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    28 February 2016, Volume 0 Issue 1
    Integrated Management and Administration
    The Status and Trend Analysis of Desertification and Sandification
    TU Zhifang, LI Mengxian, SUN Tao
    2016, 0(1):  1-5.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.001
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    This essay briefs the 5thChina National Desertification and Sandification Inventory Monitoring and its main features,introduces the latest information of the desertification and sandification status of China,analyzes the serious situation of desertification and sandification control,and gives some suggestions on combating desertification and sandification in China.Monitoring results show that by 2014 the desertification land area of China was 2 611 593 square kilometers and the sandification land area 1 721 175 square kilometers.Compared with these in 2009,the desertification land area decreased by 12 120 square kilometers with annual reduction of 2 424 square kilometers while the sandification net reduction by 9 902 square kilometers with annual average reduction of 1 980 square kilometers.
    Study on Forestland Identification Standard
    PANG Lijie, HAN Aihui
    2016, 0(1):  6-8.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.002
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    The differences and the causes of the identification standards of forest land are analyzed.The relationship of the current situation and planning should be distinguished first.Based on the current situation of land cover and land use,the land where forest vegetation grows should be identified as forest land.Based on planning,forestry land should be planned,and it should be managed by forestry management department to ensure the space of forest resources development.The un-forestry land where forest vegetation grows should be identified as current forest land,can be calculated and included into forest cover rate,but the land can be managed by other management department.
    Value Accounting of Forest Resources:Comment and Proposal
    LI Zhongkui, CHEN Shaozhi, ZHANG Decheng, ZHAO Xiaodi
    2016, 0(1):  9-13.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.003
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    The accounting framework of forest valuation in China has been formed through the development stages of timber value calculation,forest ecosystem valuation and entire value accounting of forest resources,including the forest values of resources in kind,environmental resources and social benefits.Due to the development history and other reasons,the forest resource accounting theory and methods still face deviation of theories and methods from vague position of discipline,larger accounting results from ignoring differences between forest ecological functions and ecosystem services,and unrealistic and other problems from non-standard index system and accounting methods.Five Suggestions were proposed to explicit the object and purpose of the forest resource value accounting,establish universal,scientific,measurable and concise index system for value evaluation,calculate forest resources value in consideration of forest type and position,distinguish accurately the functions and benefits of the forest resources,and suit value calculation result to the practice of social economy.
    Problems and Countermeasures of Ecological Tourism Development in Forest Nature Reserves in China
    ZONG Xue
    2016, 0(1):  14-18.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.004
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    Ecotourism is considered as one of the choices for achieving the sustainable development of tourism industry at present.Based on the analysis of the connotation,planning and exploitation of ecotourism,this paper analyzes a number of problems in the development of ecotourism in forest nature reserves in China,such as the existing abuses of ecotourism labels,unreasonable planning and low participation of community residents,etc.corresponding strategies were put forward as follows:1)to straighten out the concept and connotation of forest ecotourism;2)to discuss the biodiversity index for the quantitative calculation of the feasibility of ecotourism development,and to plan ecotourism area scientifically;3)to build the mechanism of management system,and to promote the local economy and 4)to improve the certification system of ecotourism,and to assess the environmental impact and to use the remote sensing images for natural resource audit at regular intervals.
    Investigation on Influencing Factors of Economic Benefits of Under-growth Economy
    XU Peng, WANG Jinrong, ZHENG Yu, GUO Zhenyuan, DAI Shoubin, DIAO Jun
    2016, 0(1):  19-23.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.005
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    Influencing factors of under-growth economy in collective forest area of south China were investigated and analyzed based on the status quo of under-growth economy development of 14 counties in Zhejiang and Fujian provinces.The results showed that some questions such as low degree of culture for operating entities,single organization form,small operating scale and funds shortage existed in under-growth economy in collective forest area of south China.Suggestions for developing under-growth economy are put forward in accordance with these problems.
    Scientific Research
    Study on Ecological Regionalization of Qinghai Province
    HOU Meng, HUANG Guilin, CUI Xueqing, TANG Xiaoping, ZHUO Ling, XU Shengwang, LU Linlin
    2016, 0(1):  24-31.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.006
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    Based on the ecological environment,ecological sensitivity and ecosystem service value assessment,5 ecoregions and 36 sub-ecoregions were subdivided in Qinghai Province.The results of the study can reflect the main ecosystem services of the ecological zones,for the customized regional ecological environment protection and construction planning,maintenance of regional ecological security and rational use of resources,to provide scientific basis for the industrial and agricultural production layout.
    Discussion on Methods for Output of Annual Provincial Estimates of Forest Resources
    YU Weilian, ZENG Weisheng, CHEN Xinyun
    2016, 0(1):  32-38.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.007
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    How to realize output of annual data of forest resources has been concerned for many years. With reference to the methods for producing annual national estimates of forest resources presented in recent years,this paper puts forward the basic principles and technical ideas on output of annual provincial estimates of forest resources,and makes use of the continuous forest inventory(CFI)data of two provinces of Guizhou and Liaoning to carry out the analysis on the approach that one-fifth of the CFI plots throughout the province are measured every year and annual estimates are obtained through moving average method. By comparing the results from different weighting schemes,it was found that the equal weighting estimator with some loss of timeliness had the highest stability and was the best alternative one,which could objectively reflect the changing trend of the annual data of forest resources.
    Research on Data Fusion Method of Multi-business Data for Forest Resources Data Update
    LUO Peng, XU Dengping, LI Cheng, LONG Zhihao
    2016, 0(1):  39-45.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.008
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    The data updating of forest resources is the premise and basis for scientific management and rational management of forest resources.The traditional forest resources data update mostly take the data as the driving force,which aimed at the data themselves,but ignored the deep-seated business reasons which cause changes.From multi-business perspective,this paper analyzed the business reason causing forest resource data updating and the conflict of multi-business data fusion,and put forward the method of conflict resolution which aimed to improve the intelligent degree in integration of multi-business data fusion and efficiency,and promote the application of multi-business data and achievements.This paper emphatically elaborated the strategies of multi-business data fusion,mainly removed time conflict,spatial conflict and attribute conflict which came out during data fusion.Based on the method for conflict resolution,the Guangxi forest resources management information system data update module is developed,and the practice proves that this research result improves the efficiency of forest resource data updating.
    Study on Optimal Height-Curve Model of Natural Pinus densata Forest in Shangri-La
    ZHANG Yan, SHU Qingtai, XU Yundong, LI Shengjiao, WANG Yonggang
    2016, 0(1):  46-51.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.009
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    The study of tree height curve is an important basis in forest growth and harvesting.In this paper,we used the data of 732 individual trees of natural Pinus densata located in Shangri-La,Yunnan province,11 regular generalized height-curve models were chosen to establish the correlation between the DBH and the height of Pinus densata,calculate the accuracy of each model.Then,model selection was on the basis of correlation coefficient(R2),root mean square error(RMSE)and mean deviation(MD).The result showed that the Parabola model had the highest accuracy,its R2=0.6073,RMSE=1.711,MD=-0.0101,Spearman Correlation coefficient=0.676,and significance level<0.01,which was the best height curve of natural Pinus densata in Shangri-La.The model can provide a scientific basis for the management and survey of Pinus densata in Shangri-La
    A New Sampling Plot Inventory Method—the 7-Tree Method
    WANG Qiuwen, HE Cheng, LIU Kezhen, HONG Fangxia
    2016, 0(1):  52-58.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.010
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    In order to improve the efficiency of the investigation of forest resources,a design for monitoring forest resources disturbance based on 7-tree is developed,which proceeds from the Voronoi diagram and Delaunay triangulation by constructing spatial structure units that is achieved by some characteristic parameters on sample tress acquired by high-precision prism total station with the aid of south CASS software.In this study,on analysis of forest resource inventory data sampled from five representative plots in Baihua Mountain of Beijing,the proposed technique is compared with other traditional methods.The optimal plot covers between 0.005 and 0.015 ha,which can resolve the problem that the tree height growth could not be measured due to the low precision in conventional altimeters.The results show that there has less steadiness in precision of the data collected in mingled forests and wildwoods than those from plantation and single-layered forest.Fortunately,the precision can be improved with the more plots.From these data,it can be indicated that in the mean stand height,the error is ±0.005mm and in the tree height growth,the relative error is 1%,and the Sampling accuracy can remain 83%~98% in the stand density and over 92% in the stand stock.This method is advantageous in many aspects over those available,such as efficiency,precision and digitization,which is essentially easy to operate in monitoring forest resources disturbance.
    Establishment of a Site Index Table for Eucalyptus Pulpwood Plantation
    LI Zongjun, LIU Ping, ZHU Yingjuan, MO Xiaoyong, MO Yanqing
    2016, 0(1):  59-64.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.011
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    Eucalyptus pulpwood plantation is the main forest type in Leizhou State Forestry Bureau.In this paper,based on the data collected 190 temporary sample plots which were investigated in January 2015 and getting rid of the sample plots with average height of superior trees having three times standard deviation,there are 164 standard sample plots which meet the requirements.Using sampling with equal probability to select 16 standard sample plots as testing data.The 9 models were compared by dummy variable guiding curve fitting method.The results show that the Logistic curve fitting effect is the best,and the difference between the observed value and the regression value is not significant in α=0.01.The standard age of Eucalyptus pulpwood Plantation is 2 years old,the distance of age-class is 4,index number is 8.The relatively advantage high method was used to calculate status index and impact testing showed that there were 160 standard sample plots in the site index table,accounted for 97.6%.Status index table can be a very good response to the site quality of eucalyptus pulpwood plantation in Leizhou State Forestry Bureau.
    Effect of Different Thinning Intensities on the Growth of Larch Forest in Eastern Liaoning Province
    HUANG Xinchun
    2016, 0(1):  65-71.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.012
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    Experiments were conducted in different thinning intensity conditions of larch plantation.The results showed that the thinning intensities were able to promote the growth of larch DBH 8 years ofter the thinning operations,and with increasing of thinning intensity,diameter growth and volume growth effect is more obvious,which had certain influence on the tree height,but there was not significant differences.With increasing of the thinning intensity,the growth rate of stand tree volume and single tree volume growth could be improved.Because of the decrease of the tree numbers,the initial of the larch per unit area volume was significantly lower than the control after thinning.The volume of the strong thinning treatment area(295.3m3/hm2) exceeded the control area(260.57m3/hm2)8 years after the thinning treatment,and other processing unit area in the region of accumulation amount was still lower than the control area.
    Influence of Tending Thinning on Productivity and Biomass in the Pinus Massoniana Plantation
    DING Bo, DING Guijie, LI Xianzhou
    2016, 0(1):  72-77.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.013
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    Biological productivity is an important symbol of the CO2 source and sink in the atmosphere of the ecological system.The thinning plays an important role in changes of Productivity and biomass of Pinus massoniana plantation.On the basis of using different thinning intensities in Taijiang county of Guizhou province for twelve years,biomass of Pinus massoniana plantation and productivity effects were studied.Camp contour design randomized block experiment was made,four kinds of thinning intensity set up,namely T00 [not thinning(0%),2016 strains/hm2],T11 [mild(11%),1800 strains/hm2],T22 [(moderate(22%),1566strains/hm2]and T33 [strength(33%),1350strains/ hm2),through the continuous monitoring data of thinning in four years tree height of forest stand(diameter at breast height,stocking,volume and biomass and productivity per plant)is measured and calculated.The results show that the different thinning intensity,the sample average of T33,T22 and T11 chest diameter at breast height,tree height and individual stocking net increment were greater than contrast T00 sample,thinning four year average net productivity T11(7 144.26 kg/(hm2·a))>T22(6 803.35 kg/(hm2·a))>T00(6 743.16 kg/(hm2·a))>T33(5 816.09kg/(hm2·a)),but its growth rate was greater than T00 sample area.T22 thinning intensity stand average DBH and individual volume and contrast T00 reached a significant level,and the annual average net productivity is greater than the contrast T00,Pinus massoniana artificial forest plantation age stage to T22 thinning intensity(1 566 strains/ hm-2)management is the most suitable,most favorable to improving forest productivity.
    Research on Assessment Index System of Relict Forest—Taking Fushou Forest Farm as an example
    LI Jiping, FEI Haobai, CAO Xiaoyu, CHEN Jing, JIN hongxu
    2016, 0(1):  78-83.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.014
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    Taking the deteriorated Chinese fir forest of Fushou Forest Farm as the research object and using the analytic hierarchy process to establish the evaluation index system of deteriorated forest from these aspects of stand quality,site conditions,stand ecological function and forest resistibility the deteriorated forest was evaluated.The results showed that the weight of evaluation index of three criterion layers in Chinese fir deteriorated forest was respectively stand quality(0.5423),stand site conditions(0.2333),stand ecological function(0.1397)and stand resistibility(0.0847).In Fushou state-owned forest farm,6 pieces of cunninghamia lanceolata relict forest were for randomly selected for evaluation,including severe relict forest points 5 blocks,mild relict forest points 1 piece.The results show that the established relict forest evaluation index system could reflect objectively relict forest quality conditions and provide technical support for relict forest transformation,the improvement of quality of forest and forest ecological functions.
    Comparative Analysis on the Community Characteristics of Pinus taeda and Larix kaempferi in Typical Mountainous Region of Shandong Province
    GAO Yuan, ZHANG Kuiyuan, LIU Jian, ZHAO Weiguang
    2016, 0(1):  84-89.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.015
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    Eleven sample plots from major mountain areas,such as Taishan,Mengshan,and Kunyushan,were selected in Shandong Province to evaluate the growth and renewal of the communities of Pinus taeda and Larix kaempferi.The following three aspects were investigated to determine the adaptability of P.taeda and L.kaempferi in Shandong Province:the population characteristics,the community composition,and the species diversity.The results showed that the species numbers of trees,shrubs,and herbs were 15 species,29 species,and 27 species in the P.taeda community and 26 species,49 species,and 49 species in the L.kaempferi community,respectively.The plant densities of trees,shrubs,and herbs for the P.taeda community were(15.38±1.84)/dam2,(51.50±13.00)/dam2,(14.38±3.80)/m2,and for the L.kaempferi community were(10.55±0.97)/dam2,(37.07±7.99)/dam2,(25.45±11.35)/m2.In the P.taeda community,the population of the P.taeda was the stable type,the Quercus variabilis was the significant growth type,the Q.acutissima and the P.densiflora were the growth type.In the L.kaempferi community,the population of the L.kaempferi,Sorbus pohuashanensis,Tilia tuan were the stable type,and the Q.variabilis was the significant growth type.The richness indexes and Shannon-Wiener diversity indexes of the P.taeda community were shrub>herb>tree,Simpson diversity indexes and Pielou evenness indexs were herb>shrub>tree.The richness indexes of the L.kaempferi community was shrub>herb>tree,Shannon-Wiener diversity indexes and Simpson diversity indexes were shrub>tree>herb,Pielou evenness indexs was herb>shrub>tree.The succession tendency of the P.taeda community was P.taeda forest→theropencedrymion→Q.variabilis forest or Q.acutissima forest,and the L.kaempferi community was L.kaempferi forest→theropencedrymion→Q.variabilis forest or mixed forest.
    Study on the Soil Nutrients of Scotch Pine Plantations in the Upper Dam of Saihanba
    WU Qiang, CHU Congying, SONG Wei, ZHANG Peng, GAO Chao, GU Jiancai, LU Guiqiao
    2016, 0(1):  90-98.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.016
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    Scotch Pine(Pinussylvestris var.mongolica)is distributed widely in Saihanba area of Hebei and there is a relatively large area and volume.On the basis of previous investigations and field trips,12 plots were set up and investigated according to different ages in the Qiancengban forest farm and by using typical sampling method.The soil was collected,treated,experimented and studied.The results showed that:(1)all kinds of soil nutrient contents varied with the depth of soil layer,and the content of soil nutrients decreased with the increase of soil depth,but the variation degree was different.(2)The correlation between the various factors in the soil was different.The correlation between pH and other nutrients were significant,namely it had little effect on other soil nutrient contents.Available phosphorus was significantly positive correlation only with total nitrogen,and with other factors did not reach significant level.Organic matter was significantly positive correlation with other soil nutrients in addition to the available phosphorus and pH value.(3)The soil nutrients from big to small order of Scotch Pine plantations was:10 years following>10-20 years>more than 40>30-40 years>20-30 years,namely soil nutrient with age increase showed a trend of decreased first and then increased.(4)The correlation between other soil nutrients and DBH had reached a significant level in addition to pH and available phosphorus.The regression equation of the correlation between the organic matter,total nitrogen,alkali solution nitrogen,total phosphorus,total potassium,available potassium,and the DBH were all polynomial functions.The range of R2 was 0.6557~0.866(P<0.05).
    Influence of Soil Physico-chemical Properties in Maowusu Sandland on the Stability and Productivity of Hippophae rhamnoides subsp.sinensis Plantation
    ZENG Cheng, CHEN Beibei, XIAO Zhiyong, LI Tianjiang, LI Sunling, DAI Guanghui, LI Genqian
    2016, 0(1):  99-104.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.017
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    In order to know the impact of soil moisture on the stability and productivity,the plantations located in flatland and low-lying land in Maowusu sandland were selected to do comparative analysis on corresponding characteristics with a view to providing reference for the Maowusu Sandland afforestation design and site selection.The results show that the soil moisture content,total phosphorus and total kalium content of low-lying land were all significantly higher than flatland,but the soil moisture content played a dominant role in the formation of the characteristics of the plantation;the tree height growth,forestry productivity and ramet number of low-lying land were significantly higher than flatland,and its plantation age structure belongs to a growing(or stable) one,but the flatland belongs to declining type.Thus,forestry productivity and plantation stability have good consistency,as the soil moisture contentis higher,the forestry productivity and plantation stability of low-lying land become better,as the soil moisture content is lower,the forestry productivity and plantation stability of flatland become worse.
    A Survey and Analysis on the Mammal Resources of the Siyetun Nature Reserve,Guizhou
    ZHANG Mingming, WANG Yuanding, ZHANG Haibo, RAN Jingcheng, HU Canshi, SU Haijun, WU Jie
    2016, 0(1):  105-111.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.018
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    A field survey was conducted to explore the resources of mammals in the Siyetun Nature Reserve from May 2014 to January 2015,with the methods including line transect,infrared camera monitoring,tongs catching,trap method and non-inducing interview.33 species belonging to 8 orders and 19 families were identified,which includes 19 species as widespread type,and 14 species as oriental type.There are 6 species listed as the Protected Species of China,including 1 species as Class I and 5 species as Class II.And 6 species listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals,7 species listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES).Generally,the protected area of Siyetun Nature Reserve is one of the important ecological barriers and habitat buffer of the Fanjingshan National Natural Reserve and it is under strong human disturbance.We suggested further actions and attention should be taken to the conservation of wildlife and their habitat.
    Study on Remote Sensing Models of Armeniaca Sibirica,Caragana Korshinskii Shrubberies' Carbon Storage Based on Landsat8 OLI Remote Sensing Data
    LIU Fen, WEI Jiangsheng, ZHOU Mei, ZHAO Pengwu, SHU Yang, WU Huajun, HAI Qing
    2016, 0(1):  112-117.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.019
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    In Xing'an League of Inner Mongolia,we made use of Landsat8 OLI imagery and a survey of 189 plots in Armeniacasibirica,Caraganakorshinskii shrubberies,and multiple regression to establish remote sensing ground carbon storage model and analyze the prediction accuracy of the model.The results show that 27 independent variables were selected out,including single band,band combination,tasseled cap transformation,vegetation index and principal components.The Pearson correlation analysis between the 27 independent variables and shrubbery carbon storage has been calculated to select the better characteristic variables.The coefficients of determination of natural Armeniacasibirica,artificial Armeniacasibirica and artificial Caraganakorshinskii remote sensing above ground carbon storage model are 0.61,0.86 and 0.74 respectively;The prediction accuracy values of the model are 71%,77% and 73% respectively,the optimization of three kinds of remote sensing models can be applied to a range within the Inner Mongolia natural Armeniacasibirica,artificial Armeniacasibirica and artificial Caraganakorshinskii above ground carbon stocks assessment.
    Exploration of the Protective Effect on Endangered Plant Populations inside the Nature Reserve—a case study of Vatica mangachapoi in Changjiang,Hainan
    LI Dan, ZHANG Xuanrong, YANG Xiaobo, LI Donghai, LI Yuanling
    2016, 0(1):  118-125.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.020
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    The plant populations were affected by many negative factors such as forest fragmentation,human felling,burning and other human disturbance which would affect the survival,growth and development of endangered plant populations outside the nature reserve.In order to quantitatively explore the protective effect on endangered plant populations inside the nature reserve,the endangered plant species Vatica mangachapoi was taken as an example.The method of sample was used to analyze the spatial distribution pattern of the Vatica mangachapoi populations inside the nature reserve and outside the nature reserve in Changjiang county,Hainan,with the population diameter structure,static life table and survival curve being used for research of the characteristics of Vatica mangachapoi.The results showed that the spatial distribution pattern of the Vatica mangachapoi population tended to be aggregated inside and outside the nature reserve,while the aggregation intensity was strong outside the nature reserve and not conducive to the spread of the population;The Vatica mangachapoi population was of declining type outsid the nature reserve because the seedlings and young trees of Vatica mangachapoi population were rare,while this population was of increasing type inside the nature reserve.The survival curve was similar to Deevey type Ⅰoutside the nature reserve,while the survival curve was similar to Deevey type Ⅲ inside the nature reserve in the beginning.The protection of endangered plants achieved good effects because of the setting up of the nature reserve.Ecological characteristics of most protected species,of which many belong to the endangered species,were similar to Vatica mangachapoi in Hainan.The endangered species needed continuous survival,growth and development environment with less human interference.Therefore,restoring and protecting the forest continuity is of growing significance to endangered species protection.
    A Suitability Evaluation and Plan of Torreya grandis Industry with GIS—Taking Dongyang County,Zhejiang Province as an Example
    WU Wenyue, SUN Weitao, YAO Shunbin, QIU Tianqi
    2016, 0(1):  126-129.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.021
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    Torreya grandis is a valuable woody oleiferous tree species typically in China.Based on Dongyang's data of DEM,forest land use management,etc.,the study in this paper utilizes GIS technology to establish a multiple-factor evaluation system for land suitability(factors including topographic condition,edaphic condition and forest land use),for a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the forest land suitable for torreya grandis.Finally,a grading chart of suitability is attained,which can be used to guide the development of torreya grandis industry in Dongyang.
    Research on Optimal Selection Methods of Ornamental Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge in Beijing Badaling National Forest Park
    ZHANG Xiuli, ZHANG Weihong, ZOU Dalin, ZHANG Bo, WANG Lijun, XU Wen, HOU Junjie, WANG Yuteng
    2016, 0(1):  130-134.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.022
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    Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge tree is a new and promising ornamental plant which is featuring its highly ornamental aesthetic values with beautiful gestures,leaves and blossoms,gorgeous colors and relatively long flowering time.In the paper,the author took ornamental Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge tree as the study objective,with 3 years,through methods such as flowering phenology observation and growth status survey and so on,optimally selected the aspects of flowering color,flowering period and flowering fragrance,etc.and got those excellent germplasm tree of ornamental flowers with highly ornamental value. The results showed that the flowering period of superior individual plant lasted for 15 to 20 days,and the average blossoming period for greenbelt was over 30 days in Beijing Badaling National Forest Park.There were three flower series,three colors and six ornamental types in Xanthoceras species.Through the observation a total of 15 strains of excellent germplasm tree were selected as fast thoroughbred breeding,grafting,tissue culture,for the purpose of Xanthoceras Sorbifolia Bunge breeding and promotion of good resource reserves.
    Ecological Protection Planning of Shanxi Hongtong Fenhe National Wetland Park
    CHEN Jiahong
    2016, 0(1):  135-142.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.023
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    The establishment of national wetland parks has become one of the important measures of wetland conservation,but there are not yet unified standards for reference in the ecological planning of national wetland parks. In order to make the national wetland parks to develop in a healthy and orderly manner,the paper took ecology and restoration ecology and sustainable development theory as a guide,analyzed the ecological status of the park,targeted projects and measures to achieve scientific wetland ecological planning,to protect and restore wetland resources,for the early achievement of a beautiful ecological environment,rich biodiversity,mutual benefit and win-win quality national wetland park.
    Study on the Relationship between the Bird Diversity and the Arrangement of Gardon Trees on Campus
    WU Xinhui, LI Yingjie, YANG Yongzhi, GAO Runhong
    2016, 0(1):  143-147.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2016.01.024
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    With the rapid urbanization process,the campuses as parts of public green spaces have become the important habitats for birds.Since different arrangements of tree species have significant impacts on bird communities,it is necessary to do research on it.Over the past three years,an observation on the diversity of birds and different arrangements of tree species have been made,showing the total number of bird species is 19,among which,there are 5 resident bird species,12 summer migratory bird species and 2 winter migratory bird species.Among all these birds species,there are 6 phytophagous bird species,6 insectivorous bird species,2 raptorial bird species and 5 omnivorous bird species.Their inhabit tree species are as follows:Populus alba,Salix xaureo-pendula,Salix babylonica,Pinus tabulaeformis,Sabina chinensis,Picea meyeri.The resident birds are not linked with the tree species,but migrant birds are.The complex perspective of tree species,the plants diversity,the density,the types of fruits and canopies of different tree species have strong influences on bird species composition,but life forms of the tress don't.In order to improve the diversity of bird species on campus and guarantee the balances of eco-system of man-made green space system,we should strengthen the above aspects of ornamental tree arrangements.