province were collected and their biomass was measured by harvest method.Three equations,W=c1×Dc2,W=c1×(D2H)×c2 and W=c1×Dc2×Hc3,were applied to above-ground biomass (AGB) fitting of each tree-species group,and the heteroscedasticity of equations was eliminated by weighted-regression.Roots biomass of some tree samples were employed to model the equations of root-to-shoot ratios.The results showed that:(1) the precision of AGB model based on W=c1×Dc2×Hc3 was higher;(2) weighted regression slightly decreased the precision of AGB equations,but enhanced the stability of equations;(3) determination coefficients of AGB equations were greater than 0.9,and the total relative error (TRE) and mean systematic error (MSE) were basically controlled within ± 1%,then the estimate precision of biomass equations was about 94%.Therefore,combing with the equations of root-to-shoot ratios,these above-ground biomass equations were suitable to estimate the biomass of the major tree species of Guangxi in a certain range of diameter at breast height (DBH) class.
    Analysis on Biomass of Different Vegetation Types and Impact Factors—A case study in Beichuan Nature Reserve
    WANG Gang, FENG Yonglin, ZHANG Jianshe, SUN Zhipeng, SHEN Jinliang, WANG Gang
    2014, 0(4):  62-66.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.013
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    This paper takes Beichuan Nature Reserve as an example and uses gray correlation analysis and regression analysis method to analyze the biomass and impact factors of Quercus engleriana Seem,Betul a albo-sinensis,Abies fabri,Fargesia rufa.The results show that the outcomes are highly consistent based on two mathematical techniques,that is,elevation has the greatest relevance to the four vegetation types above,and each type of the vegetation biomass and elevation has obvious correlation to some extent,which can provide a scientific basis and reference for the restoration and reconstruction of vegetation in Beichuan Nature Reserve after the disaster.
    Population Structure and Quantitative Dynamics of Picea likiangensis var.linzhiensis in Southeast Tibet
    LU Jie, LI Jiangrong, GUO Qiqiang, FANG Jiangping, ZHNEG Weilie
    2014, 0(4):  67-73.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.014
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    Picea likiangensis var.linzhiensis is a special species in Tibet,and it is in a easily endangered state in our country.After a comprehensive investigation on P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population distributed in Gongbu nature reserve of southeast Tibet by transects and quadrats,population structure and quantitative dynamics were analyzed in the paper.The results showed that the individual number of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis gradually diminished with structure level (the diameter class,height class and crown width class),and the number in three structures was presented as the typical pyramid shape.The seedlings of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis were more abundant,the natural regeneration ability was powerful,and the population was at a stable development state.The survival number of the different diameter class of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population showed a logarithmic relationship with diameter class,and the number of the different height and crown width class power function relationship with height and crown width class respectively.There was a linear relation between diameter and height,but there was not obviously correlation between diameter and crown width,such was height and crown width.Individual survival quantity of very age class of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population was obviously different in growth process.The mortality and killing rates were greatly fluctuant with diameter class,those of age Ⅵ were lowest(20% and 22.31% respectively),those of age Ⅹ were highest (62.96% and 99.33% respectively),the average mortality and killing rates accounted for 41.03% and 57.55% respectively.The survival curve of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population approached to the B3 subtype of Deevey-Ⅱ. Four survival curves for P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population indicated that the population would have an early reduction,a mid-term stability,and a late recession because of physiological exhaustion.The time sequence model predicted that the amount of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population would have a different rising tendency in the upcoming Ⅱ,Ⅴ,Ⅷ and Ⅵ age classes,the population had better recovery capability and kept stability maintenance.The research results provided a theoretical basis for management and sustainable utilization of P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis population,and enriched the assessment content of the national ecological security barrier in Tibet plateau.
    Study on Growth Laws of Natural Cyclobalanopsis myrsinaefolia in Mangdang Mountains of Fujian Province
    FAN Limin, LIN Xiaoqing, CAO Zuning, CHEN Changxiong
    2014, 0(4):  74-77.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.015
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    Sample plots were set up in Cyclobalanopsis myrsinaefolia forest in Mangdang Mountains Nature Reserve of Fujian Province.Mean trees were selected in the sample plots for stem analysis to fit growth equation.The result showed that the Richards equation was the optimal growth equation,the current annual increment of DBH and height arrived at maximum at the age of 25 and 22 years respectively,while the current annual increment of timber volume arrived at the maximum at the age of 15 years,and mean annual increment arrived at the maximum at the age of 25 years.
    Interspecific Association of Woody Plant Species at Different Topography Sites in Maolan Karst Forest
    ZHENG Zhenyu, LONG Cuiling
    2014, 0(4):  78-84.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.016
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    Based on investigation on the communities,the woody plant species at three topography sites in Maolan National Nature Reserve were selected as the object of research.Through the calculation of important values,forty-two dominant species were selected in each communities.Overall association,interspecific association,percentage co-occurrence (PC) and association coefficient(AC) were used to analyze the interspecific association of these dominant species.The results showed that:(1) overall association of community in research area was insignificant positive association and it was in accord with interspecific association.Populations were easy to arise independently.Community was in a relatively stable stage.(2) the interspecific associations of communities at different topography sites were different.In funnel and valley communities,overall association was insignificant positive association,and more species-pairs had positive correlation.In hillside community,overall association was insignificant negative association,and more species-pairs had negative correlation or no correlation.(3)There was higher association among the species-pairs in the funnel and valley communities,and community structure was relatively stable.There was lower association among the species-pairs in the hillside community,and community structure was relatively unstable.Through the interspecific associations of communities,a concluson can be drawn that the loose interspecific relationship may be one of the coexistence mechanisms of karst forest species.There were different forms of the coexistence mechanism in the communities at different topography sites.
    Management Density Effects of Pinus Tabulaeformis Plantation in Beijing
    GONG Ningning, WANG Xiaoping, LI Hao, MA Luyi, JIA Zhongkui, DUAN Jie, LIN Ping
    2014, 0(4):  85-91.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.017
    Asbtract ( 191 )   PDF (1524KB) ( 96 )  
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    This paper studied the changes in stand growth,understory plant diversity,forest biomass and crown growth of Pinus tabulaeformis plantation (40 years old or so) under the different conditions of stand density at low hill shade slope.Results showed that:DBH,tree height,crown width decreased with stand density increase,when stand density increases to 1500 individuals per hectare,the reduced tendency was to stabilize.The average amount of branch length growth,year after year volume growth increased with age increase and then decreased afterwards.With stand density>1500 individuals per hectare,the average amount of branch length growth decreased significantly.Branch volume increment also increases with stand density that shows inhibition of response,and the amount of branch length variation of a similar growth.As stand density increases,the understory shrubs,herbaceous species evenness index Jsw,Simpson diversity index and Shannon-Wiener diversity index decreased.With stand density decreases,the herb layer biomass increased gradually,shrub layer biomass increased and slightly reduced.The biomass of shrubs was maximum when stand density was 1000-1200 individuals per hectare.For Beijing low hill shade slope Pinus tabulaeformis plantation (40 years old or so),the management density is between 1000-1500 individuals per hectare.
    Evaluation of the Forest Soil Nutrient in Southeast of Yushu
    ZHAO Chuanchuan, ZHAO Qiaoyu, AN Ruolan, MENG Hanlong, SONG Ruize, DONG Xu
    2014, 0(4):  92-97.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.018
    Asbtract ( 195 )   PDF (1061KB) ( 136 )  
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    The comprehensive evaluation model based on matter-element analysis method was applied to evaluation of the forest soil nutrient in southeast of Yushu,with the soil organic matter,total nitrogen,total phosphorus,total potassium,available nitrogen,available phosphorus and available potassium chosen as evaluation indexes.Results indicated that the situation of forest soil nutrient in southeast of Yushu was favorable,but the available phosphorus became the limiting factor due to its poor content among the seven indicators.Forest type and forest community complexity had significant effects on available phosphorus (P=0.05).Available phosphorus content under mixed needle leaf forest and complex community structure was highest.Matter-element model presented its advantage in the process of assessment,and was an ideal method for soil nutrient evaluation.
    Water-holding Characteristics of Coniferous Forest Litter in the Sejila Mount
    LI Ju, LU Jie
    2014, 0(4):  98-102.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.019
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    The water-holding characteristics of litter were analyzed in the paper,including the total storage capacity,water holding capacity,water rate and water absorption rate for Sabina saltuaria forest,Larix griffithiana forest,Picea likiangensis var.linzhiensis forest,Pinus densata forest,Abies georgei var.smithii forest by the field observation and indoor extraction.The results showed that the total storage capacity of litter ranged from 8.48 t/ hm2 to 19.2 t/hm2,and the order was P.densata forest>A.georgei var.smithii forest>P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis forest>S.saltuaria forest>L.griffithiana forest.The maximum water holding capacity of litter presents A.georgei var.smithii forest>P.densata forest>L.griffithiana forest>P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis forest>S.saltuaria forest.The maximum proportional water holding capacity of litter was Larix griffithiana forest>Abies georgei var.smithii forest>P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis forest>P.densata forest>S.saltuaria forest.The water holding capacity and the proportional water holding capacity of litter increased logarithmically with the soaking time.The water absorption rate of litter was L.griffithiana forest>A.georgei var.smithii forest>P.likiangensis var.linzhiensis forest>P.densata forest>S.saltuaria forest.The water absorption rate with soaking time was an obvious power function.The research results provided a theoretical basis for sustainable utilization and resources evaluation of water conservation forest in the Sejila Mount.
    Dynamic Monitoring of Land Use in Kunming City Based on TM Images
    TIAN Chuanzhao, YU Yang, XIAO Hongyan, YUE Cairong, FAN Huaigang
    2014, 0(4):  103-108.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.020
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    This research was based on remotely sensed images of three dates 1992,2000 and 2013 covering Kunming City,Yunnan Province.At first,NDVI image was used to distinguish between vegetation zone and non-vegetation zone.Then,on this basis maximum likelihood classification was applied to each image,getting classified maps of three dates.Based on three classified maps,through analyzing the dynamic changes of land use in 1992-2013,the transition matrix of Kunming City’s land use was developed.Through analysis,the result indicates that the biggest changes of land use in Kunming City were artificial land and unused land,and the growth of artificial land was mainly from unused land.This situation was mainly due to urban extension.
    Assessment on Ecological Security of the New District of Lanzhou Based on GIS and RS
    WU Xiaoqun, YAN Shuai, CUI Ming
    2014, 0(4):  109-113.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.021
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    Based on the technology of GIS and RS,the RS image of Landsat 7ETM in 2004 was used as the main data source.In the paper,with the new district of Lanzhou City as an example,the ecological security was evaluated by means of GIS spatial analysis functions and the entropy weight method,and countermeasures were put forward.Results show that the distribution of ecological security was uneven in Lanzhou and the differences were significant.Ecological security indexes were increased from new center area to the surrounding areas.The suggestion was that ecological planning and construction were constructed in the areas with lower indexes of ecological security,ecological restoration were constructed in the areas with higher indexes.
    Estimates Adaptability of Different Vegetation Indexes Based on Spot-5 Data of Huitengxile Grassland Biomass in Inner Mongolia
    ZHANG Tao, WANG Xiping, LIU Jiahui, JIANG Yanfeng, ZHANG Qiuliang
    2014, 0(4):  114-119.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.022
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    With the wide application of vegetation index in grassland yield estimation,more scholars discussed about the optimal selection of vegetation indexes in different research areas.Extraction of six common vegetation indexes was done.Based on Spot-5 remote sensing data and combined with field survey methods,different vegetation index and biomass correlation analysis of precise positioning of the sample points was conducted and the best vegetation indices of the study area determined.The results showed that:(1) there existed a clear correlation between the 6 vegetation indexes and the biomass samples with Spot-5 image data.(2) Samples of biomass and NDVI,SAVI correlation coefficient R are 0.823,0.802,the correlation coefficient R>0.8,is highly correlated;PVI,DVI,RVI,MASVI correlation coefficient R are 0.738,0.735,0.672,0.671 correlation coefficient R is between 0.3~0.8,which shows a moderate correlation.(3)the best vegetation indexes of study area were determined with the experimental correlation analysis method.Other indicators of vegetation characteristics such as vegetation cover,and similar conditions in the study area for the study area provides a fast,efficient method of selecting vegetation indexes.
    Effects of Seedling-raising Methods on 1a Old Seedling Growth Traits of Ornamental Xanthoceras Sorbifolium of Different Provenances
    WANG Ling, ZHAO Guangliang
    2014, 0(4):  120-124.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.023
    Asbtract ( 181 )   PDF (1773KB) ( 118 )  
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    This paper analyzed the correlation between different growth traits by researching the plant height,ground diameter,and number of shoot buds of ornamental xanthoceras sorbifolia’s seedlings in Shunyi and Changping in Beijing,and Chicheng in Hebei province.The methods of container nursery under non-covered greenhouse and seedlings on the ground were used in the research in order to cultivate the big seedlings of ornamental xanthoceras sorbifolia in Beijing Badaling Forest Farm.The result shows that there is no significant difference between plant height,ground-diameter,and number of shoot buds in different provenances of “1a” old seeding of ornamental xanthoceras sorbifolia.The seedlings in Chicheng,Hebei grew better,but differentiated more in their growth.In addition,early selection is necessary for choosing higher growth of arbor ornamental tree.There was a linear regression between plant height and ground diameter.The number of shoot buds had logarithm regression to plant height and ground diameter.The significance of these regressions could be used to evaluate the provenance and ascertain effects of cultivation and plantation technology on the growth.
    Technical Application
    Establishment of a Transgenomic Database of Populus Euphratica on a Web-based Browser/Server Architecture
    SHI Yan, LIANG Baojun, ZHOU Jing, CHEN Jiafei, DAI Hui
    2014, 0(4):  125-130.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.024
    Asbtract ( 182 )   PDF (1187KB) ( 106 )  
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    The construction of a transgenomic database of Populus euphratica was on a web-based Browser/Server architecture by utilizing SQL database system as a platform with on-line data management and queries.Manager(s) can edit the database through internet timely and effectively.The established database can provide a bioinformatic service for researchers by mining data on molecular breeding techniques,the new varieties of trees with high wood quanlity and stress resisitance.
    Evaluation of Decay in Wood Based on Tomographic Images
    QI Juan, ZHU Jia, FENG Hailin, FANG Yiming, LI Guanghui
    2014, 0(4):  131-136.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.025
    Asbtract ( 193 )   PDF (1564KB) ( 116 )  
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    This paper presents an automatic evaluation method for the wood decaying degree based on tomographic images.Firstly,the wood tomographic image was partitioned by Graph Cuts,and conversed to grayscale.Then,the cumulative histogram technology was used to obtain the defect part area of the grayscale image.Finally,the measured values were compared with the real values,and the automatic evaluation for the wood decaying degree was implemented.The wood samples containing artificial decay or nature decay were used in our experiments.The experimental results show that the accuracy of the method we proposed is high,and this study provides a new method for the intelligent processing of wood tomographic images and the online application of nondestructive detection technology.
    Application of Infrared Triggered Cameras to Monitoring of Wild Animal in Desert Areas—Take An’xi Extreme-arid Desert Nature Reserve as an example
    WANG Liang, YANG Zengwu, TIAN Ruixiang, TAO Jinding, BAO Xinkang
    2014, 0(4):  137-141.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.026
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    From June 2012 to April 2014,the monitoring of wild animals in the nature reserve was conducted using infrared trigger automatic camera.Altogether,2517 pictures were taken at 20 locations.There are 732 pictures which can be identified,among them 47.4% are the pictures of mammals,50.8% are birds and 1.8% are the pictures of staff members.Altogether 25 species were identified,among them 8 species are mammals and 17 are birds.For mammals,Ibex,Blue Sheep and Desert Hare topped the ratings.For birds,Red-billed Chough,Hill Pigeon and Chukar partridge topped the ratings.We offer a good way to monitor the wild life in desert habitats.Some frequent questions of using infrared camera technology in natural reserve are discussed.
    Research Bulletin
    The Reflection on Strategical Value of Daxing Plain Reforestation Programme
    QIAO Yongqiang, YU Lingxiao, SONG Jiqin
    2014, 0(4):  142-145.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.027
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    On the basis of the result of Beijing plain reforestation project in Daxing,the paper discussed the project’s strategical effects and value from the view of improvement of the water resource environment,optimizing the Beijing’s ecological structure,accelerating functions of Daxing’s industrial restructuring,diverting the agriculture labor,urbanization and construction of new countryside,as well as setting up the plant landscape structure of airport view area and improving the local climate conditions,etc.
    Analysis of Forest Resources Changes and Sustainable Management Countermeasures in Songjianghe Forest Area
    WANG Deyin, SHI Xiaowen
    2014, 0(4):  146-150.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.028
    Asbtract ( 206 )   PDF (1001KB) ( 182 )  
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    Two phases of investigations gained the detailed forest resources data of Songjianghe forest bureau.The data were used for analyzing the changes of forest land area,the forest coverage rate,standing crop,the age group structure and the dynamic changes of forest.The changes of forest resources characteristics were summarized.Some advices about forest management of Songjianghe forest area were proposed from the perspective of sustainable forest management.
    Innovation of Cooperation Model between CAF and Local Agencies —Take as an example technical service at the forest ecological demonstration area in water head region of the middle line of South-to-North Water Diversion Project
    ZHANG Yihua
    2014, 0(4):  151-155.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2014.04.029
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    Cooperation between institutes and local agencies plays a significant role in accelerating the transformation and promotion of research achievements.By designing an integrated technical service system for the forest ecological demonstration area in water head region of the middle line of South-to-North Water Diversion Project (SNWDP),the paper demonstrates the innovation point of the new cooperation model between Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) and local agencies,and develops discussion and prospects focusing on the promotion of new cooperation model.It aims to advocate continuous innovation in the cooperation model between institutes and local agencies and to keep pace with the times so as to play a more and more important roles in providing a scientific and technological service for rural areas.