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    28 December 2017, Volume 0 Issue 6
    Integrated Management and Administration
    Developing a Nature Protected Area System Composed Mainly of National Parks
    TANG Xiaoping, LUAN Xiaofeng
    2017, 0(6):  1-8.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.001
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    After the 60 years' development,China have achieved remarkable improvement in nature protected area.Over 12 000 protected areas cover nearly 18% of mainland in China.Due to limitation of organization,protected area system has been hampered by overlapping between each nature reserve and confliction of management goals.In this paper,we collected data to describe and analyze the development of protected area system in the world.A framework mainly based on protection effectiveness was designed for protected area system.In the framework,protected areas are classified into six categories: Category A—national parks,Category B—strict conservation areas,Category C—species and its habitats,Category D—natural landscapes,Category E—ecological functions and resource management areas,Category F—small protected area.National parks focus on maintaining ecology system and cover most management goals.It is reasonable that national parks should become one of the most important parts for protected area system in China.

    The Impacts of Social Capital on Collateral Loan with Forest Property by Farmer Housholds’ Behavior —Based on the household survey in Zhejiang
    YE Baozhi, XU Xiuying
    2017, 0(6):  9-15.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.002
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    This paper selects three dimensions(including structual dimendion,relational dimension,cognitive dimension)and three metrics(including social network,social trust,economic organizatin participation) five indexl of social capital to build econometric model to investigate the impacts of social capital on collateral loan with forest property by farmer housholds’ behavior.The results show that the number of relatives and friends who move around regularly has a significant and negative effect on both credit opportunity and real credit quotas of collateral loan with forest property.The friends or relatives whether to work in a bank or credit union,whether to have credit rating in the formal financial institutions,and whether to participate in the farmers’ specialized cooperative economic organization have a significant and positive effect on both credit opportunity and real credit quotas of collateral loan with forest property.Compared to the control group(cannot raise money at all),who can raise 100 thousand yuan within a week has a significant and positive effect on real credit quotas of collateral loan with forest property.In addition,the impacts of social capital on both credit opportunity and real credit quotas of collateral loan with forest property also include income of household and the area of forest land.

    The Analysis and Countermeasures of Development on Characteristic Industry in State-owned Forest Farms in China
    TU Qiong, YAN Ping, YANG Ling
    2017, 0(6):  16-19.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.003
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    The characteristic industry plays an important role in the reform and development of state-owned forest farms, which is an important starting point to stimulate vitality and enhance the driving force. This paper summarized the industrial development trends of China's state-owned forest farm from 2013 to 2015, and analyzed the current trends and development trends of current specialty industries and major forest products, and discussed the relevant suggestions on enhancing the development potential of the future state-owned forest farms to provide a reference for the transformation of state-owned forest management mechanism and industrial structure transformation and upgrading.

    Methodological Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment on the Reform of Collective Forest Tenure Reform
    QIU Yihui, SU Shipeng
    2017, 0(6):  20-26.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.004
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    Collective forest tenure reform has been implemented for more than ten years.Although many achievements have been gained in the process of reform,the analysis of the policy effects and the comprehensive environmental impact assessment are still an urgent need to be discussed in the academic field,especially the methodological research on environmental impact assessment of collective forest tenure reform,which is a major and new issue.Therefore,above all,taking collective forest tenure reform as an research object,this paper deeply explores the implementation ideas and procedures of the environmental impact assessment of collective forest tenure reform,under the main line of the objective evaluation and subjective evaluation respectively.Then,it compares and analyzes the two evaluation models,in order to provide a methodological basis for the improvement of China's forestry policy EIA system.

    Nutritional Quality Diagnosis and Management Strategy of Plant Community at Different Succession Stages in Northwest Guizhou
    QIN Shiyi, YU Yanghua, XING Rongrong, WANG Lu
    2017, 0(6):  27-33.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.005
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    The sustainable degradation of plant communities accelerates the process of rocky desertification in the karst area of northwest Guizhou.So it is of great significance to evaluate the plant communities’ nutrient quality for its sustainable management at this region.In this paper,The plant communities in five successional stages were used to study the 12 kinds of nutrient indicators of soil and litter to analyze the nutrient changing laws further.Besides,the integrated fertility index of each plant community was evaluated by principal component analysis to provide scientific basis for forest restoration and protection of karst degraded ecosystem.The results showed that:1) The contents of soil organic matter,total nitrogen and available nitrogen in plant communities were followed by Rhododendron simsii-Populus alba(RP)>Betula luminifera(B)>Quercus variabilis+Corylus heterophylla(QC)>Pinus yunnanensis+Populus alba-Betula luminifera(PPB)>Populus alba+Betula luminifera(PB).With the evolving of succession in the positive direction,the other soil indexes did not show any specific characteristics,and the nutrient of litter was increasing;2) The comprehensive index of nutrient quality was RP(1.510)>B(0.938)>QC(-0.737)>PB(-0.771)>PPB(-0.940).Based on the analysis of nutrient diversity and nutrient quality of plant community,the management measures such as litter protection and plant community structure improvement could be used to improve the nutrient quality of forest ecosystem.

    The Practice and Reflection on the Cooperative Work Mechanism or Preventing and Punishing Forestry Related Illegal and Criminal Activities in Qinghai Province
    WANG Yigui, WANG Weijia
    2017, 0(6):  34-36.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.006
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    This paper expounds the necessity and importance of establishing the cooperative work mechanism for preventing and punishing forestry related illegal and criminal activities,and summarizes the effect on operating practice of the cooperative mechanism for preventing and punishing forestry related crimes in Qinghai Province.Finally,the existing problems are analyzed,and some suggestions and countermeasures are put forward for perfecting the mechanism.

    The Exploration and Practice of Forest Recuperative Therapy in Beijing Badaling National Forest Park
    ZHANG Xiuli
    2017, 0(6):  37-40.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.007
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    This paper introduced the concept and the role of adjuvant therapy of the forest,summarized some practical cases of Beijing Badaling forest recuperation and the mode and practical experience of forest therapy.Also,this paper analyzed the existing problems and put forward countermeasures and suggestions for the sustainable development of recuperation industry.

    Scientific Research
    Developing One-variable Individual Tree Biomass Models Based on Wood Density for 34 Tree Species in China
    ZENG Weisheng
    2017, 0(6):  41-46.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.008
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    Forest is the largest carbon bank on land,and assessment of forest carbon sequestration must be based on biomass models.Based on the general biomass model M=0.3pD 7/3 presented in 2012,one variable individual tree aboveground biomass models for all 34 tree species or groups in China were established using the data of wood basic density of all tree species published;and based on the mensuration data of the National Biomass Modeling Program in Continuous Forest Inventory(NBMP-CFI),the aboveground biomass models of 14 tree species(groups)were validated.Additionally,compatible below ground biomass models and root-to-shoot ratio models for two species groups,coniferous and broadleaved,were developed and evaluated.The results showed that average absolute relative errors of above and below-ground biomass estimates from one-variable biomass models developed in this study were less than the allowances 10% and 15%,respectively.The developed biomass models here could be applied to estimate forest biomass on macro levels,and would be an important supplement to the ministerial standards on biomass models which were promulgated and implemented in the past years.

    The Design of the Pinus massoniana-Quercus griffithii Mixed Forest Clear-cutting Silviculture System
    WANG Xiaoming, LU Yuanchang, XING Haitao, JIA Hongyan, LIU Xianzhao, XIE Yangsheng, Zeng Ji
    2017, 0(6):  47-53.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.009
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    Close-to-nature forestry (CTNF) aims to maintain and enhance the multiple functions of forest.The design of the silviculture systems adapting to the CTNF is a key step in the implementation of CTNF,as well as a challenge to the forest managers in China.Using the data accumulated from the Experimental Centre of Tropical Forestry (ECTF),Chinese Academy of Forestry,this study analyzed the growth of P.massoniana and its multiple accompany species in the P.massoniana-broadleaved mixed forests,which were converted from the P.massoniana monocultures by installing various broadleaved species in the understorey.The results suggested the admixing of P.massoniana and Q.griffithii benefited the growth of both species.The P.massoniana-Q.griffithii mixed forest clear-cutting silviculture system was therefore proposed,providing a detailed demonstration of the design of the silviculture system adapting to the close-to-nature forestry,which would facilitate the close-to-nature conversion of P.massoniana plantation in China.

    A Comparison of Object-oriented Methods of Extracting Eucalyptus Information Based on GF-2 Images
    LIANG Wenhai, LIU Jikai, CHEN Qi, CHEN Xiandong, ZHONG Shiquan
    2017, 0(6):  54-59.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.010
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    In order to explore GF-2 satellite performance in eucalyptus information extraction,this research took place in Pinglang County.After multi-scale segmentation,the research used object-oriented classification methods like Bayes(Bayes),Decision Tree(DST),K nearest neighbor(KNN),Support Vector Machine(SVM)and Random trees(RDT)to extract the Eucalyptus information.Then it evaluated the classification accuracy by Confusion Matrix.The results showed that the Support Vector Machine was the best classification method with the overall accuracy at 86.4%,and the Kappa coefficient 0.73.The Bayes classification was worst.Thus,GF-2 satellite data can provide a potential data source for remote sensing monitoring of eucalyptus information,and the Support Vector Machine would be a potential method.

    Distribution Pattern and Species Diversity of Artificial Vegetation Communities in Sandy-hilly Region of Northwest Shanxi Province,China
    ZHANG Luan, GUO Wei, LI Suqing, WANG Xiaojun
    2017, 0(6):  60-66.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.011
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    The sandy-hilly region of northwest Shanxi where the severe water erosion and wind erosion happened has the most extremely frail eco-environment of Shanxi province.It’s also important for sand blocking of Jingjintang region.Jiajiayao watershed,located in Youyu County,is one of the most typical ecological fragile areas in sandy-hilly region of north Shanxi province.Based on the field investigation,the composition,structure,distribution,growth characteristics and species diversity among artificial vegetation communities in Jiajiayao watershed were analyzed using the two-way indicator species analysis(TWINSPAN)and detrended correspondence analysis(DCA).The result showed that Pinus tabulaeformis,Pinus sylvestris mongolica,Larix principis-rupprechtii,Populus simonii,Caragana korshinskii and Hippophae rhamnoides were the dominant species of artificial plant communities.Plants in the area had the following problems,Populus simonii degradation,greater proportion of pure forest,high planting density and improper management.Thus,we get the conclusion that in order to enrich the community structure and optimize the ecological function of the plant community,accelerate the renovation of Populus simonii,In the meanwhile,mixed pure forest with arbor,shrub and grass shoud increase with appropriate proportion.The management of artificial vegetation shall be strengthened.Avoiding the effects of excessive human disturbance on plant community development is very important.Moreover,local forestry department should give enough attention to Pinus sylvestris mongolica for its lost natural regeneration ability in study area.

    Stand Structure and Species Diversity of Picea Schrenkiana var.Tianschanica in Western Tianshan National Nature Reserve
    HU Zhongyue, LIU Ping
    2017, 0(6):  67-71.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.012
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    Taking Picea Schrenkiana var.Tianschanica in Western Tianshan National Nature Reserve for example and based on the biodiversity survey data form May to August in 2008 and monitoring data form July to August in 2014,stand structure parameters and species diversity index of different sample plot area are calculated.The results show that the stand structure parameters and species diversity index have a big change on a small scale,when sample plot area is greater than or equal to 80m×80m,it is stable on change trend of stand structure parameters and species diversity index.The stand spatial distribution is random,the growth competition is in the middle,Picea Schrenkiana var.Tianschanica takes absolute dominance on the species composition and there are a small amount of other mixed tree species.There is not an obvious difference in Picea Schrenkiana var.Tianschanica individual growth,there are rarely seedlings and saplings of Picea Schrenkiana var.Tianschanica ,there are more dead standing trees and downed logs in the sample plot,It's a recessionary population.It is urgent conduct to forest tending and artificial stimulating natural regeneration.

    Study on Species Diversity of Garden Plant Community in Zhengzhou
    ZHANG Lin, MENG Yanan, WANG Peipei, XIE Shanshan, LIU Yiping, KONG Dezheng
    2017, 0(6):  72-76.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.013
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    By using typical sampling method,the species composition and the species diversity of plant community in the urban gardens of Zhengzhou were investigated and analyzed.The results showed that:1)There were 186 plant species,belonging to 72 families and 133 genera in three urban green space types.2)Compared with the residential green area and road green space,the park green space possessed a higher α diversity indexes in arbor layer,shrub layer and herb layer.3)The β diversity indexes of the park green space was the highest among the three urban green space types.However,there is a small gap in β diversity indexes of the residential green area and road green space.According to the actual situation on species diversity of plant community in city parks of Zhengzhou,some suggestions are proposed like increasing the type of native plants and enriching seasonal landscapes and vertical structure level of plant community.

    Analysis on the Changing Trend of Vegetation EVI and Its Influencing Factors in Qinghai Province from 2000 to 2015
    MA Hao
    2017, 0(6):  77-83.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.014
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    Based on the MODIS EVI data of Qinghai Province from 2000 to 2015,this paper analyzed the spatial-temporal change pattern of vegetation EVI in Qinghai Province,and revealed the correlation between climatic factors and vegetation EVI and discussed the effect of human activities on vegetation growth and development.The results showed that the EVI of Qinghai Province increased from 2000 to 2015 (0.0180/10a),which could be divided into rapid growth period (2000-2004),fluctuation period (2005-2012) and slight decline period (2013-2015);EVI showed a significant increase in the area ratio of 51.58%,showing a significant reduction in the region accounted for 20.64%,27.78% of the regional EVI did not significantly change or basically unchanged,of which the increase rate of vegetation EVI and the area of vegetation improvement in Haixi area were the largest.There was a positive correlation between temperature and precipitation and EVI,and the proportion of positive correlation was 60.67% and 69.50% respectively.The effect of precipitation on vegetation growth and development was slightly higher than that of temperature.The reduction of carrying capacity and the increase of ecological engineering area have promoted the growth and development of vegetation to a certain extent,but it is limited and preliminary compared with climate change.

    Vegetation Coverage Dynamic Change Analysis after Plain Afforestation—Taking Haining as an Example
    TAN Ying, XU Jun, MAO Huaying
    2017, 0(6):  84-88.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.015
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    In order to monitoring the dynamic changes of vegetation coverage in Haining,Landsat-5 TM and Landsat-8 OLI images from the years of 2010 and 2016 were used as information source.The results show that from 2010 to 2016 the plain afforestation in Haining was highly effective.The vegetation types have increased and coverage vegetation.has shifted from a low and medium level to a high and very high level.Through the quantitative calculation and analysis of the coverage vegetation in the two phases of vegetation coverage in Haining,this paper can provide references for evaluating the effects of the afforestation in the plain areas scientifically.

    Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variation of Vegetation Cover in Wulatehouqi Based on NDVI
    SHA Rina
    2017, 0(6):  89-93.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.016
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    This paper adopted the remote sensing images from 2006,2010 and 2015 respectively.In addition,the result of the annual vegetation coverage in Wulatehouqi for the three mentioned years were calculated by using GIS software.Meanwhile,the variation of the vegetation coverage in time and space was specifically analyzed in this area.The result shows that:Temporally,it shows that there is a gradual increase in vegetation coverage.However,bare land and micro vegetation was significantly reduced,low vegetation coverage and high vegetation coverage increased slowly.The trend for vegetation coverage indicated an obvious upward slope within the decade.From the spatial perspective,the overall vegetation coverage in Wulatehouqi was gradually increasing.Specifically,there is a high coverage rate in south-east area and a low one in north-west region.The coverage rate for high vegetation and medium vegetation increased steadily in Hetao Plain where south area of the Yinshan Mountains,moreover to the north region of the Yinshan Mountains,the coverage rate for micro vegetation reduced gradually in the desert and the semi desert steppe.The vegetation coverage increased by 2015.It had transformed from more coverage rate in micro vegetation to more coverage rate in low vegetation and medium vegetation whereas the coverage rate in high vegetation showed a trend of slight increase.A transformation of the majority of the coverage rate taken by low vegetation and medium vegetation whereas the coverage rate in high vegetation showed a trend of slight increase.

    Target Tree Tending Optimal Management of Ecological Landscape Forest Coupled with the Scenic Beauty Estimation
    AI Jingwen, LIU Jian, YU Kunyong, ZHANG Jinzhao, ZHAO Qiuyue, SHANGGUAN Shayi
    2017, 0(6):  94-102.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.017
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    The Jinsiwan Forest Park in Fujian Sanming is taken as the object and 8 sample plots are set up.In addition stand structure index and landscape factor before optimizing the management are taken as the variables,then the multiple linear regression model is built,a further target tree tending optimal management of ecological landscape forest is set up coupled with the scenic beauty estimation and implemented at the same time.Meanwhile,this paper discusses the effect of this method on the characteristics of the stand structure community,the stand structure and the aesthetic quality of the ecological landscape forest.And the results showed that compared with the data before adjustment,the mingling intensity,angular scale and size ratio of the stand structure were 1.699%,2.083% and 0.800% respectively;The Margalef richness index,Simpson diversity index and Pielou evenness index had increased and the growth rate was 4.508%,2.841% and 3.030% respectively. The optimized scenic beauty of the stand structure has been greatly improved,the increased rate is 90.788%. Based on the target tree management strategy,the adjustment technique of stand structure of landscape forest can satisfy the ecological requirement of ecological regional function,which makes the stand structure be further optimized,the species diversity be increased,and landscaping value of the forest resources be improved.Target tree tending optimal management of ecological landscape forest coupled with the scenic beauty estimation provides a feasible method for forest stand optimization of ecological scenic forest.

    Study on Dynamic Features of Leaf Area Index of Secondary Forest in Southern Daxinganling Region
    ZHAO Pengwu, ZHAI Mingze, LIU Ziyi, WEI Xiaoxia
    2017, 0(6):  103-107.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.018
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    The research object was secondary forests in southern Daxinganling.Canopy analyzer of LAI-2200 was used to monitor leaf area index(LAI),the results show that the maximum value of LAI occurred in May and was always shown at the top of slope except forest typeⅠ,the minimum value of LAI appeared in August and the middle-top of slope.Besides LAI value of pure forests is higher than mixed forests.The LAI value of June,July and August is negatively related with DBH and tree height,however the LAI value of each month was positively related with forest stand density.

    Assessment of Three Kinds of Reforestation Models Recovery Effect in Mu Us Sandy Land Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process
    ZHANG Lei, HONG Guangyu, LI Zhuofan, GAO Xiaowei, HUANG Saren, WANG Zhuo, LIU Shanghua, WANG Xiaojiang
    2017, 0(6):  108-112.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.019
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    We selected 11 indicators which fall into five categories including carbon sequestration ability,biodiversity,soil improvement,soil water conservation and wind-break and sand-fixation,constructed the assessment index system of sandy land vegetation restoration recovery effect,obtained the corresponding weight by using the basic principle of analytic hierarchy process(AHP),and evaluated three kinds of reforestation models recovery effect in Mu Us Sandy Land.The results showed that the carbon sequestration capacity,soil improvement and windbreak and sand-fixation recovery efficiency of Salix psammophila checkboard were best,the carbon sequestration capacity and windbreak and sand-fixation of Amorpha fruticosa artificial forest were second,but the biodiversity benefits of it was best,all benefits of Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica artificial forest were almost the worst.In addition,integrated scores showed that S.psammophila checkboard(75.32)>A.fruticosa artificial forest(67.67)>P.sylvestris var.mongolica artificial forest(37.31),in other words,conventional afforestation methods of local tree species were the optimal choice in this region,and compared with the arbor,shrub was more suitable for afforestation in this region.

    Study on the Effect of Environmental Protection on theTourism Utilization Efficiency of Forest Resources
    HUANG Xiujuan, ZHU Jiajia, YANG Minfang
    2017, 0(6):  113-119.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.020
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    Environmental protection,for forest scenic spots,is only a cost payment for public goods,or can bring benefits?In order to solve this problem,this paper takes forest parks as an example to study the relationship between environmental protection investment and tourism utilization efficiency of forest resources by using DEA efficiency evaluation method and Tobit multiple regression method.The following conclusions are drawn.Firstly,there is a significant positive linear relationship between forest park environmental protection and forest park tourism utilization efficiency.The greater the proportion of environmental protection investment in total investment,the higher the efficiency of forest park tourism;Secondly,there is a significant positive impact of capital investment on the tourism efficiency of forest parks,but this effect has an one-lag effect.Regional population density,the degree of urbanization and so on have significant positive impacts on its efficiency.Thirdly,compared with the northwest region,three regions including the eastern coast,the southern coast,southwestern area have significant geographical advantages,the maximum advantage for the eastern coastal location.

    Combustion Characteristics of Live Leaves of 9 Lianas Species in Kunming,Yunnan Province
    SU Wenjing, ZHANG Siyu, HE Cheng, WANG Qiuhua, LI Shiyou
    2017, 0(6):  120-123.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.021
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    In order to compare the combustibility of lianas,the combustion experiment of 9 liana species in Kunming were conducted by means of a self-designed combustion experiment apparatus.The moisture content of 9 kinds of blades and the mass per unit area,burning rate and damage degree of 2 kinds of combustible blades were measured.The research showed that Hedera nepalensis var.sinensis and Mucuna sempervirens can be ignited in pure oxygen environment,which belonged to the class of flammable lianas.With the increase of water content,both the burning rate and damage degree showed a downward trend.The greater the mass per unit area of leaf,the lower the burning rate,the smaller degree of damage.The leaves of other 7 species of lianas can not be ignited,and belong to nonflammable lianas.

    Research on the Characteristics of Soil Heavy Metal Pollution and Ecological Restoration in Grassland Mining Area of Sunite County
    YUE Zhengwen, ZHANG Ruiqiang, WANG Jian, Gao Tianming, YANG Hao
    2017, 0(6):  124-130.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.022
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    On the basis of meteorological data of mining area in Sunite County and the surrounding prairie soil heavy metal content in a grassland mining area,analysis of drift potential and soil heavy metal pollution characteristics of the grassland mining area was conducted.The results showed that the heavy metal pollution in the investigation area was mainly concentrated on the lower wind direction,which is the dominant wind direction centered on the tailing storehouse.Sunite County is an area severely affected by erosions.The tailings and slag sediment cover measures shall be strengthened,prevention and control of wind and water erosion intensified and their effects in grassland soil heavy metal pollution reduced.Windbreaks and sand barriers shall be built to check the potential wind sand.Measures for ecological restoration and restoration of damaged ecosystems shall be taken.According to the regional characteristics,suggestions are put forward to ensure the healthy development of the ecologocal system and protect the health and safety of the local people and wildlife as well.

    Variation and Characteristics of Atmospheric Particulates in Qingyuan Mountain Scenic Spots
    WANG Minhua, FU Weicong, HUANG Shuping, ZHU Zhipeng, CHEN Ziru, DONG Jianwen
    2017, 0(6):  131-136.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.023
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    This study analyzed the characteristics of atmospheric particulate matters (PMs) and their influencing factors (e.g. other pollutants: SO2,NO2,CO,O3 and meteorological factors:wind speed,temperature,relative humidity) during 2015—2016 (2 years). The result showed that 1) The air quality of Qingyuan Mountain Scenic Area was at a high level;2) The annual variation of PMs concentration was showed temporal,high in spring and winter,low in summer and autumn;3) The daily variations showed different characteristics in different seasons,different months,and the days with different levels of pollution;4) Meteorological factors,other pollutant concentrations and PMs concentration have a strong correlation. The results can be used as a data base for managers to guide tourists and management.

    Technical Aplication
    Analysis of Forest Resources Monitoring by Zoning Interpretation and Point Interpretation of Remote Sensing Large Plot
    ZHENG Dongmei, ZHI Changgui, HUANG Guosheng, ZENG Weisheng, ZHANG Yun
    2017, 0(6):  137-142.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.024
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    According to sampling theory,based on the remote sensing monitoring results of 9 provinces,a comparison of forest coverage rate,forest area,correct-judgement rate,sampling precision and diffidence reason was done between zoning interpretation and point interpretation by remote sensing.Both zoning interpretation and point interpretation get anticipated result.U Test results show that both of forest coverage rates have no clear differences.but point interpretation has the advantages of less workload and higher efficiency.

    Design and Implementation of Virtual Angle Gauge and Inventory Data Processing APP Based on Android
    ZHOU Yuchen, LI Yun, LIN Kehui, SHEN Haoqing, ZHU Lin, WANG Zuoming
    2017, 0(6):  143-148.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.025
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    According to the principle of virtual angle gauge,this article implements the virtual angle gauge on MIUI 3 and Meizu MX2 mobile phones.And it has been integrated in an android-based sub-compartment tree measurement data recording and processing APP program.This APP provides a convenient tool for sub-compartment tree measurement work,and uses touch screen to achieve free hand curve plotting on the measurement data scatter diagram .In order to summarize and process follow-up forestry data conveniently,this article also develops a Windows desktop application which could collaborate with the APP.

    Development and Application of Settlement Index of Forest Pests and Diseases for Large Areas through Using MODIS-NDVI Data
    SUN Fuyang, WANG Jianhe, FU Wei, LI Xiaosong
    2017, 0(6):  149-152.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.026
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    Settlement of forest pests and diseases for large areas is one of the most pressing challenges for the development of forest insurance.This study,taking the forest areas of east Inner Mongolia,developed a settlement index of forest pests and diseases at the county scale for large areas,based on MODIS-NDVI data,field survey data,and successfully applied it to east Inner Mongolia for the year of 2016.The results show that the proposed settlement index has the advantage of being simple in calculation,wide coverage and time-space continuity,could monitor the serious damage,even the moderate damage for conifer forest effectively.Therefore,the settlement index of forest pests and diseases could provide reference and support for forest insurance.

    Inspection and Application Analysis of Forestland Management Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    HUANG Bei, ZHU Liyan, LIU Wenguo
    2017, 0(6):  153-158.  doi:10.13466/j.cnki.lyzygl.2017.06.027
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    According to the actual need in inspection of forestland management,this article describes the preparation of inspection from many aspects like remote sensing data processing,visual interpretation and image spot division,data collection and data reconciliation in details.It emphsizes the application of unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)in field validation.By using Pix4D mapper to process the data recorded during the flight of UAV,people can get real-time aerial orthophoto data which can help to acknowlege the advantage of UAV in woodland management by using comparative analysis.It also help people to put forward the supervision and management program of forest resources.